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 cost push, demand pull
  takes two to tango: the tyrant and the snivelling quislings

.. bad things are happening ...

  .. because good people ...

    .. don't speak up

Thesis/Subtitle: Effective countervailing power - where is it?

Preamble: As a friend says: "It is not simple;" but I know of no problem that cannot be broken down into ever-smaller parts until you get to the elementary 'binary-cut' situation, in fact that's exactly what digital computing is all about. Yesterday I wrote of one example, namely one form of either/or; here's another: Either most people are criminal or they're not. I prefer the latter, but the former are in control. Why that, and who will rid of us of these vile tyrants?


Musing: 'Narratives' are fake histories or actual plots; criminals use narratives to coordinate the lies we are continually being swamped with. Today is the 9th of August, 66 years since the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped on a mainly civilian target in Japan (Don't agree? Then you may try this.) The twin crimes against humanity, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki plus the day before Nakba Day are days of wicked infamy, as 'local maxima' these have few peers.


Article 1:

Obama says US is still a AAA country
Updated August 09, 2011 05:04:22
  «"Markets will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America. No matter what some agency may say, we have always been and always will be a triple-A country," Mr Obama said.» 

Comment: Obama sounded like Muhammad Ali: "Ah am the greatest!"

You try it: 'There is Amerika - the greatest!'

Answer: Perhaps. But greatest what?

Article 2:

Unesco chief criticises NATO attack on Libya broadcaster
Aug 8, 2011, 18:10 GMT
  «According to Unesco, three media workers were killed and 21 were injured in the July 30 attack on the Libyan broadcast facility.
The NATO military alliance justified the attack on the basis of protecting civilian population. The action against the pro-Gaddafi satellite television, NATO said, was a means of preventing the intimidation of the Libyan population and calls for violence against civilians.»

Comment 1: How odd is it, that the (corrupt & venal) MSM is not covering this story?

Comment 2: I mentioned *hearing* this story the other day, via a taxpayer-funded broadcaster; I found no transcript at the time. The lady-newsreader looked only slightly uncomfortable, before the scene-shift.

Comment 3: The major problem here is, of course, that the US/NATO (mainly F + UK, but DK, N & other 'rabble') - are out of all civilised control and are aggressively attacking (innocent) 3rd parties, mainly Arab/Muslim, at will.


My theme here is erring ideology, and the criminals forcing this disaster upon us. The disaster is doubled; war (aka geo-politics) and theft (aka economics, mainly neoliberal). The (mainly US) warmongers risibly claim to be "Making the world safe for democracy," and the (mainly US) economists + politicians claim TINA = "There is no alternative!" - but both claims are 101% bogus - as any *clear thinker* may see, assuming any such take the trouble to look.

I should not need to cite proof, but: on war/disasters, nearly 1000 US bases spread around the world, aggressive attacks becoming even more numerous (from Vietnam to Libya, a looong & dirty list), the Zionist armed theft of Palestine; on economics/disasters, neoliberalism almost everywhere; some forced by the IMF (Perkins' "Economic Hit Man"), some *voluntary*(!!?) (Aus, say, by *both* Lib & Lab; bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic), notably currently the debt-crises in USA, EU and probably almost anywhere else you care to look. As examples of economic chaos, The USA (as usual; world 'leader'), is hard to beat, with (my quick estimates from recall), 25mio un- or under-employed, 40mio without health insurance (most expensive, least cost-effective system in the world), and a similar 40mio on food-stamps.

I'll say it again: No more wars for spoil; *all* foreign-deployed forces to retire back to behind their own domestic borders, and *all* aggressively invading, land-thieving Zs (plus descendants & dependants) to return to whence they came. On economics, dump the pure-greed, rip-off voodoo, get back to civilised & enlightened JMK & JKG.

Article 3:

Bringing on the "Obama Recession" by Forgetting the Lessons of Keynes and FDR
Friday 5 August 2011
by: David Woolner
  «It is sad to think that history may be repeating itself. But the apparent decision of this administration to embrace cuts over spending may soon lead the President down the same path that FDR took in 1937. Only this time the “Obama recession” of 2011-2012 will most likely cost the current president his job.» 

Comment; Q: Who cares if Obama loses his job? He can be number 25mio+1. But note that voting someone out is almost perfectly useless, after they've done the damage... (and/but, it was far past time that Howard (so ignominiously) went; what took the mugs so long? That Abbott is now polling well shows no lessons whatsoever learnt, it's one reason and proof of why I write 'dumbed-down sheople.')

Comment 1: Of course, it's not just 'this administration' or even 'this Congress;' it's the multitude of economic berserkers running under the foul neoliberal flag.

Comment 2: It has been clear from the beginning, that down-sizing, lean&meaning, off-shoring, out-sourcing etc. was only ever going to lead to tears, and you can imagine the utter horror of any worker when the MBA-consultants turn up with their clip-boards to do their dirty neoliberal 'work' of destroying once-viable enterprises & teams of once happy workers. Austerity, like mass un- and under-employment, many in 'scraping the barrel' service jobs - all lower wages (the plan) and thus demand, which 1st leads to and then accelerates the downward spiral. Which is, by and large, where the US, 'the West' plus others are now. The wreckage left by 30-40 years of erring ideology = neoliberal destruction is visible - to those who bother to look.


It's all so screamingly obvious; if I can see it (basically a casual observer), what of the better informed and educated? Why do world so-called 'leaders' outside the US - like Merkel, say, accept the hideous 'perfect' storm of unjust resource-war & rip-off economic disaster? Are they all coerced and/or intimidated (snivelling quislings) - or do they actually agree (criminals) that their populations be devastated?

But few to no one listens.

I cannot accept that the criminals are the majority.

It's why I implore; where is the effective countervailing power?

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