it's not enough that they're off mass-murdering -
 to steal oil (AfPak, Iraq, Libya; Iran next?)
  but they stoop to petty theft

Trigger article:

Iraq hunting $17 billion missing after US invasion
Posted June 20, 2011 06:50:00
  «Iraq's parliament is chasing about $US17 billion of Iraqi oil money it says was stolen after the 2003 US-led invasion, and has asked the United Nations for help to track it down.
"All indications are that the institutions of the United States of America committed financial corruption by stealing the money of the Iraqi people, which was allocated to develop Iraq, (and) that it was about $17 billion," said the letter sent to the UN with a 50-page report.
The committee called the disappearance of the money a "financial crime" but said UN Security Council resolutions prevent Iraq from making a claim against the United States.»

Comment: We *know* that the US is corrupt[1], and we've suspected that the UN was not doing it's 'job' = preventing war. Well, 'optimists' held out hope for the UN - latest until they failed to prevent the plundering of Iraq, and now they've actually *approved* the plundering of Libya.

Nevertheless, with about $US3trio as the eventual total cost to the US tax-payer for the illegal invasion and subsequent brutal occupation of Iraq alone(and no end anywhere in sight for the hapless, suffering Iraqis (see 63+ years long Palestinian suffering)), you'd really have to wonder why the US bothers with stealing 'small-change' = $US17bio belonging to Iraq?

To *prove* that it was no mistake, and how *petty* they really are, they've confiscated $US30bio off Libya too, as they now demolish yet another ME oil-owner.

The *real* question is Q: Why is this outrageous (understatement; lying, cheating, theft & mass-murder = multiply, viciously criminal) behaviour tolerated?

Where the bloody-hell are the *decent* people?



[1] corrupt  -adj. 1 dishonest, esp. using bribery. 2 immoral; wicked. 3 (of a text etc.) made unreliable by errors or alterations. -v. make or become corrupt.  corruptible adj. corruptibility n. corruption n. corruptive adj. corruptly adv. corruptness n. [Latin rumpo rupt- break] [POD]

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