just whose fault is it (Israel)

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From the day IL was born
 It was trouble.
 It was the thorn
 In the world's side.
 The world tried in vain
  ... but IL never caused all nothing but shame
[After The Rocky Horror Picture Show]


From my previous of 10:47 AM, Israel simply should not exist, since no authority on Earth could claim the legal right to dispossess the hapless Palestinians as was done in 1947/48 by the then new UN. It was done - but they had no right to do it; it was, if anything, an illegal deployment of force. Then, once 'in,' the Zionists went berserk, see Deir Yassin and similar, 61+ bloody years of horrifically brutal massacres.

Similarly, every square metre of Palestinian land stolen (mostly also by murdering force) since, is being illegally occupied, by the alien invading Zionists plus their immoral and irrational "G*d promised it to us!" hangers-on.

Something MLK said:

  «Without justice, there can be no peace.»

The only possible way to provide the illegally dispossessed Palestinians with justice is to reverse the original illegal act. There is no point in saying "Well, too bad: Israel exists get used to it," because (looping), there can never be peace without justice. Note here that I make an important distinction: although I maintain, as perfectly true by inspection, that Israel has *NO* right to exist, I mean no harm to individual Israelis; those guilty of murder and stealing should be gaoled, and any others should quietly fold their tents and return to whence they came. One hardly needs to be a genius to understand any of this, and the only thing that has enabled this monumentally vicious crime (i.e. the 'establishment' of Israel at the expense of the poor, innocent Palestinian people) - the only thing that has enabled this vicious crime to continue is the continuous camouflaging provided by the corrupt and venal MSM, including big bits of 'our' AusBC. Talk about shame!

But more: the corrupt and venal MSM with 'our' AusBC all up to their lying bottom lips in pro-Israel propaganda shit - could not themselves get away with their filthy lies - if it weren't for politicians - of basically all 'stripes,' and basically everywhere. Think every US president, think Aus PMs, think Sarkozy & Merkel. And now Biden, a 'heart-beat' away from being US president himself, 'green-lights' an invasion of Iran by Israel. All so-called 'democratic leaders,' all by their actions or absence of effective resistance supporting Israel - but not just, also supporting the illegal actions and threats made by every Israeli rogue regime from '47/8 to the present.

One of the few shiny examples of resistance to this filthy pro-Israeli propaganda is - ta ra! - Ahmadinejad from Iran.

Both the US and Israel continually threaten to attack Iran, using the now infamous "All options!" - phraseology which is deliberately designed to imply possible nukular.


I spoke of geniuses; see if any can draw the correct inference from the rest of the MLK quote:

  «He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.»



[1] From the Information Clearing House front page 7Jul'09,
«The Iranian "Revolution" has failed: So it's back to the ‘Iran has nuclear weapons’ meme in order to pave the way for an attack against Iran in the hope that regime change can be affected that way.» 

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