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Thesis/Subtitle: Some born-to-rule Libs' (homosexual/power) games


Trigger article:

Labor seizes on Brough-Slipper link
Posted May 05, 2012 15:58:15
  «Mr Brough is seeking Liberal National Party pre-selection to run against Mr Slipper in the seat of Fisher at the next Federal election, and this morning confirmed he and his wife met Mr Ashby.
He is the second senior Coalition figure to admit to having contact with Mr Ashby before the claims were made public.
Last week it emerged Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne met with Mr Ashby three times during the staffer's time in the Speaker's office, and had requested Mr Ashby's email and mobile phone number.»

Comment: Oh, what a tangled web they weave...

Related Story: Brough denies conspiracy against Slipper

Comment: Never believe anything - until officially denied.

Related Story: AFP launches probe into Slipper allegations

Comment: (Terrorising) cops raiding (homosexual) bedrooms.

Related Story: Government pounces on Pyne over Ashby link

Comment 1: Hold on, wasn't Pyne up to his armpits in the Grech affair, along with Abetz? Try this google: Pyne Grech affair Abetz, amongst about 3,450 other 'juicy' ones, see "Abetz admits Turnbull fed him leaks from Grech | The Australian," or was that Minchin? (Oh, he's gone; funny that. Perhaps Heffernan? All blurs together; sooo many bad names, sooo little time.)

Comment 2: By 'word-association' (aka google), we now have Brough, Pyne, Abetz & Turnbull to which we could add the current arch born-to-rule and very peripatetic Abbott.

Comment 3: If the polls are to be believed, the great Aussie-unwashed are intending to vote this rabble right in, very next opportunity. The Aus voting public (poor little ppp-dd'd darlings that they are), plus all non-voters (*involuntarily*, boo hoo) will get what they 'deserve;' think something similar to being (homosexually) raped with a (Sunshine Coast) Peta-Pyneapple. [ppp-dd'd = pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down. Lied-to voters are incapable of making properly informed decisions; resulting representatives have *no* mandate, *no* mandate = no valid law, no right to tax us, or to send us to war. In sum, *no* mandate = illegitimate - just like Israel (improperly dispossessed almost an entire country by genocidal ethnic-cleansing - now *that's* illegitimate - just like lying politicians; looping.)]


Note: Brough is ex-army, that nest of 'honourable defenders' currently aggressively invading Afghanistan, some having detoured through Iraq (another mass-murder-for-spoil US+UK+Aus-adventure) on the way.


Fazit: Brough is after Slipper's seat. Abbott is after Gillard's job. Murdoch is after Aus' = our PM & govt. Oh, goody - this is how our democracy works - or doesn't work, as the case may be. Cui bono?



[1] sleazy  adj. (-ier, -iest) squalid, tawdry.  sleazily adv. sleaziness n. [origin unknown] [POD]

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