sorry, Ms Merkel, but
 you are 101% dead-wrong

.. thanks, but ...

  .. "No, thanks!" to ...

    .. austerity; it *stinks*

Thesis/Subtitle: neoliberalism has had it's run, from TINA to the GFC and now debt-crises & austerity; all neoliberalism does is a) creates large-scale misery, while b) enabling the already filthy-rich to get obscenely richer. (The 99+% vs. the <1%)

Corollary: From the beginning, neoliberalism, partly 'the market' with globalisation (= exporting jobs) along for the ride, never even looked like it would work for us, we the people; leaving everything to 'the market' whilst a) cutting taxes (mainly off the rich), b) cutting govt. spending (i.e. required services & benefits), all the time c) 'flogging-off the family silver' = privatisations, these so-called 'economic reforms' have, as already said, produced mostly pain - for us, we the people = voters.


Trigger article:

Merkel steadfast on austerity as uncertainty rattles eurozone
By Europe correspondent Rachel Brown, wires
Updated May 07, 2012 23:56:40
  «Speaking one day after elections saw fellow austerity proponents turfed out of office, including her closest ally, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Ms Merkel said she had no plans to change course.
"Rather, I think the core of the debate lies in whether we need debt-financed stimulus programs or whether we need growth measures that are sustainable and lead to an improvement of the economic strength of individual countries."»

Comment 1: It's called the 'false dichotomy fallacy;' offering a limited choice (= false alternatives) and worse, not including a real option = proper, progressive taxation.

Comment 2: In Aus, we were given no choice; neoliberalism along with globalisation was brought in by Labor (Hawke/Keating), extended by Liberals (Howard/Costello) & so on by Rudd/Gillard = bipartisanly. In case you haven't noticed, bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic, exactly because it offers us, we the people = voters *no* choice.

Comment 3: It's the utmost stupidity of Merkel&Co to push austerity and 'bailouts' = *more* unemployment, *lower* incomes, *more* debt, since all lead to a spiral-down. It's why France & Greece are perhaps the 10th & 11th 'regime-changes' since the GFC. Idiots, all, *especially* the corrupt economist-advisors.

Comment 4: When Reagan was 'on the stump,' one of his then-opponents called Reagan's program voodoo economics - the opponent was correct 'back then;' Reagan's program approximated Thatcher's as similarly destructive for us, we the people, and nothing much has changed since then - except to get worse. Vast unemployment plus falling incomes in the US + lots of EU, plus economic-fear almost everywhere (jobs! Jobs! Jobs!) is *the proof* - of our misery.

Comment 5: Also in case you haven't noticed, so-called 'leaders' introducing 'reforms' which do us, we the people no good (actually, in the case of neoliberalism damaging us), is utter treachery.


Neoliberalism, along with globalisation, was largely *smuggled in* (also un- & anti-democratic), since had its import been properly explained - best beforehand (obviously, or even since), there could have been blood on the streets (namely politicians' and economists' both.)

It's not too late; let the tumbrels roll!

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