on the 2nd day after xmas (AusBC; lies, terrorism)

.. 'our' Aunty said to us ...

  .. some contradictory bullshit ...

    .. as well as outright&/worthless rubbish


Extracted from AusBC/justin, a short while ago:

'Sherlock Holmes' outwits 'Avatar' at box office
Posted December 27, 2009 18:00:00
  «Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes has set Christmas Day records at the US box office. (www.imdb.com)» 

Comment: This is the 1st part of my termed "outright&/worthless rubbish" from the AusBC, more below.

Police search London flat in terrorist probe
Posted December 27, 2009 07:29:00
  «University College London (UCL) said a student by the name of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was enrolled on a mechanical engineering course between September 2005 and June 2008 but said it had no evidence this individual was the same man.» 

Comment: UK, as Aus, has made education into an industry; one priority being the importing of students' $s. In addition, both Britain and Aus have imported people (one suspects a lot of *already rich* people; who would willingly import dead-enders? - See cynical allegations a) of talent/labour shortages and b) of queue-jumping asylum-seekers.) Countries import people both for their $s and to drive 'growth.' In turn, growth drives congestion (loss of lifestyle-quality), resource-demand (inflation of house-prices) - and then, 'integration' problems.

Australians rack up record debt
Posted December 27, 2009 10:48:00
  «Reserve bank figures show household debt - the combination of personal and mortgage debt - is equivalent to Australia's GDP.
That means every adult owes an average of $74,000.
"Even if you leave aside the interest payment fact, if you want to reduce your debt now where it would have taken you on average for Australians back in 1990 it would have taken just a few months, now it would take them a year to get back down to the zero mark."»

Comment: The alleged 'financial genius' of Costello(+Howard) halved the CGT, leading to a doubling (= 100% inflation) of house-prices in a v.short time. *That* fact alone would be the major component of the increase in family debt. Then a Q: Who does Aus owe this motzer *TO*? As a possible A, consider that the alleged 'financial genius' of Costello(+Howard) also almost totally eliminated the Aussie government bond market - leading to the suspicion that Aussie household debt is borrowed mostly from o/s - meaning in turn, that the interest also flows o/s.

As an aside, the article suggests an apparent impossibility: with average wages of about $50k, how could $74k in debt be reduced in «a year ... down to the zero mark?»

(As a v.interesting 'Hmmm?' aside; the per capita non-wages part of national income is $74k - $50k = $24k. Anyone know where this per capita $24k comes from, and/or who it's paid to? I mean, that's almost 50% *more* than average wages, and average wage-earners certainly don't get it (the 50% *more*, that is). See what I mean by 'Hmmm?' Time to fetch my copy of "National Income & Accounts" perhaps - presuming it's still 'findable.' Not so BTW: Yes, I'm aware that my arithmetic is a bit 'strange.' Not all adults are working - means the per capita wages income is less than $50k. But that means that the per capita non-wages income is (far?) greater than $24k, but that just *enhances* my 'Hmmm?')


Australia mulls security after failed attack
Posted December 27, 2009 12:10:00
  «The failed terrorist attack onboard a US plane has sparked a worldwide security crackdown (ABC News - file photo: Jonathon Hall)

Video: US terror attack foiled (7pm TV News NSW)
Related Story: Police search London flat in terrorist probe
Related Story: Failed attack sparks airline security crackdown
Related Story: Passengers 'tackled would-be plane bomber'

The Federal Government says it is in touch with US authorities to safeguard travel in Australia after a man tried to detonate an explosive on a flight to Detroit.»
[AusBC/North America correspondent Lisa Millar]

Comment: Note that the so-called 'facts' (either reported - or merely 'relayed') to us by the AusBC are impossibly contradictory. The attack failed *only* in that the device did not bring the plane down; the attacker was freely able to trigger it - but it fizzled. Had it been fully functional, we'd probably not even know what'd actually gone on - in 1st(??!) class. Further, on the same grounds, the attack was *NOT* foiled. If any passengers actually did approach the alleged bomber (*after* the device was activated), that bomber was by then quite literally a bomber, not a 'would-be' one; only his device failed - to bring down the plane (assuming that was the plan).

The AusBC plus their o/s counterparts are *supposedly* professional bodies; even xmas is no excuse for such misleading sloppiness. A lot of these 'reporters' have university degrees (Q: Purchased, or how otherwise 'earned?') - the point here is that IF they report contradictory info, THEN one might reasonably expect them to identify the sources of the rubbish they forward to us (say: a US spokesperson said (contradicting the other spokesperson...)) and so on. But nooo, they just dole out the rubbish, essentially as it arrives - but (like Barker, say?) - putting their own name to the propaganda.


Then this one, 1st part of the *real* key:

Palestine slams suspected militants' killing
Posted December 27, 2009 15:39:00
  «An Israeli army spokesman, Colonel Itzik Bar, said the men were militants who were shot after they refused to surrender.
"We operated in a very focused and professional manner. It was an operation in which we had to detain the terrorists," he said.
"When they refused to cooperate and didn't turn themselves in, the soldiers operated according to open fire regulations and made it possible for anyone who wanted to turn themselves in.
"Those who didn't do so were shot by our soldiers."»

Comment #1: This sort of thing has been markedly increasing since 9/11 (Cui bono?) All it takes is for the aggressors to enunciate *suspicion* of some poor bastards as being 'militants,' and the US &/ Zs then set out to kill (= cold-blooded murder; no arrests, no trials). And what else do you know? Both the US and Zs are literal (illegal!) invaders in their chosen 'killing grounds.' (Nuremberg? I hear your hangman calling...)

Comment #2: *NO* organization, engaged in land-theft by murder (as the Israelis are, now 61+ years long), can claim any 'professional' manner, let alone 'morality' - unless of course, they qualify 'professional' by criminal, and 'morality' by bad.

Comment #3: The AusBC has *singularly, IMHO deliberately* failed to convey the actual truth of the situation in Palestine (i.e. Zs murdering to steal land), and that failure/omission for *all* of the past 61+ years (from direct, *personal* experience, and longer than I've been listening) - i.e. the entire duration of the vile Z-depredations against the poor, hapless Palestinians.


Extracted from justin, yesterday:

Aussie box office set to break $1b mark
Posted December 26, 2009 13:00:00
  «Annual box office takings in Australia could break through the $1 billion mark for the first time today, on what is traditionally the busiest day of the year for the nation's 453 movie cinemas.» 

Comment #1: This is the modern equivalent of 'bread and circuses;' popcorn and movies (detested US-speak; 'movie' - spit!)

Comment #2: This is the 2nd part of my termed "outright&/worthless rubbish;" apart from the AusBC's unhealthy obsession with celebrity/diversions, due to the fact that Hollywood dominates the *world* movies' market, most of that $1bio adds to the national debt. Bah! In addition, movie-goers also now more and more ape those in the US, i.e. here stuffing themselves with popcorn and thus increasing both their trivia-spend and obesity levels. So Aussies, as in their TV-addiction, pay for their own propagandization.

Finally this one, 2nd part of the *real* key:

Israel carries out settler shooting reprisal attack
Posted December 26, 2009 21:23:00
  «Israeli forces have killed six Palestinians -- three in the Gaza Strip and three in the West Bank town of Nablus.
The Israeli raid came two days after a Jewish settler was shot dead near Nablus.»

Comment #1: This is 'the nub.' As in the 100:1 'kill-ratio,' i.e. Israel kills about one hundred Palestinians per Israeli killed as the risibly-named IDF (= offensive!) forces go about their vile genocide & ethnic-cleansing of the hapless former legal owner/occupiers of Palestine - the 100:1 'kill-ratio' uncannily resembles the criminal behaviour of the 3rd Reich.

Comment #2: The Israelis persist in 'settling' in occupied territories, actions which not only violate International Law, but are in the face of a direct request to cease&desist from the "world's most powerful man," namely Ramb-O-Bama. The Israeli regime is rogue, as are the illegal settlers. Refer to the map below (for a full-size view, <r-click> and choose 'Open in New Window' OR <r-click> and type the single letter 'n.')


Fazit #1 (worse): In order to form a considered opinion in a so-called 'democracy,' sheople/voters need to be fully and honestly informed. This *cannot* happen, as long as the AusBC retails lies.

Boo! Hiss!

Fazit #2 (worst): The suicide-belt is thought to have been invented by Tamils; see Pape's "Dying to win." The so-called 'clash of civilisations' was/is inflamed by the US, when not actually instigated by the US (Al-Qaeda was originally 'concocted' by the CIA.) The US is 'waging war' (aka attacking the mostly innocent natives) in Muslim countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan, with Iran Oh, so obviously next in line. We know what's been going on in sadly now mostly ex-Palestine (see map.)

progress of Israeli genocide & ethnic-cleansing in Palestine
[Image from counterpunch/roberts article]

Fazit #3: What I'm trying to indicate here is that most if not all terrorism directed at the US & Israel is 99.9% provoked, with UK and to a slightly lesser extent Aus as co-guilty blow-back targets. Most people wish to live their own, quiet lives - but the US & Israel plus UK and Aus (the Anglo/Christian/Judaic bloc) are aggressing/invading; stealing and murdering - no wonder, one may think, why some might violently resist.

Fazit #4 (the accusation): IF the people were properly informed as to what the US & Zs are up to (namely, murder for spoil) THEN one would presume that there'd be insurrections in the US, UK, Aus & even Israel - the normal sheople/voters *presumably* would not sanction the vicious crimes perpetrated by their so-called 'leaders.' Therefore the AusBC (& world MSM) telling us lies, presumably in the service of their political 'masters.' Hence to the accusation: These so-called 'news' disseminating organizations (actually criminal rulers' lie-retailers) make themselves accessories - and as such accessories, they are considered by many to be just as culpable - and as guilty - as the war criminals themselves.


PS Nobody *willingly* gives up their property, without full and adequate recompense, and only then if they have the mind to. One imagines that when it comes to Palestine, *no* (= null, zero) original (pre-'47, say) legal owner/occupiers ever had the mind to be ejected - therefore, Israeli/Zionist force = murder for spoil = genocide & ethnic-cleansing - and lately apartheid wall-building, say.

Similarly with the US; after WW2 we did *not* get 'Pax Americana' (they merely so alleged; also big-noting themselves as «world leader» and «world's policeman».) All filthy, lying propagandistic bullshit. The US with about 5% of the world's population consumes about 25% of the world's resources, mostly via *rip-off* US-style 'capitalism' (see Perkins' "Economic Hit Man") - which has more in line with mafia-type intimidation/coercion/theft/murder than any conceivable fair business practices.

Both the US globally and its illegitimate sprog Israel in and around its stolen Lebensraum operate *exactly* like this:

Just give us your resources (land, water, oil) - and no one gets hurt!

  .. and IF that doesn't work THEN Shock'n Whore ...


  1. And it goes on and on. Glenn Greenwald on the MSM doing its job.

    That's Af-Pak ... but Yemen has become a matter of interest to the warmongers - Chris Floyd on the matter.

    Never enough wars for some.

  2. who pays?

    .. you do ...

      .. dear reader ...

        .. which means we, the sheople/voters


    We pay three times:

    1. Our taxes finance these resource-wars (& 'news'-liars.)

    2. Our so-called 'democracies' & voting make us 'responsible.'

    3. Our citizens (all-volunteer army, mercenaries) do the contract-killing, and if a passenger plane gets bombed it's 99.9% us, we, the sheople/voters who will be killed.


    We have no chance:

    1. If we don't pay our taxes they put us in gaol.

    2. No matter who we vote for, we get warmongers (Howard -> Rudd, GWBush -> Ramb-O-Bama.)

    3. Our air-travel is turning into a nightmare; the entrance screening is insulting, invasive and ultimately pointless - a bomb (or three) must eventually get through regardless.


    Consider the 'progress' since WW2; the Jews via their vicious, genocidal pogrom against Palestine have pushed the previous legal owner/occupiers almost into the sea, the grave or into madness, the US has itself inched across the globe and is now in the final sprint towards grabbing all the oil - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, now Yemen (g'day Bob, I'm still reading), also Caspian/Caucasus and the rest, Nigeria etc. etc. and Iran about to fall, either to CIA-instigated subversion or if that fails then direct US/Z attack; all options!

    That's some 'progress.'


    And meanwhile, the polar/glacier ice is melting ever faster ...

  3. media lies = crime against democracy - and humanity

    .. IF we are lied to ...

      .. THEN we can't properly decide ...

        .. how utterly, shockingly criminal[1] is that?


    G'day again Bob, thanks for the GG & C-F links.

    GG outlines how we are propagandised vis-à-vis US air-strikes, 'news' items provided by the M/I/C-plex, transmitted via the corrupt & venal MSM (both for-profit and publicly-financed branches), including questionable, anonymously-provided 'facts' (which may actually be outright, deliberately constructed lies).

    C-F outlines a specific case, namely the latest attempted bombing of a passenger aircraft, and how the alleged perpetrator just sooo conveniently happens to have been 'launched' with collusion/supplies from Yemen, a US target recently appearing in 'the news,' and actual, killing-type bombings by the US.

    GG also points out the built-in appeal to 'hook' the public - that's us, we the sheople/voters.

    (As usual, one should read the lot.)


    In Aus we have theAus and the AusBC as a typical private/public pair of 'news' outlets, here a sample-search: Results 1 - 50 of about 58 for "Anne Barker" Iran West bomb (0.31 secs).

    There is *NO* evidence (and not for lack of trying), that Iran is after a bomb (so what if it was?) - but just about every one of Barker's reports on Iran contains the allegation - put there, one supposes, to scare us.

    Here're snips from Barker's latest:

    Gaza marks one year since Israeli offensive
    Posted December 28, 2009 08:41:00
      «The war in Gaza lasted just three weeks, and killed at least 1,100 people, many of them Palestinian civilians.
    'Living in a nightmare'
    "Eight years ago these Qassam rockets started and they started slamming down in all places, hurting people, people getting killed, maimed for life. And we started living in a nightmare," she said.»
    [AusBC/Anne Barker for AM]

    Comment #1: Curiously, she seriously understates the numbers killed, with the 'let-out' of "at least;" Q: Why that?

    Casualty figures may be more accurately obtained from wiki; at about 1400 dead in Gaza and 13 dead Israelis, my 100:1 is shown to be close. (This sequence may tell us who Barker listens to: "1387 1417** 1166 1440".)

    Comment #2: The 'vox-pop' complains of a nightmare - Barker seems immune to irony.

    The full extent of the 61+ year nightmare for the poor hapless Palestinians can only with extreme difficulty be imagined.


    What Barker/AusBC as good as *never* tell us, is that almost all of so-called 'modern' Israel is land effectively stolen from the original, legal owner/occupiers, the Palestinians. They never tell us that what the Israelis are doing is genocide and ethnic cleansing etc. etc..

    Telling us lies is a 'sin of commission,' not telling us the truth is a 'sin of omission.' Both such actions and inactions are sins, against both our democracy and us, we the sheople/voters - and not just BTW, the taxpayers who finance the AusBC.

    Boo! Hiss!



    [1] crime n. 1 a offence punishable by law. b illegal acts (resorted to crime). 2 evil act (crime against humanity). 3 colloq. shameful act. [Latin crimen] [POD]

    criminal —n. person guilty of a crime. —adj. 1 of, involving, or concerning crime. 2 guilty of crime. 3 Law of or concerning criminal offences (criminal code; criminal lawyer). 4 colloq. scandalous, deplorable.  criminality n. criminally adv. [Latin: related to *crime] [ibid.]

  4. Those rockets! G'day ID. From your Barker link:

    Israelis say the war was justified because it has reduced the constant threat of rocket fire on their border towns, and some Israelis even believe there may be cause for another war.

    And from the Ausbc news the statement that the Israeli attack on Gaza was in response to rocket attacks.

    But what about the cease fire agreement which saw the virtual cessation of rocket attacks until the IDF made incursions into Gaza? Those incursions smell of provocation as the cease fire was working far too well for Israeli government's liking.

    Uri Avnery has a list of reasons for Cast Lead and his opinion on the results. His list:

    Therefore, let’s ignore the protocols. What were the real aims of those who started the war? I believe that they were as follows, in order of decreasing priority:

    * To overthrow the regime in Gaza, by turning the life of the inhabitants into such hell that they would rise up against Hamas.

    * To return to the Government and the army their self respect, which had been severely damaged in Lebanon War II.

    * To restore the deterrent power of the Israeli army.

    * To stop the Qassams.

    * To free the captive soldier, Gilad Shalit

    Rockets not number one? From what we have learned, obviously not. Others could be aware of that if they did more than parrot the Israeli line.

  5. adding incredulity on top of incredulity (repeat ...)

    .. it's hardly *ever* likely ...

      .. to get much better ...

        .. than this one


    G'day again Bob; this to follow up your c-f/Yemen citation.

    Trigger article:

    Yemeni Al Qaeda kingpin is former Guantanmo inmate
    Posted December 29, 2009 12:06:00
      «At least one leader of Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen was freed from the US prison in Guantanamo, Cuba, according to a Pentagon list released in May.
    Al Qaeda's Arabian peninsula branch has claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day bombing Northwest Airlines flight from the Netherlands to Detroit.
    The Pentagon list names 27 ex-prisoners who resumed terrorist activities after being released from Guantanamo, ...»

    Comment: There we are. The most feared and highly organised group of terrorists on the planet - Al Qaeda - has leaders who were 'safely' locked away in Guantanamo - but were released (Q: Why?) - only to continue their vicious crimes, aka attacking the (#1 war criminal) US. Not only is Al Qaeda the most feared, they are also seem to be the most stupid (Q: Why ever admit to anything?)


      «ABC America says al-Harbi and another man were released from Guantanamo and sent to Saudi Arabia to participate in an art therapy program.
    Once they completed the program, they were set free.»
    [AusBC/AFP, ibid.]

    Comment: Hmmm, an 'art therapy program' - for the 'worst of the worst?'

    And all that, just after the US bombed innocent Yemeni citizens: Top Yemeni Lawmaker Quits over Civilian Deaths.

    Still more:

    Bomb suspect's explosive undies shown
    Posted December 29, 2009 14:36:00
      «According to the US Justice Department, Abdulmutallab tried to detonate PETN, an explosive powder also known as pentaerythritol which belongs to the same chemical family as nitroglycerin.
    It was the same explosive used by "shoe-bomber" Richard Reid, the Briton convicted of trying to detonate explosives hidden in his shoes while on a Paris-Miami flight in December 2001.
    "It's one of the most powerful explosives, more powerful than TNT or other plastic explosives," Mr Hoffman said.»

    Comment: Shit! The "shoe-bomber!" Run, shoe-bomber, run!

    You couldn't make this stuff up - could you?


    PS I smell a psyop.

  6. More incredulity ... just found this:

    The Lap Bomber Mystery
    A case that just gets curiouser and curiouser
    by Justin Raimondo, December 28, 2009
      «I’m not buying it, and, furthermore, in the context of Haskell’s testimony, another narrative seems just as likely: that this was a staged incident, a false flag operation, launched by those who have everything to gain by ramping up the atmosphere of hysteria and fear that regularly precedes America’s wars.» 

    As usual, one should read the lot (some new material).

  7. G'day ID, curiouser it gets but as long as enough people are credulous they spin will be spun to try to prevent people thinking about cause and effect. Sadly, despite all the lies revealed, some keep on believing.

    Five fronts and counting. "Where haven't we bombed?"

    Glenn Greenwald and Chris Floyd.

  8. the ideal psyop - flight 253; (under)pants on fire! [part 1]

    .. would be to seduce some young religious nut ...

      .. psycho-drug spike his drink ...

        .. then trick him into a terminally blasphemous act


    G'day Bob, and thanks for the links. Here're a couple of 'terminal' snips:

    Balance of Terror: From Detroit City to Ghazi Khan
    Tuesday, 29 December 2009 01:19
      «You want to stop the "radicalization" of young Muslims? It's simple: stop killing innocent Muslims in wars of domination all over the world. Stop running "covert ops" in every nation of the world (as Obama's "special envoy" Richard Holbrooke admitted last week) -- murders, kidnappings, corruption and deception that make a howling mockery of the very "civilized values" these wars and ops purport to defend.» 
    [Chris Floyd]

    Comment: This would only ever work a) if the 'cause/effect' relationship was sought rather than suppressed, and b) if those 'in control' were interested in justice, say - as c-f goes on:

    «But this will not happen. Because our elites do not want it to happen. They are not protecting values; they are "projecting dominance." And so these oh-so-profitable incidents and insurgencies will go on and on and on.»

    Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009 06:40 EST
    Cause and effect in the "Terror War"
      «Ultimately, we should ask ourselves: if we drop more bombs on more Muslim countries, will there be fewer or more Muslims who want to blow up our airplanes and are willing to end their lives to do so? That question really answers itself.» 
    [Glenn Greenwald]

    Comment: This is called 'convergence;' neither Floyd nor Greenwald are 'dumbed-down' sheople.


    Back to 'the case in hand' (from 'reports:')

    We have several indications of perpetrator-instability;

    UK visa cancelled, applied for allegedly 'bogus' course.

    Dropped out from Dubai, kicked out for not paying fees.

    Blog (could be key) shame over sexual urges, live ... Koran.

    Father notices 'radicalisation;' dobs locally *and* to CIA(??!)

    'Wobbly' check-in at Schiphol;

    'Indian' helper speaks for alleged perpetrator.

    Passengers #2&3 'observe.'

    No passport(!!?) - but check-in allowed.

    Passenger #x, 'trance-like.'

    The 'act' itself;

    Fire, not explosion.

    Passenger #4 'tackles.' (no struggling ... appeared to be stunned.)

    Passengers #2&3 'observe' (again.)

    Passenger #5 already up, coolly videos.

    Passengers #6&7 'observe.'[1]

    Passenger #y perpetrator appeared to be 'in a trance'.

    Perpetrator is taken away (*after* dragged to 1st; photie seen on TV.)

    Plane is held for some time before passengers embark (Q: What if *more* bomb(s)?)

    A: Passengers #2&3 again:

    «"FBI also arrested a different Indian man while we were held in customs after a bomb sniffing dog detected a bomb in his carry on bag and he was searched after we landed.»


    [1] Passengers #6&7:

    «“He sat up ["the only one standing up"] and videotaped the entire thing, very calmly. We do know that the FBI is looking for him intensely. Since then, we’ve heard nothing about it.”»

    An interesting comment (to Q: Where's the videotape?):

    Thomi Horath Reply:
    December 29th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    «I rather think CIA or FBI has it. Also, someone who is videotaping how somebody prepares for suicide bombing must be either very cold-blooded or know in advance that nothing’s gonna happen, isn’t it?» 

  9. the ideal psyop - flight 253; (under)pants on fire! [part 2]

    Musing: Consider 'conceivable' as a super-set of 'believable.' Any 'psyop' must be conceivable, and is 'better' the more believable it is. In this case, I'm assuming that the perpetrator is 'real.' At a certain point, he went 'off the rails' (eventually triggering his father's *bizarre* dob-in.)

    Thesis: Seduced then mortally shamed.

    Think: Some siren/Jezebel took him 'all the way' herself, then again - with her 'boyfriend,' perhaps? Yeah, something like that'd most likely do it; so recruited, kept drugged (CIA does do drugs very well), kept dependent (siren sans boyfriend if/when 'top-up' needed), then trained (*fake* Al-Qaeda) and finally dispatched (with 'shepherds' - i.e. the 'Indian,' the video-man.)


    Recall Just give us Xxx - and no one gets hurt!

    Here, Xxx =

    1. Ever more intrusive check-in,

    2. More expensive (nude-look!) scanners,

    3. More (aggressive! ugly!) goons to harrass us.


    Finally, don't you think that a clever terrorist could bring down *any number* of airplanes? Better thank your Christian, Judaic g*d(s) that the towel-heads are sooo pig-higorant, eh? (Recall that someone over there invented algebra.)



    [1] Jezebel n. shameless or immoral woman. [Jezebel in the Old Testament] [POD]


    PS As usual, we ask: Cui bono?

  10. the ideal psyop - flight 253; (under)pants on fire! [last]

    .. q: what do you want to do? ...

      .. make a Federal case ...

        .. out of it? a: no


    There are visible inconsistencies. I have not read everything, nor could I.

    Two articles have noted the passivity of the perpetrator, 1st one: «Mutallab was allowed on the plane without a passport. It was later reported that Mutallab seemed to be in a trance.» The 2nd one reports that he didn't struggle: «“ ... He didn’t resist anything. It’s just hard to believe that he was trying to blow up this plane. He was in a trance. ...”» - but another claimed he was both struggling and agitated: «As the bomber was being manhandled away one woman passenger said he was yelling, swearing and "screaming about Afghanistan".»

    A photo has been published showing the (ever so slightly??!) singed knickers, but from the same exception-story as above «"... there were flames coming from beneath his legs. He had his trousers open and something strapped to his legs."» That eye-witness statement is from the tackler himself, who «didn't hesitate. [he] just jumped! ... over four passengers ... »

    Two given quotes - usually an indication of what people actually said are in *sharp* contradiction (trance vs. 'yelling, swearing and screaming'); at least one of the quotes *must* be a (filthy!) lie. So much for the (corrupt, venal) MSM.

    Not so BTW, the tackler «put out the blaze with BARE HANDS.» This is curious at best; explosives carry their own oxidizer - and may only be extinguished with *extreme* difficulty - even if at all. Further, 80gms of commercial grade, common or garden explosive (as used to blow holes in mountains, say - and I do so say) would burn a *very* large hole - but see photie.

    Commercial grade explosive is nowhere near 100% TNT; compare the explosive deployed - «"It's one of the most powerful explosives, more powerful than TNT or other plastic explosives, ..."» - yet all we see is a rather tiny singe. IMHO, this whole story *stinks*.


    Some 'fall-out:'

    Ramb-O-Bama has said the obvious: «we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe ...»

    Anything, that is, but they won't stop bombing Muslims.

    Schiphol will deploy 'naked-image' scanners.

    I could go on - but I won't ...

      .. except for this: lies are by definition not the truth - and we can see at least one lie reported in this comment, made via and/or by the MSM. By definition, lies are deployed to deceive; why else are we being deceived - unless in a slimy, cowardly and now largely futile attempt to hide crime? Silly question; those paying attention know who the liars are, and all about their vicious, murdering-to-thieve crimes. (Tip: US, Zs.) The BIG Q: Why don't enough decent people combine into a countervailing power strong enough to stop the psychopaths lying, stealing & killing?

    Where are the Enlightened adults??!