erring ideology = blind evolution flushing us down the climate-change tubes

.. 1st tubes: the oil/gas-wells ...

  .. 2nd tubes: the coal-mine shafts ...

    .. 3rd tubes: glaciers/polar ice flush = rising ocean-levels:

      -- Greenland ice = 7 metres; later Antarctic ice = 61m

[slightly revised; 18:21]


Before all that, melting Arctic sea ice will likely shut the Gulf Stream down - possibly leading to Europe freezing.

AND/OR the methane clathrates lying on ocean floors will surface - liberating vast amounts of methane -

AND/OR the Arctic permafrost-tundra will melt, liberating vast amounts of methane -

  - methane is a greenhouse gas with about 25 times the impact of CO2.


Here is a good summation of the threats:

Pressure points
Ian Sample The Guardian, Thursday 14 October 2004 14.48 BST
  «The climate is changing. But where will we see the devastating effects first? Ian Sample reports on Earth's 12 most fragile places» 

Summary: Erring ideological *people* pushing us down a blind alley (i.e. dead end, accent on dead and end).


There is no time now, today, to make a nice presentation for 'in here;' Ramb-O-Bama will ride over the ridge in moments, to put his 'stamp of authority' on Copenhagen. Ramb-O-Bama is not a leader per se, but rather more a tyrannical dictator.

My guess is that he will try to 'force' some 'terms of settlement' of the world's 'climate-dispute' dilemma; not enough to save the planet (the US-criminal-ogre-capitalists will never surrender their profits), but enough to silence most critics - might even get applause (like he did for his 'peace-prize' speech?) Then whatever plan Ramb-O-Bama proposes, we will get the threatening climate-collapse anyway - again (looping) because a) the profits must continue to flow to the mostly US(+sycophants) already filthy-rich fat-cats, and b) the many obscenely-obese US citizens will never surrender their demands for grossly huge hamburgers, home delivered pizzas and whipped-cream/corn-syrup/ice-cream desserts, their fiercely heated homes in winter and over-cooling air-conditioners in summer - and their behemoth, *gas-guzzling* SUV/4WDs.


Interpreting Truman's "ace in the hole:" This is where I start my anti-US narrative; the double A-bombing twin war crimes set the stage for US intimidation of, and domination over, the post WW2 world. They, the US criminals, have been successful (more successful than the 3rd Reich, say) - and have 'led' us directly to this ever-nearing, ever less-avoidable excess CO2-caused climate-catastrophe disaster.

Q: 'Led?' Why led?

A: By taking the 'intimidation/domination' route, not incidentally the rip-off route, the US forced any 'decent' competitors to also regress to the *crooked* US-forced, decidedly *non-level* 'playing field.'

One thing leads to another; the major 'bad apple' US dragged the world down to its primitive & criminal level.


Who/what defines what human 'success' means:

a) getting filthily, dishonestly rich, or

b) getting good morals?

We can see which 'avenue' the US(+sycophants) chose to go down - and they're dragging us all down with them.

Once, we might've looked up to the 'light on the hill.' Not any more; it was, since the extinguishment of "The Enlightenment," only a crass Hollywood-style neon sign anyway: "We are the leaders!" (Of criminal rip-offs.) Then, grovelling in the gutter after (unfair!) profits alone, all humanity went out the window, setting the world up for its one-way trip down the climate-catastrophe tor-let tubes: flush! (Gurgle.)


Seems to me it's the *bad* (i.e. corrupt) politicians - and those who drive them (i.e. the puppet-masters), who are the real, main & possibly only problem.

(Looks very much like Rudd = Howard; 'back then' Howard coshed Kyoto, now Rudd is monstering Tuvalu.)

Once again, it's 'erring ideology.' (IF they have bad morals (they do) THEN they have no morals at all.)

It's the very same people who barracked *for* the illegal invasion of Iraq (murder for oil) who are now opposing Kyoto/Copenhagen. On 'form,' they'll 'win;' as good as no concerted anti-climate-collapse action-campaign at all, let alone one with any chance (however slim) of success.

(I've *never* understood such troglodytes; they *must* be 'on the take' or outright idiots; IF the system is corrupt (it is) THEN the apologist/pimps, propagandists & lying trolls are disgustingly more corrupt - since they see & cuddle-up to the 'original-sin' corruption (or could it be that they just don't understand the crimes/threats?))

The people who got us here, the so-called 'world-leader' & self-appointed 'world policeman' (in actuality criminal rip-off artists all), the US (+UK, Aus & IL) - in other words, US-capitalism + the Anglo/Judaic 'morality' (almost all *bad* morality) - are *not* the people who are likely to suddenly reverse course by 180° and save the planet; Oh, no!

But: Merkel might save the day; China + Germany + the (non-Anglo/Judaic) world vs. the US; "No more oil for the US!"


Finally, a few (musing) questions:

Why should fixing the climate have some net "cost?" The cost - to 6bio people - of the world's once jewel-like ecosphere going down the tubes will most likely eclipse all conceivable nightmare scenarios. The US has demonstrated that 'deficits don't matter,' and their (criminal!) war expenditure is as good as open ended.

IF they were to put that effort into *positive* construction - as opposed to *criminal* destruction (murder for spoil), wouldn't they a) save their own economy, b) on the way to saving the planet? After all, IF they can print 12trio for the bankers (they did) THEN why not print a miserable few shekels more for the sheople?

Would it not put the US (& Anglo/Judaic others) back to (useful) work?

Like Keynes (on cocaine) and a 'new (fair!) deal,' say?"


PS There is an issue here; an eerie parallel that the lying trolls will never dare to address, namely an aspect of the (illegal since occupying stolen land) state Israel, and its (non-NPT, therefore also illegal) A-bombs. Please consider this:

On being asked: «"Prime Minister, ... if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and the whole world down with it?"»

Golda Meir did say: «"Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying."»
[ICH/Alan Hart/Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews]

Now consider the US situation; rather than address the going-down of our once jewel-like planet's ecosphere, they're saying that they'll cling to their gluttonous life-styles, maintained by their murdering military's force - until they are stopped by the climate actually crashing.

Fazit: Both the US and Z regimes will take the world down with them - rather than getting decent.

How utterly charming - eh?

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  1. From Hero to Zero.

    I was wrong.

    I really thought that a) Merkel (Hero) would galvanise them, then b) Ramb-O-Bama would show up, and force some agreement - which approached +2°C in such a back-handed way that c) the sheople would be fooled (what's new?) but d) one could eeeasily fly a fully-loaded A380 through it - and that, on multiple passes.

    New: Ramb-0-Bama ('O' replaced by '0' = Zero = null; pronounced Ramb-null-Bama.)