ratcheting up the rhetoric
 keep on catapulting
  the propaganda

.. of course ...

  .. it sounds horrific; ...

    .. = works exactly as designed

Thesis/Subtitle: IF at 1st you don't succeed THEN lie, lie, lie again.

Corollary: It's the same (corrupt&venal) MSM, pushing the same (lying) propaganda, targeting the same (ppp-dd'd) populace = we the (voting) people.

Antithesis: Just as one can't get blood out of a stone, one can't get *informed* consent from a ppp-dd'd (= pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down) electorate - so what they aim for is resigned (grudging) 'acceptance:' "Oh well; we can't stop them... they will do what they want to do anyway," where "what they want" = smash yet another country à la Iraq, Libya etc..


Trigger article:

World condemns latest Syrian horror
Posted May 27, 2012 05:43:11
  «World leaders demand action after a massacre led by Bashar al-Assad's forces in the Syrian town of Houla left 92 people dead, including 32 children.» 

Comment: Note language; no mention of 'alleged.'

Another 'snip:'

  «The UN mission chief in Syria, Major General Robert Mood, condemned what he described as a "brutal tragedy" in Houla, where he said 92 bodies, including those of more than 32 children, had been counted.» 
[AusBC/'news,' ibid.]

Comment; note: Report by a military-type. (Not noted for their honesty - or equilibrium; they are, after all, trained to kill - people, including children, themselves.)

Comment; language: Why "more than?" Reports should be absolutely accurate?

Another 'snip:'

  «"I condemn the atrocities committed daily by Bashar al-Assad on his own people," Mr Fabius said. With these new crimes his murderous regime plunges Syria further into horror and threatens regional stability."» 
[AusBC/'news,' ibid.]

Comment: The new French FM, same narrative as the old FM. Note keywords "own people," then adds "Horror!" (Couldn't have more impact if designed?)

Last 'snip:'

  «"It is appalling that the Syrian regime does not put an end to the brutal violence against its own people," Mr Westerwelle said in a statement.» 
[AusBC/'news,' ibid.]

Comment; note: See how they line a 'coalition of the willing' up? First it was F+UK, now add D (whose military 'missed out' in Libya; boo hoo.)

Comment 1: It does *not* make any sense for Assad to hand the US+ a casus belli = 'justification' to smash him, his regime & destroy Syria; the allegation "kill his own people" must (95%+) be confected.

Comment 2: On the other hand, it makes *complete* sense for insurgents to massacre innocents - in this way, they hope to enable an external attack à la the US/F+UK/NATO rape of Libya.

Lemma: At any crime-scene, one examines 'means, motive, and opportunity,' modus operandi (= m.o.) plus 'cui bono?' One examines what facts if any available, suspects lies at every turn (recalling recent m.o.), then drawing conclusions based on the balance of probabilities.

More of the same:

1. It's the same sort (=generic) target as Iraq & Libya; an Arab/Muslim nation *not* prostrating itself before US-hegemony = resisting unfettered exploitation.

2. The reports from Syria strongly resemble those from Libya before the US/F+UK/NATO aggressive air-invasion (1st cruise-missiles to disable air-defences, then 1000s[!!?] of bombing runs. "We don't count innocent civilian casualties!") Result = possibly the best living conditions in Africa (keywords 'highest HDI') bombed back to the stone-age, regime routed (by amateur, ragged rebels in designer-T-shirts & US-Rambo-style Ack-Ack equipped pickup-trucks), regime replaced by chaos & failed services, Gaddafi foully murdered = lynched, just like Saddam but without even a kangaroo-court (dead men tell no tales...)

3. Syria is a neighbour of Israel (=IL) with territorial claims against IL, since IL (illegally) occupies the (Syrian) Golan Heights.

4. Syria hosts a Russian naval base, 'interesting' to the US since it is trying to encircle & isolate Russia (Putin is somewhat successfully opposing US-carpetbagging).

5. Syria may be considered to be on the road to Iran ("the road to Tehran runs through Damascus"); a long-time target of the US (+UK), recall the '53 UK+US coup against the democratic Mossadegh, installing the 'West'-friendly, tyrannical Shah, then after ~25yrs of Persian misery, the '79 counter-coup = slap in the US' face.

6. 'Unconfirmed reports' (what else, in a covert operation?) - indicate personnel (al-Qaeda types) and arms (Saudi Arabian = SA + surprise! - IL) being supplied to so-called rebel insurgents.

Comment: Far too many pointers, all strongly in the same direction to be coincidence = all carefully planned; a 'shock-doctrine' narrative in the implementation.

Most probable: Yet another 'regime-change' operation instigated, promoted & supported by the 'great Satan' = the US(Zs).


Musing: We, the (voting) people are not asked, except perhaps by 'public opinion poll' - and those polls must be not yet acceptable for a US-'led' attack, therefore the escalation in the horror-reports. Note that this latest comes from a UN-sponsored, Annan-led team - but Annan did not stop the rape of Iraq, just as Ban Ki-moon did not stop the rape of Libya. One must accuse the UN of being corrupt, and has been since earliest UNGA181 (allowing the alien-invading Zionists free rein to rape Palestine. Detect a trend?) Armed forces crossing borders inbound = Nuremberg-class aggression: Time this was stopped; the actual UN function as designed, has yet to be properly implemented.

Final note: The attacks on Syria (anticipated end-run = US/NATO, F+UK, now add D) are a perversion of democracy (against we the people-voters) but worse, far worse, a criminally wicked outrage against the hapless, innocent natives of yet another Arab/Muslim nation. Q: Where are the principled people who could effectively resist these ugly, murdering-to-thieve tyrannical criminal-oligarchies?

Repeat: It makes *no* sense for Assad to provoke an invasion which could lead directly to his own extinction - especially given the vivid examples of Saddam & Gaddafi. You work it out?


Fazit: US/Zs + SQSH-Os (= snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on), attack Syria at your peril; not in my name! 

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