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 no changes without force
  no force in votes

.. criminals ...

  .. will not change ...

    .. they must *be* changed

Subtitle: 'Top down' or 'bottom up?'

Q: Where are the brains?

[update 18Jun'11]

Musing: It doesn't take much thought to *prove* that democracy as we live it foist upon us does not work (perhaps it simply cannot work? An 'unbelievable' narrative) - but in any case, the current system is 'leading' us into disaster = we're being pushed over several catastrophe-cliffs.

It hardly needs saying that lying to the people is wrong. A properly functioning democracy requires at the very least a) an aware & informed electorate, b) a wide range of honest candidates who c) if/when elected proceed to properly represent the people - as opposed to 'accommodating' vested interest/moneyed groups, say (= treachery) - or, far worse, caving-in to lobbies for some foreign power (= treason). Lying to the people is filthily un- and anti-democratic; misinformed = dumbed-down voters simply cannot make informed choices (assuming some effective choice = in the rule, not).

"All politicians lie" (thanks, but "No, thanks!" to JWHoward) - but one seriously wonders why this may be so - let alone apparently being tolerated; we only have the one reality, and lies tend to differ from this (massive understatement!) Living in a lie-cloud (= pushed propaganda paradigm) is literally living in la-la = fantasy land. No wonder things (Libya, Greece, climate) are crashing. End musing.


Q: What catastrophe-cliffs?

A1: The truth and justice cliff; we are being lied to, cheated, stolen from and many murdered (one would be one too many).

A1a: The war cliff; the US+Zs murdering for spoil (Zs = soil, US = oil.)

A1b: The economic cliff = globalisation + neoliberalism = rich getting obscenely richer by swindling ever more.

A2: The excess-CO2 climate-change cliff; ever more fossil carbon burnt = ever more CO2 pollution, ever higher atmospheric CO2 = increasing green-house effect = more and more vicious weather = storm damage + melting ice (proof: see it from space) = possibly poorer harvests and certainly higher oceans = use your own imagination. Not at all trivial, but being resisted by a) carbon-profiteers and/or b) troglodytes.


Q: What lies?

A: Legion.

That we're being lied to can't seriously be contested (except by liars themselves), and we recognise those by what they do and not by what they say - except the broadcasters, who not only conduit lies, but (worse) often actively assist lies (once would be once too often).

My personal proof of perfidy by publicly-financed broadcasters (i.e. the Australian ABC = AusBC), is my previous perception vis-à-vis Israel, which turned out to be *completely false*. Again, use your own imagination: IF false perception THEN false reporting (there being nothing wrong with my hearing nor comprehension ability.) Given that the 4th Estate has the *responsibility* to inform the voters, IF they deceive us (they do), THEN they're not merely failing their remit, but crippling democracy to boot. And so it is; many AusBC reporters are Uni-graduates, and 'news' is their chosen profession - IF they transmit lies, more ominously IF they assist/augment such lies, THEN it's either through sheer ignorance = idiocy or deliberate malice = idiocy; you choose (they already have = traitors).


Q: Any specific lies?

A: Almost infinite.

The 'noble' lie - mainly government.

The 'big' lie - mainly war; most if not all wars.

Many statistics. Jokes aside, consider US unemployment; they quote around 9% yet it's more like 20%. The concentration of wealth is no joke at all, and has accelerated of late (post Thatcher/Reagan, say, but started earlier.) That the rich get richer at the cost of the poor is contested by the globalists + neoliberals = economic 'rationalists' - but see 'except' above.

The current Greek 'experience' is both typical and instructive; any fool can cut taxes (Costello's ½CGT = house-prices promptly doubled), any fool can widen the tax-base (Howard's GST = regressive; hits poorer harder), any fool can promise to cut taxes further (Abbott). Tax-fools, as neoliberal fools, are not just on the one side; Lab is just about equally as neoliberal as Lib and bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic. After the tax cuts, mainly reducing the rich's contribution, services are much harder to cut (reduce pensions & benefits, sack govt. workers, close schools, public hospitals, *privatisations*?) - and so rising deficits are a 'natural' result. Collectively called 'race to the bottom;' thanks, but "No, thanks!" to economic 'rationalists.'

That the 'big' lie - mainly war, is a total lie can't seriously be contested; neither the US 'excuse' = "Bringing democracy" nor the Zs' = "Some imaginary being promised it to us" pass the 'giggle-test.'

That the 'noble' lie - mainly government ("We know what's good for you, so shuddup!") - is utter bullshit is shown by the results, namely the catastrophe-cliffs we're being pushed over.


Fazit: I had a friend once, who said: "Don't like your life? Change it." Current trends are not just 'not to like,' but are *real* disasters on the way; action, *effective* action, is urgently needed.

Globalisiation + neoliberalism = economic 'rationalism' is a swindle, proof: TINA! is an outright lie; we can get back on the Enlightenment track by a properly progressive tax reform, whereby 'reform' doesn't mean some cynical fiddle, but effectively spreads 'the burden.' A more radical suggestion is that *all* money-creation be done *only* by the state; the accrued interest may be enough to cover all 'responsibilities.' (More to come on this - eventually, perhaps.)

Democratic reform? Forget it; the sheople doze before their flat-wide TVs, dumbed-down by the content (including all possible perversions = venal MSM incl. AusBC, then DVDs, youtube & etc.), contented with their home-delivered pizza + 6-pack. Dumbed-down voters don't have a clue, can't have a clue, and aren't given any real, let alone effective choice anyway. Worst of it all is, most don't even know what they, our so-called noble-lying 'leaders' are getting us into - possibly on the 'no sense, no feeling' model.

So it can't be 'bottom up' - where are the clever planet-savers?


PS Some say, that the sheople get the government they deserve. Odd. What if the sheople are deceived? Of course, it's not 'what if' or even 'when,' because they are deceived, and that continuously. From "Bringing up Baby," it's always someone else's fault; in this case the so-called 'leaders' (aka politicians = apologist/accessories), plus the actual perpetrators (corporations) and their collective 'enforcement arm' = spys, military and police, not forgetting the 'erring ideologists' = *purchased* think-tanks, plus universities = academia. Note the oxymoron: 'security forces;' in all the so-called tyrannies currently being targeted for 'democratisation' (= resource-theft), it's mostly the 'security forces' being accused of atrocities like 'snipers hiding on roof-tops' or 'viagra-assisted girl-raping;' earlier ejecting premature-babies out of incubators onto cold, stone floors.

Q: Can we have more truth & fewer lies, please?

A: Of course not; lying is a trivial transgression, compared to mass-murdering theft. Note another thing, the *alleged* atrocities are *so* shocking, as to inhibit most, if not all rational thought. Surely not accidental, and most likely = 99.9% untrue, but lies need only to be effective *propaganda*, even if briefly = in the short-term. That's a *misuse* of cognitive science; once again thanks, but "No, thanks!" to academia prepared villains, this time to the psy-ops boys (and girls, no doubt equal-opportunity evil).

So quit blaming us, we the sheople, for the failures of the lying, so-called 'élite;' when it comes to 'Who dunnit,' where 'it' = hopeless disaster, the 'who' = the smart-arses pulling the strings, and all those who could have acted to save the planet - but did *SFA* instead. Letting disaster happen - LIHOP; think 9/11 hijacks (the *3* towers were pre-primed) - is not very smart; letting the world go 'down the tubes' - basically, by inaction - is not smart at all. Well?

PPS IF the electorate is deceived (they definitely are, so it's not 'if' at all), THEN *no* representative elected by a deceived electorate has *any* mandate whatsoever. It follows that so-called 'representatives' without mandates may *not* make legislation, and any that they do slip through *cannot* be valid (so empty the gaols, now? Only for victims of injustice, like most drugs users - say.) Think about deceptions for a few secs, then think of non-mandated politicians sending 'our boys' off to war; no mandate = no legitimacy, any killing the ADF does 'in our name' = illegal = murder. Which it *doubly* is; since forces crossing borders inbound = aggressive, Nuremberg-class invaders; pay special attention I/J/Z-plex - 63+ murdering, thieving years, and no just end anywhere in sight for the hapless Palestinian ELO/Os.

Fazit (2nd): The issues I raise are serious, but hardly over-complex; there's nothing 'élite' about criminality, the *voodoo* economics being forced upon us is based on erring ideology - and doesn't work, as we can plainly see; the resource-wars are pure evil (UN knackered, actually now counter-useful) - and the lies are often achingly obvious. Bad things can happen, when good wo/men ...

Always worth a repeat - where are the clever planet-savers?


Update, 18Jun'11; Q: What's wrong with war? Or neoliberalism?

A1a: Re: War; if you have to ask, then this is the wrong place for you, by-ee! - Oh, but wait! Before you go, consider this: War is nothing other than murdering theft. Proof: There is *always* an aggressor - otherwise people all stay home. The aggressor seeks to gain something otherwise unobtainable, with armed force = the *exact* definition of armed theft. Note to Pentagon + Zionists. 2nd note: Get out of Palestine, get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, ... Yanks go home; Zs return whence you came - or at the very, very least a) honour UNGA194, b) revest the stolen land/property & c) say a *loud & sincere* SORRY!

Then, think about all the 'laws of war' bullshit. Tip: Replace the two letters UN (plus all their yak-yak and squillion-word texts) with just these two words: NO WAR! - What idiots - Q: Is this really the best we can do? A: Better not be; it's only criminality, corruption, etc. etc. Normal people are much better than that. Bye-bye, pro-wars.

A1b: A better question is Q2: What's *right* with Neoliberalism?

A2: About the only thing 'right' is that it's right-whinger extremism. Of course, on principle I don't 'do' left/right, but that doesn't stop others. For 'right-whinger' then, read 'unscrupulous capitalist or apologist for same.' The prime purpose of neoliberalism is to make the rich even richer, and if that means the poor get poorer, well, that's just a) too bad and b) evolution in action (or so they say). To be poor, one must be less-well genetically endowed - or so social-Darwinism or some-such idiocy would presumably have it. I call it un- and anti-egalitarian; it doesn't mean that the rich should be *totally* impoverished, just that they shouldn't be allowed to further enrich themselves at the expense of we, the people and/or our once jewel-like planet.

Take just one neoliberal example, the recent privatisation of part of the electricity system in NSW. Repeated attempts at privatisation by *Labor* failed, until Ms. Keneally managed 'the 1st stage;' she was then voted out and what do we see next but electricity prices going up 17% in one dirty blow:

Electricity: the long fight to get rid of it
Updated December 14, 2010 11:31:00
  «NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has finally achieved what her two more electorally-successful predecessors couldn't do, and privatised the NSW electricity grid.» 

Comment: Labor is supposed to be on the people's side; Lib for the bosses, Lab for the workers. But here is Lab, privatising the people's property = 'the family silver' - for a few measly shekels, and then what? Well, this is what:

Power price hike of 17pc hits NSW
Updated June 14, 2011 14:58:00
  «IPART says nearly half of the increase is due to increased network costs.
The regulator says much of the rest is due to increased costs because of the Federal Government's Renewable Energy Target scheme.»

Comment 1: There's no guarantee that anything they say is true, but "increased network costs" just after privatisation sounds *extremely* fishy, and then a swipe at the Fed. Govt.'s MRET *must* be almost purely political.

Comment 2: They tell us, that "at least, you can vote them out" - which simply *doesn't* help, after the damage is done.

Comment 3: We *must* have responsible, responsive representatives, it's the only way an "of, by, for the people" democracy can work. That we don't have the former means that we can't = don't have the latter.

I have a friend who told me "It is not simple," and he's by-and-large correct.

There are many parts to the puzzle; here are a few:

1. Government enterprises are inefficient (or so they say); they have too many 'workers,' whose wages are too high, take far too many holidays and they never work hard enough (if they work at all) = they're all worthless slackers, bludging on the rest of us (i.e. we, who all work nightmare hours for a miserable pittance and never take a single day off, ever, much less a 'smoko.')

2. Private enterprises are super-efficient (or so they say); they will get rid of the slackers and 'encourage' (= enforce) higher productivity, here it helps to have competition to 'drive' the process, end result is a 'cheaper' product, obviously a boon to all. Artificial competition, by the way; on a previous public monopoly, either means faked competition, or useless, senseless duplication, then the pointless, obscure advertising, 'selling' us something we *need*. To use a bit of detested US-speak: "Big whoop!"

3. What actually happens is a) the new private owners demand a profit (where little profit, none or even a subsidy was previously present); the new owners may have borrowed to buy the people's (fire-sale priced?) asset, and thus interest is gouged 'up front,' profit + interest is an added cost to the consumer = some of the 'down-side.' Then b) on the supposed 'up-side,' large numbers of slackers are 'made redundant' = fired (unemployment up), maintenance programs, as the enterprise in general, are 'down-sized' (reducing overheads, you see); the enterprise is forced to be 'lean & mean' (even leaner if some asset-stripping takes place). Public 'store-fronts' may be replaced by out-sourced 'call-centres,' possibly off-shored to India, say. The many laid-off workers are replaced by a handful of over-worked-to-near-death sub-contractors (their houses on the line to finance their vehicles/toolkits). The infrastructure begins to decay; power-masts which were previously replaced if suspect are now allowed to 'age (un)gracefully,' and may be blown down in a storm = black-outs. Charges, previously controlled by the politician/voter interaction are now 'freed' (cynical 'free market'); the prices so freed *will* sooner or later rise, typically just short of the point of 'getting blood out of a stone.' The more remote parts of the network will suffer extreme neglect, see the Telstra experience. A typical quote: "The government is hindering us leveraging our monopoly." By far the most cynical bit of neoliberalism is medicine for profit; profit will always take precedence, and this quite literally means that people will die for lack of $s.

Task for the reader: Explain why any of (3) is desirable.

Most importantly, you *know* it's wrong when you discover some non-trivial lie, and note that *all* lies = deception, and deception always occurs shortly before someone gets ripped-off. Like crying "TINA!" - when there always was an alternative, i.e. cooperation instead of confrontation, progressive taxation instead of tax-cuts followed by service cuts; when the latter are inadequate (virtually guaranteed), then deficits grow (economy spiralling down), followed by financial rape - err, plundering, as they are now forcing Greece to submit to. Note that some of the Greek people can see what's coming, and are demonstrating (until recently peacefully; what changed? Violence is *always* bad, note to Pentagon + Zionists.) IF the politicians do not listen to their electorate (another thing virtually guaranteed), THEN the plundering = raping will be done un- & anti-democratically - and many Greeks will get very, very sad.

This is the 'modern' world; the Enlightenment being demolished, piece by piece, thanks, but "No, thanks!" to neoliberalism.

[Aside, vis-à-vis sad. Contrast Harvie Krumpet's "Carpe diem!" = Seize the day (sub-text: Enjoy every second!) - with Fraser's "Life was not meant to be easy" - then neoliberalism's 'misery for the masses.'

Recall the old joke; Q: Why do crims rob banks? A: That's where the money is. In fact, all our (fiat) money is 'created by keystroke' - in banks; now the banks look like they're 'going for the lot.' Neoliberalism drives people/countries into debt, then the banks foreclose (see US, so-called 'world leader,' and their own real-estate = housing market = collapse.) Then, there's the so-called 'GFC' = global finance crisis; apparently the only ones to benefit were those who actually caused it in the 1st place, namely Wall St banksters. Assuming this process is pushed to its obvious limit, once the banksters own *everything*, what then?

Tip: There's something exceedingly *dark*, going down here.]

One final note for now: Above, I wrote "We *must* have ... an 'of, by, for the people' democracy," which would be a +ve, for us and our planet. The EU (Merkel + Sarkozy), ECB & IMF say "They *must* have ... neoliberalism imposed," which will be an utter disaster for most Greeks.

Spot the difference in intent and results? Oh yeah; then there's the story of matching Greek tax-returns to swimming-pools in back-yards. Turns out the match is not quite 'perfect' (haw!) Once EU, ECB & IMF have privatised everything they can get their greedy, grubby, $-grabbing hands on, Greece will probably go broke anyway - it's said that the debts are already unpayable; either go broke or the money-lenders 'take a haircut.' That's another charming thing about neoliberalism, all the lovely new words (like, lean and mean, man!)


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