the world's worst terrorists
 mostly infest the middle east
  as aggressive invaders, murdering for spoil

 .. Afghanistan - pipelines ...

  .. Iraq, Libya - oil ...

    .. Israel - soil

Thesis/Subtitle: If the boot fits, wear it.


The definitions of invade[1] and aggression[2] could not be clearer; IF some armed entity crosses a border inbound and proceeds to plunder, pillage, ransack, loot etc. the hapless target country, THEN there is neither excuse nor other words for it, it's criminal on the Nuremberg scale.

It's what the Zionists did and are still doing to Palestine following UNGA181; latest after Plan Dalet and the Deir Yassin massacre, the world community should have intervened and banished the aggressively invading Zionists back to whence they came. Elementary justice demands that be done.

It's what the US plus sycophants did and are still doing to Afghanistan following 9/11 (itself a whole topic of its own; three towers can *not* fall unassisted - no, not jet-planes, but pre-planted explosives); the US intent was even pre-publicised: 'Carpet of gold or bombs!'

It's what the US plus sycophants UK + Aus et al. did and are still doing to Iraq following a lying 'WMD' propaganda campaign.

It's what the US plus NATO sycophants F + UK et al. did and are still doing to Libya following an half-arsed 'revolution' and a lying 'protect civilians' propaganda campaign.

Fazit: There is no effective international law - the proof is obvious.

There are only smash and grab criminals (US, Z rogue regimes plus snivelling quisling sycophants) murdering for spoil.

The big question is Q: Why is this tolerated?

Update 110820, 08:15; PS Israeli terrorism did not end on Nakba Day, but has been relatively constant since the alien invading Zionists 'invented' modern terrorism; see outrages like King David Hotel bombing (91 people were killed and 46 were injured) and USS Liberty (killed 34 and wounded more than 170 crew members). Today we hear on our morning radio news bulletin that the IDF is performing revenge attacks on the hapless ELO/Os trapped in the open-air prison that is Gaza. The Zs are a primitive bunch, self-proclaimed victims of persecution who have now completely assumed the mantle of their persecutors; they have transformed themselves from victims to perpetrators of evil. What one can do is a total BDS against Israel, and it would not harm to inform any/all Js of your acquaintance that IL behaviour is depravedly criminal, and (repeat) that the aggressively invading Zionists and descendants should leave Palestine to return to whence they came, and revest all improperly alienated land & property = *all* of IL. That the UN, US, UK et al. do not terminate IL criminality and grant justice to IL's victims is a mark of utter corruption.




[1] invade  v. (-ding) (often absol.) 1 enter (a country etc.) under arms to control or subdue it. 2 swarm into. 3 (of a disease) attack. 4 encroach upon (a person's rights, esp. privacy).  invader n. [Latin vado vas- go] [POD]

[2] aggression  n. 1 unprovoked attacking or attack. 2 hostile or destructive behaviour. [Latin gradior gress- walk] [ibid.]

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