US+Z: Guns = killing.

Bombs = destroy.

Killer-jets, helicopter gun-ships; drone assassins.

The US+Zs are slaughtering the natives - in lands-not-theirs.

Much more, the US & Zs, do not have, do - or think.

The US-led economy is 'kaput;' people everywhere are being forced ever poorer.

The Z's illegal invasion/occupation of Palestine creeps ever outwards - accompanied by (did you guess?) ever more death & destruction.

The US covets, invades then occupies the world's oil-lands.


Call that progress?

Ha! Not me.


But the masses - yes, you people 'out there' - you all put up with it.



Update (aka PS): So-called 'special forces' = death-squads.

As we just witnessed, in international waters off Gaza.

Then, recall the USS Liberty, and so-called 'consequences.'

What say the MSM + AusBC, when we desperately need the truth?


Israel's reputation to 'deteriorate' after bloodshed
Updated June 1, 2010 22:23:00
  «Night raid
The military said nine activists were killed when commandos, who stormed a Turkish cruise ship from dinghies and helicopters, opened fire.»

Comment 1: Commandos, aka 'special forces' armed to the teeth, trained to kill, hanging out of helicopters - vs. sticks & stones, aka '(wooden) clubs & (kitchen) knives.'

Comment 2: Recall that exactly that - night raids - is the chosen favourite tactic of McChrystal's, as he state-terrorises the hapless Afghans... helicopter gun-ships, hell-fire missiles, night-visioned, .50 cal cannon or machine-gun equipped vs. sticks & stones (possibly an AK47 or three.)

Bewdy, Oba-bi, send it down!

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