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Item: "Merkel will ihren Ministern empfehlen, der EM fernzubleiben."

Xlate: "Merkel wants to recommend to [her] ministers not to attend the European [football] Championships [in Ukraine]."

The problem: Tymoshenko may be being 'roughed-up' a bit in prison, or perhaps she's just faking it ("All politicians lie!")

Note 1: Tymoshenko may have once come to power in the Ukraine, thanks to the "Orange Revolution," reasonably suspected by many of being a US subversive, covert operation.

Note 2: Instead of helping former USSR components to 'recover' into prosperous, liberated 21st C. states, the US sent their carpet-baggers in armed with neoliberalism; the 'old East' are now almost exclusively looted, failed states.

Note 3: Many German banks follow the US 'examples.'

In any case, Merkel has her knickers in a twist over Tymoshenko.

BUT: Germany supports Israel (= IL), that illegitimate entity squatting on stolen land - land/property improperly alienated from 100s of 1000s of hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers (= ELO/Os), those who fled rather than be murdered by invading Zionist (= Zs) terrorists in aggressive, genocidal operations like Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin massacre, such-like continuing down to the current moment. (Note: Aggressive invasions = Nuremberg-class war crimes.) IL is an un-remedied crime-scene. Germany not just 'supports' IL-Zs but also supplies them with U-Boots - capable of carrying nukular-bombs, possibly to attack Iran.

(Note also that the US, another of Germany's 'chums' runs 'Gitmo,' tortures people (Abu Ghraib) and multi-murders for spoil - see Iraq, say; possibly many more than 2mio dead as direct results of US aggressive "Shockin' Whore" invasive attack.)

Merkel is getting ready to interfere in football, one of the German public's favourite diversions, calling for a boycott.

Q: Why not boycott US &/ Zs, Angela?

Msg to Mme M: Get a life!

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