state of the world - could not be worse?
- anti-Rudd putsch

.. well, of course ...

  .. there's pollution ...

    .. peak- & spilt-oil etc..


Rudd led Lab back, after the sheople had realised the Howard-led Libs were the rubbish that they always have been. There is a certain amount of truth in the allegation that the sheople often vote *against* their own best wishes, but the sheople have two *excellent* excuses; 1) they're subject to a continuous barrage of (lying!) propaganda and 2) most of them are as thick as two bricks anyway, so a lot of the (expensive!) propaganda is wasted, just $s gifted to the corrupt & venal MSM - incl. big bits of the (publicly financed) AusBC (traitors!)

Ho-hum & yair; nothing new. What I wish to say here is: Although Rudd may be somewhat of a nerd and somewhat insensitive, he was forced to sail into a stormy headwind, by the same type of people who opposed Whitlam, namely the born-to-rule Libs and Murdoch, this time *plus* big bits of the (publicly financed) AusBC (traitors!)

One might say that that's only normal (heat-kitchen-out), but excess CO2-pollution may very well cause irreversible harm to our once jewel-like planet's ecosphere, and it is very definitely so, that the miners are ripping the sheople off by not adequately recompensing the country for the miners' - not 'windfall' but unearned & excessive 'profits.' Guaranteed end-result: Empty holes, broke country.

Given that Rudd a) was attempting to do something positive about both problems, b) would it not have been better to work *with* him, rather than as the old political cartoon had it, opposing him with a 'bat' made of a brick wall? Let's face it; Lib = Lab for most practical purposes and what we need is *positive* progress, not eternal, damaging attacks.

The Libs are 10 times worse than Lab in so far as the Libs will apply 'neoliberal' rubbishy policies 10 times faster than Lab; policies which, after 35+ years of trying, are now seen by all except the corrupt as a *total* failure.

It's not just Aus, of course, look at the so-called leader, the US; huge numbers in poverty, similarly huge numbers die (broke!) earlier for lack of affordable medical services (rationed by $s, wages driven into the ground), all the visible evidence of the failed neoliberal rubbishy policies. Since neoliberalism is so visibly a failure, why has the world not abandoned it? But no, cut ever more government services, give ever more tax-cuts predominantly to the already well-off (massive understatement), almost every government almost everywhere ever deeper into deficit and going into ever more *pro-cyclical* spending-cuts, guaranteed to make it all 10 times worse. What idiots!


We know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what I simply cannot understand is that those in power (the smartest of the smart?) seem to make all the wrong moves, rushing us all over the cliff ever faster.


With all due respect to dear Julia, this is another victory for the ugly, mostly criminal troglodytes.

What makes mankind so shitty that the baddies almost always win?

Fazit: Bah!

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