admission of *complete* failure (Copenhagen climate change conference)

.. it really does *not* ...

  .. get much worse...

    .. than this


Trigger article:

EU pledges billions in climate aid
Posted December 12, 2009 00:37:00
  «The money will go towards what is being called a 'fast start' fund, to help poor nations combat rising sea levels, deforestation, water shortages and their own carbon output.» 

Note: "rising sea levels" - what a surprise! From melting polar ice, do we suppose?

Comment; Q: If that's not an admission of total failure, then what would be?

A: The world *must* reduce fossil-carbon burning, fast, and keep reducing until CO2 in the air also starts to drop. Then *continue* reducing, until the ice stops melting, then starts to accumulate again. Clear?

 .. AND, the way to reduce fossil-carbon *burning* is ... to *reduce* mining coal, *reduce* pumping oil?

Our so-called 'representatives' = idiots. Corrupt idiots.


PS It's not 'just' the puppet-politicians who are horrendously corrupt - and not just BTW wrong, it is the sceptics (= lousy denialists) in general, and the filthily lying trolls in particular...

 .. and the AusBC, all of whom 'obfuscated,' when not outright lied.

Boo! Hiss!


  1. down came the troopers, one, two, three (climate change)

    .. the sheople, no matter how dumbed-down ...

      .. have a perfect democratic right ...

        .. to demo peacefully


    The scene: Chaotic climate-change; ice melting and seas rising.

    Droughts predominate, but à la "Snowy River," sometimes we're up to our eyeballs in mud. But (this one, the BIGGEST BUT of 'em all): No joking anymore; the climate-change s**t has well and truly hit the fan.

    The politicians (Lib/Lab pug-ugly twins; they're basicially indistinguishable (this *after* the stupid Abbott shenanigans ignominiously failed at the 2010 Lib-rout election)) - the politicians continue to 'stonewall[1]:' "We did nothing!"

    Sheople: "Right! That's the problem! You did nothing: SFA! Off to gaol (if not off with your heads) - precisely, for doing abso-bloody-lutely nothing!"


    PS When the cops - or army - charge (with their cannons blazing) - at us, we the (peacefully) demoing sheople, recall that the cops and/or the army are (were?) Aussies too?

    How dare they shoot - at us, we the Aussie sheople?



    [1] stonewall v. 1 obstruct (a discussion or investigation) with evasive answers etc. 2 Cricket bat with excessive caution.

    PS This is 'evolution in action.' First, they developed propaganda. Then, they developed 'market-research' and demand/consent 'manufacture.' At the same time, they pushed 'greed is good' and 'exploit to the max!' All the time, they (conveniently!) forgot a) sustainability and b) their own humanity, as they ground the sheople down into the (alternately choking-dry-dusty/drowning-wet-muddy) earth.

    IF a deadly parasite, THEN eliminate - or die.

    Your move, sheople.

  2. slimy politicians vs. denialists (ice melting; water rising)

    .. Brown ...

      .. Sarkozy ...

        .. and now Wong


    Preamble: The Brown/Sarkozy offer (see headline article) of some bribe to 'poor' (aka less developed) nations as (partial!) recompense/compensation for "rising sea levels" shows just how completely wrong the denialists are, since an offer of a bribe is simultaneously an admission of liability. The significant point here is that the Brown/Sarkozy offer tacitly confirms that human-caused climate-change is happening; i.e. the polar ice *really is* melting; the world's ocean levels *really are* rising, and that UK/F are (partly) responsible.


    Trigger article:

    Wong not buying draft Copenhagen deal
    Posted December 12, 2009 13:36:00
      «Australia is set to lose out under the draft agreement, which, if approved, will require countries to meet their greenhouse targets though action in their own country.
    The Federal Government was planning on achieving its goals by paying developing countries to reduce their emissions, then including the savings against Australia's target.»

    Comment: Is this a real surprise? I have said that the Lab ETS - the one Abbott called a tax - the Lab ETS was similar to the Lib ETS - the one Abbott supported going into the last election. Now Abbott supports neither an ETS or a (carbon) tax; says they'll get a climate change policy some time next year.

    I have also said that the only guaranteed way of reducing (human caused) atmospheric CO2 is to stop digging coal and pumping oil - and therefore, like night follows day, less will be burned. Seems logical to me. But (there's almost always a v.applicable but): neither Lib nor Lab seems to be offering any reduction in carbon-extraction, and now we hear direct from Wong's mouth why: they'll try to 'buy' Aus' way out - by purchasing 'pollution-offsets' from less developed countries.

    I have also said "Abandon all hope."