right wing extremism - abandon all hope

.. "NO!" - to ETS in Aus ...

  .. "NO!" - to minarets in CH ...

    .. "NO!" - to peace by Ramb-O-Bama


All the same, really. Our once jewel-like planet is completely f**ked. Thanks a lot, r-wing idiots.

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  1. Here's a typical right-winger:

    Resurrected emissions scheme appears doomed
    Posted December 3, 2009 01:42:00
      «Meanwhile, the head of the Australian Industry Group, Heather Ridout, says she is concerned about where the Coalition's climate change policy could be heading.
    "It's going to be very difficult, because business wants a market-based mechanism, the Government wants that," she said.»

    Comment: It doesn't get much further r-wing.

    The Lab's scheme was 'cut' so that industry could live with it - the Labs could not have 'fielded' it otherwise.

    The ETS would have given some clever-clogs traders yet another source to rip-off some 'profits;' and *perhaps* the ETS might've saved our once jewel-like planet.

    But what happens?

    The coal miners *know* that they will have to stop digging up coal - or the planet burns. Sooo, they lobbied the sheople - & the Libs.

    Q: Do the miners care? A: No; somehow they think they'll be OK (Jack!)

    On the way, the Libs have 'burned' two more leaders, Turnbull & Hockey.


    The only way forward now, is to 'get real' with a real 'market' based solution: a carbon-tax at source.

    Industry (except the miners) doesn't care a fig - they'll pass-on any/all costs anyway - just as they always do.

    Sorry - but not too sorry - the sheople will have to pay - one way or the other; pay for expensive carbon (until the usage drops enough), or keep burning carbon - until the planet burns up too.

    Listen daaarlings; it really is as simple as that.

    It's not the libs' choice - it's yours.