proof of
 'extreme' perfidy
  = treachery against us, we the people

.. a ...

  .. real ...

    .. shocker

Thesis/Subtitle: who can save us, when?


Trigger article:

When the Respectable Become Extremists The Extremists Become Respectable: Colombia and the Mainstream Media
By James Petras
May 21, 2012
  «By any historical measure, whether it involves international law, human rights conventions, United Nations protocols, socio-economic indicators, the policies and practices of the United States and European Union regimes can be characterized as extremist.
The first decade of the 21st century has witnessed the West’s embrace of extremism in all of its manifestation both in domestic and foreign policy. Extremism is a common practice by self-styled conservatives, liberals and social-democrats.»

Comment 1: As usual, one should read the lot - and here it is a fair bit - but not too much; IF I can do it THEN so can you.

Comment 2: 'Liberal' is a most-misused word; many people claiming to be liberal or Liberal (lower- or upper-case) are not liberal[1] at all, rather much the opposite (like authoritarian, restrictive and/or vindictive, this list is looong; one thesaurus gives narrow-minded, bigoted + conservative, reactionary, say. 'Best' current example in Aus could be Abbott.) [Note that libre in this blog is as it says it is, namely 'free' + true.]

Comment 3; note: The "self-styled conservatives, liberals and social-democrats" are the main-stream parties, challenged/eclipsed by few-to-no minor 'players' (possible exception but rightly increasingly, the Greens). The important point here is that 'common practice' can equate to bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic - since it offers the electorate *no viable choice*.

Comment 4: So far I've only quoted about regimes; multiple proofs of their perfidy are not hard to find; consider two, 1) the rotten neoliberalism - variously 'economic rationalism,' 'supply-side,' 'globalisation' and - possibly truest: 'voodoo economics' - deployed against us, we the people (note ruined US+EU/PIIGS domestic economies), and 2) the filthy militarism deployed against coveted resource-owning countries = murder for spoil; from Palestine (soil = ethnically cleansed Lebensraum[2]) through Afghanistan (soil, to lay pipelines across/under) to Iraq, Libya then Syria on the way to Iran (oil, plus US/Z-hegemony and the crippling of perceived opponents of the US' illegitimate sprog, Israel).

Comment 5: In the light of 4 (regimes); let's have an extract from Petras on the (corrupt&venal) MSM:

  «In the wake of the extremist policies of public officials, the respectable, prestigious print media [me: plus broadcast = radio, TV, moving to internet] have engaged in their own versions of extremism[1]. Colonial wars that devastate civil society and materially and culturally impoverish millions in the colonized country are justified, embellished and made to appear as lawful, humane and furthering secular democratic values. Domestic wars on behalf of oligarchies and against wage and salaried workers, which concentrate wealth and deepen despair of the dispossessed are described as rational, virtuous and necessary. The distinctions between the prudent, balanced, prestigious and serious media and the sensationalist, yellow press have disappeared. The fabrication of facts, blatant omissions and distortions of context are found in one as well as the other.» 
[ICH/Petras, ibid.]

Comment 1: In a nutshell, the regimes & MSM are co-conspirators (actually not surprising); the 1st could not carry-on as-is in the face of a properly-investigative MSM. Just as lies are often precursor but 101% post-requisite to crime (else self-incrimination), so the MSM lies to us.

Comment 2: Perhaps it was ever thus = nothing new under the Sun.

Comment 3: Apart from the wicked damage caused, worse (for us, we the people), lies are deployed to deceive; no electorate can make properly informed decisions when so deceived; lies are also un- & anti-democratic.


Fazit 1: It's not 'merely' the commercial MSM but also 'our' AusBC which transmits lies; ever, cascadingly worse, they *actively assist & extend* our tyrannical so-called leaders' pathological lies.

Fazit 2: The oligarchies are not just working against us, impoverishing a multitude to enable the mostly already rich to get ever filthily richer; the vicious plundering now endangers the planet (via an xs-CO2-ccc = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe, say). Time *we the people* stopped them, and their horrific damage.


PS It may be OK for me to make my own assertions, can I give any proof? Well, consider the Zs' aggressive, alien invasion of Palestine, ditto (big gap; can't list all US-atrocities); US into Afghanistan, B,B&H's "Shock'n whore" into Iraq, the recent US/F+UK/NATO rape of Libya; none of this was 'self-defence' (or the Oh, so cynical R2P) - but rather the same-old aggressive war-for-spoil à la the 3rd Reich. You, dear reader, may either agree or not (that's freedom), but then me continuing; the corrupt&venal MSM (incl. AusBC; just one proof is Barker and her 'Iran suspected of wanting A-bombs') - the MSM+AusBC carries the predominantly US/Z-lies, almost as one voice. Sure, some dissidents are reported on, and some within the MSM object, but there was/is no *effective* resistance mounted, neither to the vicious Zionists' attacks from pre-'48 down to the 'current moment,' to the latest (mostly covertly 'West'-supported) aggressive attacks against Assad in Syria. *That* is the proof of MSM+AusBC perfidy; that the aggressors can carry out their violent crimes, and overwhelmingly, the MSM reports convey support.

By rights, the people should be rioting in the streets to demonstrate their objections - but as 'alert but not alarmed,' they've been ppp-dd'd = pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down - thanks partly to 'our' AusBC.

PPS One picture to tell a story (see below; from AusBC today); why do we see 'two-finger salutes' again, in a different country, and from children? How do they learn this, where does it come from? (Tip: External TV broadcasts à la VoA?)



[1] liberal  -adj. 1 abundant, ample. 2 giving freely, generous. 3 open-minded. 4 not strict or rigorous. 5 for the general broadening of the mind (liberal studies). 6 a favouring moderate political and social reform. b (Liberal) of or characteristic of Liberals. ... [Latin liber free][POD]

[2] Lebensraum (German, 'living-space'): Nazi political doctrine claiming a need to acquire more territory in order to accommodate the expanding German nation. ... to enable the so-called Nazi master race to subjugate and colonize the Slavic peoples. [The OXFORD World ENCYCLOPEDIA]
Post UNGA181; replace Nazi with Zionist, German with Israeli, Slavic with Palestinian. 

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