grinding our democracy
 (as mortally wounded as it is)
  -> *all* the way down into the dust

The mining industry does not fear the MRRT; they are continuing to expand, also as they continue to ship 83% of their obscenely fat profits o/s = the (BIG) lions' share our patrimony gone, lost to us forever.

Citizens have been assured that they will not lose from the carbon tax, but the world will lose big-time if excess CO2 emissions are not reversed ASAP.

Abbott, Hockey, Pine & Co will cripple medicare & flog off medibank, re-introduce a more savage SerfChoices and discover a 'massive budget black hole' which will 'force' = enable them to sink Aus into austerity. If Cameron is doing it to England, Merkel wants to do it to Greece, why shouldn't Abbott want to do it to Aus? He/they will; it's a 'natural' part of neoliberalism = rip the people off, and depress their conditions.

Keep dreaming, pro-Liberal 'rebels' = rabble, just like in Libya.

Yes, you will be 'free' of Labor, this will assassinate them for a generation. But like a dog chasing a car, you don't know what to do (= will have done to you), when you catch it.

After the hung-parliament election, we watched Abbott's month-long tantrum in awe, then watched him + the Libs spit about great, big, new taxes, now the desperation of the Thomson pursuit.

What do they really want; put cui bono into reverse; what is Labor doing that's sooo bad? The Libs' pressure leaves no time to govern = actually run the country; this is worse than the Murdoch-led "Get Whitlam at any price" jihad. Problem for the Libs is that their haste is unseemly, and their methodology deeply injurious...

Lib = Lab in many ways; our democracy is mortally wounded by a) the deliberate dumbing down of the (risible) 'debate,' b) the deliberate lies told by most politicians, and c) the arrogance and out of controledness of representatives once elected, see this:

"Many federal politicians who have spoken about the views of their constituents on gay marriage say they resent being told how to do their job."

Allow me to remind them that their job is to implement the will of the majority while protecting all minorities, *not* just doing as they please. That's in the democratic covenant; representatives acting independent of their electorates' collective wishes are breaking the democratic law = are being outlaws. Tumbrels.

As corrupt as both sides are, nothing quite matches the viciousness of the Libs, they and neoliberalism have far more in common that just a similar name.

Abbott's next wail: "Rinse her blood off my toga!"

Amoral political thug.

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