moral cretins
 battle of ideas
  criminality wins - in US, is then exported

.. do unto others ...

  .. never do harm ...

    .. it's not too hard - for normal people, i.e. *non*-psychopaths[1]

Thesis/Subtitle: The phrase "you're either with us, or against us" and similar variations are used to depict situations as being polarized and to force witnesses and bystanders to become allies or lose favour. The implied consequence of not joining the team effort is to be deemed an enemy.


Preamble: It's easy enough to identify villains; all one needs to do is observe somewhat carefully, seeing clearly what they do and not paying too much attention to what they say, since lying (for crims) is easy; lies are the entry-point to serious crimes like cheating, stealing & murder.

I like doing 'binary splits' as in 'with or against' above, but recall one of my mates: "It is not simple." Consider then, a 4-split: 1) with, 2) against, 3) don't know and 4) don't care.

Posit: When we're considering truth & justice, only 'with' counts; don't know and don't care merge with against. For emphasis: Only people who actively agitate *for* truth & justice are OK-people, all others, i.e. against, don't know and don't care = *enemies* - of humanity.

Objection(s)? We the people are forced to surrender our sovereignty by 'the system;' the bargain (democratic covenant) is that the leaders work in our interests. Since they're demonstrably not doing so, we have now to *force* them to behave. This forcing requires us to work together (looping); see 'with or against' above.


Villain article #1:

Truman Lied, Hundreds of Thousands Died
By davidswanson - Posted on 05 August 2011
  «On August 6, 1945, President Harry S Truman announced: "Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese Army base. ...
When Truman lied to America that Hiroshima was a military base rather than a city full of civilians, ...»

Comment: In serious issues, a single lie destroys credibility completely. There were many more lies; IMHO the 'best-fit' theory includes a) they could and they'd payed for it, b) they wanted contrasting 'live' data Uranium vs. Plutonium, and (mainly) c) they wanted the USSR to see the US (bad) 'morality' in action.

Villain article #2:

Fighting Back Against The CIA Drone War
By: Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
July 31, 2011 "The Nation"
  «They call it “bug splat”, the splotch of blood, bones, and viscera that marks the site of a successful drone strike. To those manning the consoles in Nevada, it signifies “suspected militants” who have just been “neutralised”; to those on the ground, in most cases, it represents a family that has been shattered, a home destroyed.» 

Comment: The US' barbarity knows no bounds.

Villain article #3:

Meet the Right-Wing Hatemongers Who Inspired the Norway Killer
Why were America's Islamophobes able to avoid accountability for so long?
By Max Blumenthal
August 03, 2011
  «Asymmetrical warfare has been witnessed in theaters of war across the Muslim world, leaving tens of thousands of civilians dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip. The strategy was formalized in the Dahiya district of southern Beirut in 2006, when the Israeli military flattened hundreds of civilian structures and homes to supposedly punish Hezbollah for its capturing of two Israeli soldiers.» 

Comment: The Zs have been 'allowed,' by the UN (mainly US & UK influence) - to steal an entire country; deploying terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocidal policies. The UN should have stopped the process, no later than Plan Dalet & the Deir Yassin massacre.

Villain article #4:

US calls for unity after credit rating cut
Updated August 07, 2011 09:02:45
  «Washington's allies in Europe and Asia rallied behind it, warning against overreaction to the downgrade, but China, the largest foreign holder of US treasuries, slammed US "addiction" to debt.» 

Comment 1: Here, one might consider US 'allies' as snivelling quislings; these 'allies' support *and adopt* US economic policies, just as they support *and adopt* the US military policies.

Comment 2: It's been a shameful spectacle; the Republicans and Democrats together refusing to cut military spending, refusing to increase taxation (to target the filthy rich), Obama extending the Bush tax-cuts and wars-for-spoil, even starting new wars. All the time the US infrastructure decays, unemployment and poverty increases, not to mention the drastically expensive, for-profit medical system the less-well-off are excluded from, and the only expenditure either major party will cut is on social programs. The only policies either will support are pro-war and anti-enlightenment - and these are the so-called 'world leaders?'


Musing: Here, as with 'with or against' truth & justice, one may be 'with or against' US+Z murdering to steal militarism, 'with or against' US-inspired rip-off neoliberalism, then there's the excess-CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe, one may be 'with or against' excess-CO2 prevention/cure.

Fazit: The villains will not change themselves - they are getting all they want, from a system they've so constructed. We the people have to unite and force beneficial change - or lose the lot.

It's easy enough to see what needs to be done; start with eliminating the lies, cheating, theft & murder; take our democracy back.



[1] psychopath  n. 1 mentally deranged person, esp. showing abnormal or violent social behaviour. 2 mentally or emotionally unstable person.  psychopathic adj. [POD]

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