outrage! [US+Z crimes; propaganda]

.. even blind Freddy can see ...

  .. daylight robbery = murder for spoil ...

    .. but by far the biggest outrage of all time is:

  - that the so-called sovereign 'owners' (aka the 'democratic' sheople) of these murdering-to-thieve rogue regimes are not outraged, nor, so it seems, even minimally concerned. One can posit that they may actually be revelling in their regimes' evil.

[update 1, update 2.]


The proof of my initial outrage-assertion, also as blind Freddy can see, is the magnitude of the vicious crimes underway, and the 'mini-tude' of any (visible) protest, let alone any effective action towards stopping those heinous crimes.

By far the worst crime on the planet (since '45), started long before WW2 and still ongoing, is the aggressive invasion and subsequent brutal and ever expanding occupation of Palestine by the alien Zionists. Deploying 'alien' is to emphasize a) the invaders' external origins and b) that those invaders had and have no valid claim on any Palestinian land or property whatsoever. (Apart, of course, from the risible 'Some g*d promised it to us!')

That worst crime could not have been initiated, nor would it endure, without the meddling support and assistance of a few 'major powers,' namely the US & UK, plus other minors - like Aus, say.

A minimal proof of the 'worst crime' assertion in summary is: Balfour (premeditation, motive), Jabotinsky (method), the ~$50mio Golda Meir raised in America (means), those $s used to buy Ben-Gurion's arms (means).

The opportunity seized upon was the holocaust, then came Plan Dalet and the Deir Yassin massacre as samples of the many and continuous Z-crimes against humanity (evidence, modus operandi.) The same m.o. has been continuously applied, see recently Lebanon '06, Gaza '08/9, flotilla attack, May'10.

The Zs violated UNGA181 even before it was to go into effect; the Zs never intended to and never have respected the rights of the ELO/Os (= erstwhile legal owner/occupants of Palestine), and apparently never will - unless forced. Incredibly, this conscious violation, coupled again to meddling 'major power' support prevents the hapless Ps getting their own state - let alone justice.

Shorter summary: premeditation, motive, method, means and evidence, modus operandi plus the invaders' alien = external origins would convict the Zs of aggressive invasion plus ethnic cleansing and genocide in any honest court.

The next-worst crimes on the planet currently ongoing are the equally illegal, equally aggressive US-led invasion/brutal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq (with Iran being lined up as the next to be attacked/invaded/'pacified,' then to be plundered.)


To the populations so-called 'owning' the murdering-to-thieve US & Z rogue regimes can be added the sheople of the UK & Aus as 'accessory' regimes, plus those of a few others (Denmark, France, Holland, Germany and a few other renegades like Georgia) as before/after the fact 'support' regimes. In other words, mainly Anglo/Judaic plus a few from EU.

These populations can be sorted into a small minority of minimally intelligent ('thick as two planks'), the majority of middling-intelligence and lastly some super-intelligent minority. The 1st group we can dismiss outright, the last should know quite well what's going on. There's another outrage; that the super-intelligent must know and yet do nothing either visible or effective to stop the ghastly, murdering-to-thieve crimes.

That leaves the majority of middling-intelligence, apart from a few who have demo-ed down through the years (Vietnam to Iraq) they are almost silent on the US and as good as totally silent on the Zs, why?

The answer is *propaganda*; the middling-intelligent sheople are drowned in mostly lying propaganda, generously 'sold' to us as 'news' by the traitorous, sell-out, corrupt and venal main-stream media (MSM) *plus* publicly-financed broadcasters like 'our' AusBC.

And *that* propagandising, leading to and coupled with the sheople's non-outrage is the greatest outrage of the lot.


Update 1, 14:39; PS I have 'split' the population into three groups; 1) the lower 15% (more than 1 standard deviation below the intelligence-norm), i.e. the no-hope dullards, 2) the average 'wo/man in the street' and 3) the super-intelligent, the latter say 5% at the 'top.' That is *not* to imply that the upper 5% contain the fewer than 1% who both a) 'own' most of the world and b) 'run' most of the world, and politicians are in none of these groups; they being in a particular sort of (lying) sell-out group all of their own: they *purport* to represent us, we the sheople, via our so-called 'democracies' (which are *by no means* democratic) - but they do not represent us at all, except possibly cosmetically, misleadingly and/or merely 'by accident.' Note: 'purport' = a form of lying; truly intelligent people need not lie, any liars among same are betraying their intelligence.

The above generalisation (beware all generalisations, *including* this one!) - has a *glaring* exception. Whereas most of the Anglo/EU group are unwilling (and mostly unwitting, hence the art - but no excuse once internet-enabled) - most *have been* targets of lying propaganda. But there is one group, a select, in the sense of 'apart' group, which immerses itself in it, which creates & disseminates *lots* of it. They even have their own special word for it: hasbarah = explanation, mostly via vicious lies.

This particular group are not deceived (except by self); they are fully conscious of the crimes their regime commits, as are, with vanishingly few exceptions, the diaspora members who by-and-large support the filthy, criminal acts. *ALL* such supporters, in and out of the I/J/Z-plex, are undeniably, even if only by proxy, murderingly criminal.

Fazit: There's nothing at all clever about criminality or lies.



Update 2, 3Jul'10; PPS My personal proof of being propagandised is based on "Not what they say (so much), as what result they achieved." As a young naïf, my almost exclusive 'news' source was the AusBC, to which I listened 'religiously' (joke!) - it just means often & attentively. One important result was that I was 'convinced' that Israel was the (brave) 'David' facing the (ugly, Arab/Muslim) 'Goliath.' How wrong I was, and therefore I accuse the AusBC for having 'poisoned' my outlook. In a nutshell, I had no other significant news-source, so we can see quite clearly where the damage came from. And it continues; hardly do we get a news item on Iran (favourite AusBC correspondent Barker - not!) - without a sentiment like this: "The West suspects Iran of working towards an A-bomb" - suitably paraphrased. Recall:

Big Lie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  «The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, ...» 

Comment 1: Other 'big lies' were Saddam's (non-existent!) WMDs, Saddam's (non-existent!) Al-Qaeda connections – which resulted in the illegal US invasion and 100s of 1000s if not 1.3+mio dead; Iraq to all intents and purposes literally blasted back to the stone-age - and then there are the Z-lies far too numerable to even begin listing here, ditto the hapless Palestinian victims.

Comment 2: Note that the insidious A-bomb allegation against Iran is *not* supported by any available fact; it is the IAEA's task to scrutinise Iran, as far as the IAEA can see, Iran is working exclusively towards so-called 'peaceful' A-power and *nothing* else. But that does not stop the AusBC, through Barker and others, from endlessly regurgitating US/Z (lying!) propaganda.

Comment 3: On the other hand, Israel, an NPT-outlaw, reputedly has perhaps 200 A-bombs or so, some of which may be H-bombs, and we've heard claims like "European cities are targets for the Israeli airforce" - suitably paraphrased. In clear text, the Israelis are sufficiently deranged to dare *actually* threatening EU with nukular attack. Note: Some people say, one cannot blame Js as a group for what Zs do. IMHO, the entire I/J/Z-plex is a) indivisible and b) *all* are collectively at fault. Proof: "Not what they say (mostly lies, see Hasbarah), as what (filthy, murdering-to-steal) result they achieve." 62+ years long, and no justice anywhere near in sight.

This is not to say that there are no good Js, merely that (obviously!) a) they are not good enough, and/or b) there are not enough good ones, since (proof!) c) the Z-crimes continue.

Fazit: Refer to the above discussion on intelligence; by definition 50% are above average, 15% are more than 1 std. deviation more intelligent than average, then there are the 5% super-intelligent, etc. Sooo, a Q: Why are we getting such *stupid* (multiple murdering-to-thieve wars) results?



give up your lands, livelihoods & all hope
 - the US+Z empire covets - & covets & covets ...

[update 1, update 2, update 3.]

The despicable Z-trolls over-active on the AusBC blogs (infesting everywhere they can, totally irrespective of their (non!) welcome), echo the message of their masters: The already downtrodden Palestinians should finally realise they've been beaten, submit & surrender all they've already been improperly dispossessed of (aka had stolen), and any rest not yet overrun by the alien invading vermin otherwise self-touted as 'the world's cleverest people,' aka Zionists, Jewish or not.

Demanding "Submit or die!" is what mad dogs do to their victims.

(Q: What does one do to mad dogs? A: One puts 'em down.)

Best (according to the Zs) would be for the hapless Palestinians to simply disappear, leaving the Zs to invade & dispossess more of their neighbours' land, up to and not limited to attacking Iran.

Ditto for the US vis-à-vis Iraq, Afghanistan etc..

The US empire covets oil, the Zs covet soil (cf. Lebensraum), the US covets pipeline routes & any other easy-to-plunder resources (Afghanistan, Iraq, next Iran) and both demand hegemony at any price.

Writing US+Z is justified by their ugly, unbecoming embrace. Any people's representatives kow-towing to foreigners = un- and anti-democratic = traitors.

Without US-provided arms, support & shielding, the illegitimate Z-regime could not, would not stand, and the revolting, criminally illegal murdering-to-thieve actions of that vile regime could not, would not even occur.

(Q: Can a burglar declare him/herself immune to justice? A: Not on your Nelly!)

If someone wished to emulate & further most aims of the 3rd Reich, the US+Z empire is showing them exactly how.

Q: Where are the truly smart, the heirs to the Enlightenment?


Update 1, PS The US (and all who 'sail' with her) are unreconstructed warmongers, who not only agitate for war, they do it - and far too often; once would be one too many. War kills people and destroys property; the lives of those killed can never be restored, but (some) of the destruction may be, but always at an otherwise unnecessary, extra cost; i.e. *further* environmental and *further* resource degradation (obvious.)

'Defending,' 'making the world safe for' or otherwise 'furthering' democracy are all outright lies; 'our' representatives do not properly represent us, for it is well known that most 'wo/men in the street' do *not* want war, all so-called 'leaders' who send us to war are acting in a totally *unrepresentative* fashion. We the sheople know that the prime purpose of war is plunder; just what's wrong with *buying* what one wants? Idiots.

Violence is the resort of the mentally-crippled (again, all too obvious.)



Update 2, PPS Just read this one:

Obama Disavows July 2011 Afghan Drawdown Date
Insists Date Just the 'Beginning of a Transition Phase'
by Jason Ditz, June 24, 2010
  «Actually what President Obama said was that the US would begin to “start the pullout” in July 2011 at the time, and Vice President Biden was sticking with that story as recently as last week, saying that a “whole lot of people” would be moving out in July.» 

Comment: Utter warmongering, murdering-to-steal liars.

Comment: Updating an old quote;

"Will no one rid the world of this troublesome (criminal!) pest?"



Update 3, PPPS (and last for now):

Minister: Israel Won’t Hesitate to Use Force Against Lebanon in Gas Field Dispute
Israel Intends to Claim All Offshore Oil and Gas Sites
by Jason Ditz, June 24, 2010
  «While Lebanon’s map of maritime claims is based on drawing a perpendicular line off the Mediterranean coast at the location of the border, which seems to be the usual practice, Israel’s map assumes that since its declared border juts off at an obtuse angle with Lebanon they can extend the line to claim “economic waters” even though they are off the Lebanese coast. Furthermore, Israel has never actually defined what they claim as their waters.» 

Comment: They don't define their borders, because they intend to push them ever outwards.

Comment: If you tolerate any criminal regime, sooner or later it will likely bite *you*. See the Z's (war crime!) attack on USS Liberty, say. US is *merely* the Z's main protector (aka criminal accomplice). Q: What did the US do? A: SFA. Thus the 'power' of the Israel Lobby; intimidates the Congress - to *defeat* US own national interest. *That's* what you call treason; treachery of the highest order.


state of the world - could not be worse?
- anti-Rudd putsch

.. well, of course ...

  .. there's pollution ...

    .. peak- & spilt-oil etc..


Rudd led Lab back, after the sheople had realised the Howard-led Libs were the rubbish that they always have been. There is a certain amount of truth in the allegation that the sheople often vote *against* their own best wishes, but the sheople have two *excellent* excuses; 1) they're subject to a continuous barrage of (lying!) propaganda and 2) most of them are as thick as two bricks anyway, so a lot of the (expensive!) propaganda is wasted, just $s gifted to the corrupt & venal MSM - incl. big bits of the (publicly financed) AusBC (traitors!)

Ho-hum & yair; nothing new. What I wish to say here is: Although Rudd may be somewhat of a nerd and somewhat insensitive, he was forced to sail into a stormy headwind, by the same type of people who opposed Whitlam, namely the born-to-rule Libs and Murdoch, this time *plus* big bits of the (publicly financed) AusBC (traitors!)

One might say that that's only normal (heat-kitchen-out), but excess CO2-pollution may very well cause irreversible harm to our once jewel-like planet's ecosphere, and it is very definitely so, that the miners are ripping the sheople off by not adequately recompensing the country for the miners' - not 'windfall' but unearned & excessive 'profits.' Guaranteed end-result: Empty holes, broke country.

Given that Rudd a) was attempting to do something positive about both problems, b) would it not have been better to work *with* him, rather than as the old political cartoon had it, opposing him with a 'bat' made of a brick wall? Let's face it; Lib = Lab for most practical purposes and what we need is *positive* progress, not eternal, damaging attacks.

The Libs are 10 times worse than Lab in so far as the Libs will apply 'neoliberal' rubbishy policies 10 times faster than Lab; policies which, after 35+ years of trying, are now seen by all except the corrupt as a *total* failure.

It's not just Aus, of course, look at the so-called leader, the US; huge numbers in poverty, similarly huge numbers die (broke!) earlier for lack of affordable medical services (rationed by $s, wages driven into the ground), all the visible evidence of the failed neoliberal rubbishy policies. Since neoliberalism is so visibly a failure, why has the world not abandoned it? But no, cut ever more government services, give ever more tax-cuts predominantly to the already well-off (massive understatement), almost every government almost everywhere ever deeper into deficit and going into ever more *pro-cyclical* spending-cuts, guaranteed to make it all 10 times worse. What idiots!


We know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what I simply cannot understand is that those in power (the smartest of the smart?) seem to make all the wrong moves, rushing us all over the cliff ever faster.


With all due respect to dear Julia, this is another victory for the ugly, mostly criminal troglodytes.

What makes mankind so shitty that the baddies almost always win?

Fazit: Bah!


antiwar vs. AusBC; who tells what lies?

[update 1, update 2; update 3? Who knows ...]

.. now perhaps we'll see ...

  .. who tells what lies ...

    .. to whom and why


Consider the contradictory version-A vs. version-B; at least one cannot be 100% true.

Is it a fair test; 'leftwingcrazyblog'[2] vs. corrupt & venal MSM (incl. AusBC)?

Version-A (Ditz @ antiwar.com):

Netanyahu Vows to ‘Tighten’ Gaza Blockade
Pasta, Coriander May Flow, But Blockade Here to Stay
by Jason Ditz, June 20, 2010
  «Hours after the Israeli government announced that it was intending to issue a new “banned goods” list for the Gaza Strip, focused on placating international demands to allow more food and humanitarian goods into the tiny enclave, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a pledge that the move would actually “tighten” the blockade.
“Our friends around the world are getting behind our decision and giving international legitimacy to the security blockade on Hamas,” Netanyahu insisted, adding again that “dual use” goods would continue to be barred from Gaza.
Israel’s military has claimed broad swathes of goods to be “dual use” in the past, including imposing a three year ban on shoes under the claim that shoes could theoretically be made the part of a military uniform, and therefore had a military use.
Officials say that banned luxury goods like pasta and coriander will be allowed into the Gaza Strip under the new list, but so far the government has been mum on the most needed item, cement. Israel has barred all cement from the strip as a “dual use” good as well, leaving the homes in the region in ruins since the January 2009 invasion despite massive pledges of foreign aid. It seems the changes in the blockade may end up being superficial, and done purely for to score points internationally.»

Comment; NB: "... a three year ban on shoes ... banned luxury goods like pasta and coriander will be allowed ..." speaks volumes about the inhumanity of the vile oppressors.

Comment; NB: "Netanyahu delivered a pledge that the move would actually “tighten” the blockade."

Comment: It recalls Albright's "we think the price is worth it" = ½mio dead children.


Version-B (Barker @ abc.net.au):

Israel relaxes Gaza blockade
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker
Updated June 21, 2010 07:22:00
  «Israel has announced another major relaxation of its blockade in Gaza, with all civilian goods now promised entry into the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.
It is the most significant backdown Israel has made in Gaza for years and a sign of how far it has had to give in to the overwhelming international pressure of recent weeks.
For the first time since 2007 Israel says Gazans will have unrestricted access to foods and goods, except those that could be used as weapons or in military hardware.
Palestinian businesses will also have access to raw materials that have been banned for three years.
The changes mean Gazans may finally have the means to rebuild schools, hospitals and homes destroyed in last year's war, providing the projects come under international supervision.»

Comment; NB: June 21, 2010 07:22 Aus-time is still June 20, US- & IL-time, so the time-stamps are roughly comparable.

Comment; NB: Barker, "It is the most significant backdown Israel has made in Gaza ..."

Comment; Q: What will change, if anything?

Comment; Q: Who can we trust?


Update 1, 11:44.

PS «There were other new signs of a diplomatic relaxation of the crisis atmosphere that prevailed after the flotilla raid. Mr. Netanyahu announced the Gaza changes jointly in Jerusalem with Tony Blair, the Middle East envoy of the so-called quartet of Middle East peacemakers — the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia. Mr. Blair said the “practical effect” of Israel’s new policy “should change radically the flow of goods and material into Gaza.”» 

Comment: We know all about the NYT (Miller), Blair and lies.

 «Blair, “and the test of course will not be what is said, but what is done.”» 
[nyt, ibid.]

Comment: Well, earth-shattering, eh Blair?

 "The popular picture of Israel as a defenseless ghetto, packed with innocent, vulnerable Jews surrounding by raging anti-Semites, is the big lie that lets all the little falsehoods about Israeli policy flourish." 

Comment: Recall how propaganda works; just get the lies out & repeat 'em ad nauseam.

Comment: One single serious lie destroys all credibility; basically only psychopath-criminals and their despicable deeds need any attempted screen of lies.

Comment: The first and most serious lie of all was when the so-called 'authorities' specified that Palestinian rights were to remain protected; there was enough evidence long available (see Jabotinsky[1], 4 November 1923) - to know that the Zionists never intended to respect Palestinian rights in any way, shape or form - irrevocably *proven* latest with plan Dalet, the Deir Yassin massacre and all the brutal, murdering nastiness that accompanied and followed. *That* was the point (*before* the so-called 'unilateral' declaration of independence; no such declaration can excuse or cancel the dreadful Z-crimes) - when the so-called 'authorities' should have pulled the plug - but they didn't and haven't, down to today. That could qualify as the single most damaging 'voluntary' decision = act of ghastly immorality of all time, excepting only the outrageous criminal acts of the Zionists themselves, also down to today.

[1] "We cannot offer any adequate compensation to the Palestinian Arabs in return for Palestine. ... Zionist colonisation must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an iron wall, which the native population cannot breach." 

 .. and so it came to pass: The so-called authorities 'protected' the Zs, and the Zs attacked the Ps - a continuing process, down to today = murder for Lebensraum. No wonder the US prevents the ICC from prosecuting 'aggression' (see Nuremberg) - or that the Zs ignore the ICC completely. And they dare call themselves 'law-abiding,' and their risibly-named, *aggressive* IDF 'most moral.' What utter, immoral & criminal rot.



[2] Update 2, 21:27.

PPS 'Leftwingcrazyblog' is a slur brought to my notice by a nasty pro-Z troll blogging on an AusBC forum. That, along with another thug accusing a truth & justice seeking blogger of dishonesty and lying indicates that at least these pro-Zs 'lost the plot' over the recent IDF 'flotilla attack/massacre' and subsequent debate. Lost the plot, because they lost the argument - as basically, they had to, since the debate is now increasingly unshackled from the corrupt & venal MSM 'gatekeepers.' A few sadly ignorant, pro-criminal non-entities, but nevertheless extraordinary how much energy is spent/wasted by the ugly immoral majority in Israel and the diaspora both - altogether making but a fraction of a % in the wider world.

Chris Floyd is a blogger in his own right, who often graciously cites Arthur Silber; via that chain, this insight:

 «The pattern is a simple and deadly one: the oppressor -- that is, those who are in the superior position, whether they are parents, school officials, or the government, or in a superior position merely by virtue of physical strength -- may inflict bodily harm and/or grievous, lifelong emotional and psychological injury, but the victim may only protest within the limits set by the oppressor himself. The oppressor will determine those forms of protest by the victim that are "acceptable."
You see this pattern with regard to many helpless ...»

 .. hapless, erstwhile legal owner/occupiers in alien-invaded, brutally violated, totally *oppressed* Palestine.

Comment: What we have is the pattern 1st seen in or before kindergarten, of bullies being *supported* by so-called 'authorities' against the hapless victims.

Comment: In clear text, it means that these so-called 'authorities' are actually in league with the oppressors; these so-called 'authorities' are in reality equally if not more guilty than the perpetrators, since the so-called 'authorities' are supposed to know better.

Pause here, to consider the enormity of the crime, the disgusting nature of aliens invading and ethnically cleansing an entire country, terrorising and mass-murdering as they go, and how *you* might feel to be a victim of that incredible villainy.

Possibly the most damning comment ever: In even clearer text, it means that the Zs and their so-called 'authority' supporters (UK, US, UN, etc.) are a) traitors to humanity, who b) never learned the lessons taught in even half-competent kindergartens.

With the enormity of all that, these sleazy slugs dare to champion that hideous criminality on 'our' AusBC forums.



US+Z: Guns = killing.

Bombs = destroy.

Killer-jets, helicopter gun-ships; drone assassins.

The US+Zs are slaughtering the natives - in lands-not-theirs.

Much more, the US & Zs, do not have, do - or think.

The US-led economy is 'kaput;' people everywhere are being forced ever poorer.

The Z's illegal invasion/occupation of Palestine creeps ever outwards - accompanied by (did you guess?) ever more death & destruction.

The US covets, invades then occupies the world's oil-lands.


Call that progress?

Ha! Not me.


But the masses - yes, you people 'out there' - you all put up with it.



Update (aka PS): So-called 'special forces' = death-squads.

As we just witnessed, in international waters off Gaza.

Then, recall the USS Liberty, and so-called 'consequences.'

What say the MSM + AusBC, when we desperately need the truth?


Israel's reputation to 'deteriorate' after bloodshed
Updated June 1, 2010 22:23:00
  «Night raid
The military said nine activists were killed when commandos, who stormed a Turkish cruise ship from dinghies and helicopters, opened fire.»

Comment 1: Commandos, aka 'special forces' armed to the teeth, trained to kill, hanging out of helicopters - vs. sticks & stones, aka '(wooden) clubs & (kitchen) knives.'

Comment 2: Recall that exactly that - night raids - is the chosen favourite tactic of McChrystal's, as he state-terrorises the hapless Afghans... helicopter gun-ships, hell-fire missiles, night-visioned, .50 cal cannon or machine-gun equipped vs. sticks & stones (possibly an AK47 or three.)

Bewdy, Oba-bi, send it down!