IF a vote is forged
 THEN why not
  a sackful?

.. easy-peasy ...

  .. forge 5% for Le Pen ...

    .. then 'hop' the lot to Sarko

Thesis/Subtitle: Democracy ain't what it's made out to be; can the people ever be trusted to vote the way our (tyrannical) rulers might like us to? Tip: Unlikely, if we're being lied to - which is pretty-well all the time ("All politicians lie!") Or perhaps that's why; they try to lie us into a trap. Lies are deployed to deceive; after enough lies it would be no surprise if we the people hardly know Arthur from Martha.

  [update, 14:41]


Trigger article:

Sarkozy's hopes fade with first-round loss
By Europe correspondent Philip Williams, wires
Posted April 23, 2012 05:53:55 | Updated April 23, 2012 11:50:12
  «Socialist candidate Francois Hollande defeats Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of France's presidential elections, but the big shock is a strong showing for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.
Topics:world-politics, france» 

Comment: Le Pen got more votes than anyone bargained for, "the big shock" may be a CIA set-up; read on ...


Sarkozy is America's friend - so much so, that he 'jumped the gun' on the US/F+UK/NATO rapine = plunder by murdering-theft of Libya. But opinion polls indicate that Sarko l’Americain may lose.

Q: What's the poor CIA to do?

A: Try rigging the election.

We'll see. Marine Le Pen is set to recommend that her supporters stay home, next round. Some 'leakage' is to be expected, but how much would be 'plausibly deniable?


^ Update, 14:41: PS There are reasons = evidence, to back up my ~5% claim:

Evidence article 1:

French election frontrunners trade jibes on economy
Nicolas Sarkozy says only he has the experience to protect France but François Hollande blames him for financial woes
15.05 BST on Friday 20 April 2012. It was last modified at 00.09 BST on Saturday 21 April 2012.
  «• Abstentionism could be a factor. A poll for Le Parisien by BVA (Brulé Ville et Associés) warned it could be 24%, far higher than for the last presidential election.» 

Comment; Q: Are private polling companies to be trusted? (Tip: Their main if not only 'duty' is to make their (already fat-cat) shareholders richer.) But such is all we ever get.

Evidence article 2:

France votes as Sarkozy faces defeat after one term
Millions of French voters turned out Sunday for the first round of a presidential poll that is expected to see the left oust Nicolas Sarkozy after only one turbulent term in office.
Sapa-AFP 2012-04-22 12:20:07
  «An average of the last eight polls released ahead of the end of first round campaign at midnight on Friday showed Hollande winning the first round with an average of 28 percent support, against 26.4 percent for Sarkozy. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen was third with an average of 15.75 percent, followed by Communist-backed Jean-Luc Melenchon of the Left Front with 13.75 percent and centrist Francois Bayrou with 10.1 percent.» 

Comment: Note that S & H scored about as predicted, but Le Pen is said to be up by some ~5%...

Evidence article 3:

22 April 2012 Last updated at 16:12 GMT
High turnout in French presidential election
  «Officials said 70% of people had voted by late afternoon - only slightly down from the exceptional results recorded in the last poll in 2007.» 

Comment 1: 2007 was already regarded as 'exceptional,' now it's up around ~80% - even *more* exceptional, considering : "What's noticeable is the lack of enthusiasm for either of the main candidates." [bbc, ibid.].

Comment 2: 80% is 5% more than the estimated 75%, and Le Pen is up by ~5%.

Comment 3: Adds up? Plenty of 'space' for a ~5% fudge-factor = ballot-box stuffing = electoral fraud - eh?

(Tip: For murderers-for-spoil (latest F+UK/NATO in Libya, say, ballot-box stuffing would be naught but a peccadillo.))


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