yes, there is an alternative
 and it's called 'social justice,'
  à la liberté, égalité, fraternité

.. simple really ...

  .. share all your toys ...

    .. don't touch things not yours

Thesis: Some learn such in kindergarten, others apparently never.


[update, 15:59.]

Possibly even earlier than Thatcher (TINA!) - right down through to today, the economic bandits are screeching "There is no alternative!" - as they set out to *force* privatisation and austerity onto Greece, say (as only one of the PIIGS; Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. Belgium & UK could be added.) Yes, Greece has borrowed, and yes, possibly over-borrowed, but the EU 'authorities' had every chance to stop them (chances possibly reduced by US-investment bank advice as to how to disguise/hide Greece's sins), and the banks or whoever, freely, willingly loaned them the money. Loaning money always carries some risk, but the risks are all being pushed onto the Greek people - who basically had nothing to do with the problems - except possibly by the so-called 'democracy' mechanism.

Note that democracy is defeated if the voters are deceived - as we continually and thoroughly are, thanks, but "No, thanks!" to the corrupt AusBC & the rest of the venal MSM.

The "Ah ha!" moment was made available latest with Perkins' "Economic Hit Man;" it turns out that the IMF is a vicious economic thug, pursuing policies which a) impoverish its targets whilst simultaneously b) enriching its patrons, namely the big banks, always 'led' by Wall St.

The IMF foist its policies 1stly onto under-developed nations by - ta ra! - *knowingly* making loans that the targets found hard to resist, then near-impossible to pay back. The IMF then imposed its SAPs, forcing government spending down and forcing governments to privatise things like electricity & water supply. Sound familiar? Now, when I heard Merkel include the IMF in the EU process, I *knew* what was coming.

One very odd thing is that some countries have implemented this shitty economic policy *voluntarily* - but not just, also bipartisanly - see Aus, D, many others. Note that bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic - since it offers the voters *no* effective choice.

Always worth a repeat: Any idiot can cut taxes, or even just promise to (look at Abbott - or perhaps better not); the dumbed-down and lied-to voters are seemingly too silly to realise that by encouraging the tax-cuts, they are actually cutting their own throats - as all can plainly see now, and some of us immediately anticipated back in the days - but see 'deceived' above.

Globalisation + neoliberalism = so-called economic 'rationalism' was deliberately constructed[1] to enable the mostly already rich to make themselves ever richer, and that to- and past- the point of obscenity, at the expense of rest of the world's people. The bi-product of these rip-offs now mortally threatens our life-supporting planet's ecosphere, via excess pollution, most importantly CO2 emissions and CH4 = methane release, triggered by global-warming (i.e. Arctic ice visibly reducing). They pushed economic 'rationalism' onto us, erring ideologists all; their "TINA!" was then, is now and always will be nothing but a lie.

Our world is spinning down into multiple catastrophes, as listed in my recent democracy, life & everything - just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

But contrary to what they screech, there *are* alternatives, and much better ones to boot:

1. Banking; nationalise them *all*, or at least the money-creation part. ALL money should be created ONLY by the government, and only sufficient for the economic-need, as precisely measured against a benchmark target of ZERO inflation. The interest raised would go to 'social-justice' type services, starting with single (government) payer medicine, à la the original '72-'75 Medibank, extending through fair welfare and including the natural, commons-based monopolies like water, sewage, elec., fixed-phone(NBN) & transport = mass-transit, roads, rail etc..

Note: Cooperation trumps confrontation, both Fordism (fairly sharing the fruits of labour) and Keynes (“euthanasia of the rentier”) were and remain correct.

2. Implement a properly-progressive, simplified taxation system. Mathematically easy; one merely graphs incomes by bracket, and distributes the remaining tax-needs (after the interest raised as in (1)) - in a fair way, namely those who can pay more, do.

3. All (modern) war is nothing more nor less than murdering-for-spoil; soil as in the improperly confiscated and occupied parts of Palestine (neither the UN nor anyone else had/has the authority to steal Palestinian land/property, *GIVE IT ALL BACK*!) - oil as in Iraq, pipeline routes as in Afghanistan, US+Z hegemony everywhere the US/NATO/Zs are attacking.

*All* military forces should be withdrawn to behind the owning-countries' borders, and the invading Zs (plus all dependents) should return whence they came.


.. simple really ...

  .. share all your toys ...

    .. don't touch things not yours


Each of the above 1, 2, 3 policies, or something very similar, would be chosen by a great majority of every 'wo/man in the street' - if properly informed & given a really free (= non-coerced, non-limited = wide-spectrum) choice - always, as usual and of course, IMHO. *That* would be true democracy in action; the great majority of we, the people are fair and decent - in stark contrast to our *oppressor/rulers*.

Then we could settle in to enjoy a just peace, whilst getting on with *not* burning ever-more fossil carbon, working towards a sustainable life on our once jewel-like planet; it's the only one we've got, bugger it and we're *all* up shit-creek in a barbed-wire canoe.


[1] Update, 15:59; PS "Deliberately constructed" not only implicates the so-called 'think tanks' built by 'sponsorship $s' as the probable 'inventors' of the wickedly erring neoliberal ideology - but also the universities, who now teach the rubbish as the 'unique non-alternative' - to the Enlightenment. The universities were initially corrupted by 'more of the same' neoliberal nonsense; they were partly or fully privatised, making them increasingly dependent on sponsorship - and therefore and not 'by the way' corruptible, but even further, now have to waste large amounts of time & effort scrounging for funds, instead of better using their brains on research, productive or 'pure' - whatever.

Academic independence was seemingly deliberately destroyed, the brains re-deployed - *for* evil. Well, academics? No sense, no feelings? Bah!

The malevolents' progress is incremental; they say (for example) 'Stagflation proves Keynes doesn't work - so here, take this neoliberalism (poison) pill & move on!' What they don't say is that stagflation was a 'natural' result of a) the Vietnam war winding down, b) an oil-crisis (possibly prompted, at least LIHOP) and c) on the whole (more but different) *erring* policy settings.

The Enlightenment represented the (good!) moral peak; the arseholes - mostly in the US, but 'echoed' by their corrupt quisling accessories (like Lib/Lab in Aus, say, or Cameron/Merkel/Sarkozy) - are deliberately destroying even the concept of governments working *with/for* the people. Then, they have the nerve to claim that we are sooo lucky, living in a democracy! Sooo lucky, that we bomb others (Iran '53, Iraq '91, '03, Afghanistan '01, now Pakistan, Yemen, Libya '11 - next Iran (again)) into pacified, abject, *fake-democratic* misery?

That anyone would deliberately set out to wind-back progress towards the Enlightenment tells us *loads* about the perpetrators themselves, but what of their accessories = our politicians, our so-called 'representatives?' That these 'representatives' can force obvious (when properly perceived & analysed) anti-people policies upon us tells us "It's time!" - to get rid of not just representative government, but the representatives themselves - who are definitely *not* our friends, rather they are our proven, fiendish enemies, let the tumbrels roll!

PPS One other thing: We are witnessing an ostensibly clever psyop, see any of my discussions of 'lie-cloud' = pushed propaganda paradigm - with an objection, there's nothing at all clever about crime. Crime, whether delimited by proper laws or enabled by corrupt law (only just law may earn respect), means unjust exploitation = rip-offs (= cheating theft, murder). All the facts are visible - but continually obscured by the corrupt & venal MSM. It means that those cooperating with the criminals, either as direct accessories or indirect apologists, make themselves as equally guilty as the prime perpetrators. Consider then Fraser's "Life wasn't meant to be easy," then answer the Q: "Who says the crims should be allowed to win?"

In other words, Q: Where are the decent people who could stop this corruption crippling our world?


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