a 'quickie'
 to Alan Kohler
  an AusBC 'economist'

.. if laid end-to-end ...

  .. all the world's economists ...

    .. would not reach a *valid* conclusion


Thesis/Subtitle: ~35 years of TINA! = voodoo economics

Concomitant: and almost all we have to show for it

Corollary: is massive debt + unemployment


Trigger article:

Four years on, the economy is failing once more
 By ABC's Alan Kohler
Updated November 28, 2012 10:03:23
  «In 2008, the threat of a global economic catastrophe spurred politicians on to take preventive action. But this time around, the will just doesn't seem to be there, writes Alan Kohler.» 

Comment 1: There was little to no 'preventive action' - on various grounds; Rudd was one of the few who went 'classic Keynesian' (with apparent success), most others just used 'band-aids' - except where the banks were 'bailed out' = criminal.

Comment 2: 'Classic Keynesian' is mostly banned, by the (erring!) neoliberal ideology.

Comment 3: What I submitted to the (ugly, tyrannical) AusBC moderation process, delineated by { }:

{The 'standard discourse' - which Kohler is part of (not necessarily his *personal* fault, but he does choose to take part) - cannot acknowledge certain things, whilst actively suppressing others.

Kohler writes "But that is impossible because it is caught in an austerity loop where a fiscal multiplier larger than one is amplifying the impact on the economy of budget cutbacks."

 - which accords with the theory I learnt 'back then' - but is now largely ignored - see my into-para.

Now see Ellen Brown, "It’s the Interest, Stupid!" wherein is written: "In the 2012 edition of Occupy Money released last week, Professor Margrit Kennedy writes that a stunning 35% to 40% of everything we buy goes to interest."

It's easy to see how this might occur; each 'stage' in the production process (primary producer, wholesaler/distributor then retailer, plus possibly 'landlords' all round) - all depend partly on credit, the % on which is simply passed on = stacked up - horrendous!

Then, neoliberalism = cut taxes (easy; mainly off the rich) and cut govt. services 'to match' - but difficult, since many people actually depend on govt. services...

At the same time, they privatise govt. monopolies (Telstra, electricity, etc.) - which quickly results in higher prices (der!) - because of the profits now added on = ripped off.

The worst is medicine for profit, whereby profit takes precedence over results - see the US.

Then, there's "The Remarkable Model Of The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia" - more Ellen Brown.

Long story short: We the people are being sold-out to the banksters; IF Ellen Brown can work it out THEN many others can too - like our politicians, say. That those politicians nevertheless work *against* ours, we the people's interests - speaks volumes; the only really helpful response may be: Tumbrels.}


PS AusBC comments are limited to ~500 words, 200 preferred; the above submit was counted at 301 by MSWord. What could be added (absent haste, word-limits, and the *ever present* threat of AusBC-moderator censorship) - is this: There are better systems 'out there' but are excluded because of such things as the "Washington Consensus," "World Bank," "IMF" and especially neoliberalism - just a few terms which together spell *US/bankster tyranny*. Then ask yourself this: Who are the US' 'special little darlings?' (Tip: Murderers for soil.) Ah!


PPS IF you are puzzled, dear reader, THEN it may be because you have not yet read my two EB citations...

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