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Thesis/Subtitle: Benefiting from the proceeds of crime is also a crime. Whereas lying per se is 'only' an offence against decency&honesty, lying is a prerequisite to = partner in crime, and all who lie in support of a crime make themselves as equally guilty as the perpetrators, by the accessory-mechanism.

Corollary: Society seeks to deter crime by the threat of punishment (prevention being preferred to cure); prosecutes actual crimes in order to punish, then recompenses victims (including returning any stolen property) - so why does Israel remain not prosecuted, unpunished and its victims not recompensed? Similarly with the US, as it rampages across the world, plundering resources (accent on oil), each rogue-regime worse than the other.


Trigger article 1:

The Palestinians: The Forgotten People
By William James Martin
22 April, 2012
  «It is impossible to understand the present Palestinian/Israeli conflict without understanding the past, in particular, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, who are not Semitic people, but indigenous to Eastern Europe.
In 1900, there were no Ashkenazi Jews living in Palestine; essentially none, that is, but a few, small mostly temporary Russian Jewish settlers, not totally unusual for various cults in the Holy Land at that time. Theodore Herzl, frequently designated ‘The Father of Modern Zionism', because of the publication of his book, The Jewish State, in 1896, and because of this founding of the World Zionist Congress, a year later stated in 1897:
“[We shall] spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment. Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”
Thus the concept of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was introduced.»

Comment: In case it's slipped your attention, that's *exactly* what's happened = ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionists using genocidal methods (deliberate extermination of a people or nation), continuing and expanding right down to 'the current moment.'


IF someone dispossessed THEN seek restitution,

IF someone aggrieved THEN seek recompense,

IF someone infringes THEN seek justice,

IF someone injured THEN seek redress,

IF someone killed THEN seek revenge,

 - Wilful murderers should themselves be put to death; tumbrels.

Comment: I am a seeker of truth&justice, and not *normally* vengeful. BUT: Killing someone (in non-strict self-defence[*]) may be regarded as the *ultimate* crime, since the victim thereby loses *everything*, including the totality of his/her future - for which there can be no possible restitution, let alone recompense.

[*] Consider the burglary/home-invasion analogy; the perpetrators have neither the 'right to exist' (as murdering-to-steal perpetrators, only as charged then convicted felons), nor have they any 'right to defend' improperly alienated property. Specifically, burglar/home-invaders have no rights to resist their arrestors, so where are the SWAT-teams?

Trigger article 2:

Truth, lies and Afghanistan
How military leaders have let us down
  «...Tell The Truth
When it comes to deciding what matters are worth plunging our nation into war and which are not, our senior leaders owe it to the nation and to the uniformed members to be candid — graphically, if necessary — in telling them what’s at stake and how expensive potential success is likely to be. U.S. citizens and their elected representatives can decide if the risk to blood and treasure is worth it.»

Comment 1: Davis is concerned with the military lying to the politicians, and admits that his classified report has more of the same but far worse. Recall my contention that 'secrecy is an enemy of democracy,' then ponder that in Aus, we have even *less* openness vis-à-vis the military, politicians & war etc..

Comment 2: Read the lot to appreciate just how many and vicious are the lies, *by* our so-called leaders, relayed *and augmented* by the corrupt&venal MSM (incl. big bits of the AusBC).

Comment 3: Lies are deployed to deceive, and as previously pointed out, are prerequisites to crime. The crimes of the US+Z rogue-regimes are 'murders-for-spoil' on a truly massive and shocking scale. It was the UN raison d'être to prevent war - yet the UN *assists* the US+Z's criminal carnage, at least from UNGA181 then allowing Israel to persist in its criminality, recently not preventing the US' invasive = aggressive attacks on Afghanistan & Iraq, through UNSC1973 = rapine of Libya, lining up on Syria with Iran next - why?

Comment 4: No worthwhile project requires a single lie, yet we are inundated with them. Ergo, the US+Z rogue-regimes' lie-supported projects are *not* worthwhile. (Bet you already knew that, eh?)

Let the tumbrels roll.


Fazit: In our representative democracy model, we the people are (supposedly) sovereign, and elect 'leaders' tasked with implementing the will of the majority whilst respecting all minorities. This process simply *cannot* function correctly if the people are lied-to = deceived, as we clearly are. Further, the so-called 'leaders' are not just telling us little-white- or noble-lies, since what they are trying to hide are vicious crimes, QED. Once again, let the tumbrels roll!

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