give up your lands, livelihoods & all hope
 - the US+Z empire covets - & covets & covets ...

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The despicable Z-trolls over-active on the AusBC blogs (infesting everywhere they can, totally irrespective of their (non!) welcome), echo the message of their masters: The already downtrodden Palestinians should finally realise they've been beaten, submit & surrender all they've already been improperly dispossessed of (aka had stolen), and any rest not yet overrun by the alien invading vermin otherwise self-touted as 'the world's cleverest people,' aka Zionists, Jewish or not.

Demanding "Submit or die!" is what mad dogs do to their victims.

(Q: What does one do to mad dogs? A: One puts 'em down.)

Best (according to the Zs) would be for the hapless Palestinians to simply disappear, leaving the Zs to invade & dispossess more of their neighbours' land, up to and not limited to attacking Iran.

Ditto for the US vis-à-vis Iraq, Afghanistan etc..

The US empire covets oil, the Zs covet soil (cf. Lebensraum), the US covets pipeline routes & any other easy-to-plunder resources (Afghanistan, Iraq, next Iran) and both demand hegemony at any price.

Writing US+Z is justified by their ugly, unbecoming embrace. Any people's representatives kow-towing to foreigners = un- and anti-democratic = traitors.

Without US-provided arms, support & shielding, the illegitimate Z-regime could not, would not stand, and the revolting, criminally illegal murdering-to-thieve actions of that vile regime could not, would not even occur.

(Q: Can a burglar declare him/herself immune to justice? A: Not on your Nelly!)

If someone wished to emulate & further most aims of the 3rd Reich, the US+Z empire is showing them exactly how.

Q: Where are the truly smart, the heirs to the Enlightenment?


Update 1, PS The US (and all who 'sail' with her) are unreconstructed warmongers, who not only agitate for war, they do it - and far too often; once would be one too many. War kills people and destroys property; the lives of those killed can never be restored, but (some) of the destruction may be, but always at an otherwise unnecessary, extra cost; i.e. *further* environmental and *further* resource degradation (obvious.)

'Defending,' 'making the world safe for' or otherwise 'furthering' democracy are all outright lies; 'our' representatives do not properly represent us, for it is well known that most 'wo/men in the street' do *not* want war, all so-called 'leaders' who send us to war are acting in a totally *unrepresentative* fashion. We the sheople know that the prime purpose of war is plunder; just what's wrong with *buying* what one wants? Idiots.

Violence is the resort of the mentally-crippled (again, all too obvious.)



Update 2, PPS Just read this one:

Obama Disavows July 2011 Afghan Drawdown Date
Insists Date Just the 'Beginning of a Transition Phase'
by Jason Ditz, June 24, 2010
  «Actually what President Obama said was that the US would begin to “start the pullout” in July 2011 at the time, and Vice President Biden was sticking with that story as recently as last week, saying that a “whole lot of people” would be moving out in July.» 

Comment: Utter warmongering, murdering-to-steal liars.

Comment: Updating an old quote;

"Will no one rid the world of this troublesome (criminal!) pest?"



Update 3, PPPS (and last for now):

Minister: Israel Won’t Hesitate to Use Force Against Lebanon in Gas Field Dispute
Israel Intends to Claim All Offshore Oil and Gas Sites
by Jason Ditz, June 24, 2010
  «While Lebanon’s map of maritime claims is based on drawing a perpendicular line off the Mediterranean coast at the location of the border, which seems to be the usual practice, Israel’s map assumes that since its declared border juts off at an obtuse angle with Lebanon they can extend the line to claim “economic waters” even though they are off the Lebanese coast. Furthermore, Israel has never actually defined what they claim as their waters.» 

Comment: They don't define their borders, because they intend to push them ever outwards.

Comment: If you tolerate any criminal regime, sooner or later it will likely bite *you*. See the Z's (war crime!) attack on USS Liberty, say. US is *merely* the Z's main protector (aka criminal accomplice). Q: What did the US do? A: SFA. Thus the 'power' of the Israel Lobby; intimidates the Congress - to *defeat* US own national interest. *That's* what you call treason; treachery of the highest order.


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