El Salvador Option for Afghanistan

.. no surprises there ...

  .. except extremely bad ones

    .. for the hapless owner/occupants


We knew it was 99.9% guaranteed, when we heard about Ramb-O-Bama 'choosing' McChrystal.

But to eliminate all doubt, this:

US may cede authority to locals, not Karzai's army
03 Dec 2009 23:37:17 GMT
  «"A piece of the president's strategy is working with the sub-national parts of Afghanistan, working with the tribal shuras, working with the village elders, working with the district governors and leaders as well as those in the provinces," Gates told a congressional hearing.
"In fact, a good bit of this security that may come as part of this (July 2011) transition will be local security, local police, as we've seen develop in parts of Wardak province," he added, referring to an area outside the capital Kabul.
"So it won't be necessarily that we turn over security responsibility to the Afghan National Army but rather to local authorities who have... reestablished control of their own areas from the Taliban," Gates said.
The Pentagon envisages the transfer of authority in Afghanistan to follow the model in Iraq, where the U.S. military ceded control to the country's security forces and began to gradually pull out.»

Comment: Same general, same strategy: (a) identify corruptible local 'strong-men,' (b) recruit them onto the US' payroll, (c) send (aka 'surge') in the death-squads to eliminate any 'problem' people (i.e. local patriots).

Everyone left (estimates from 100s of 1000s up to 1.3mio dead in Iraq plus 2mio fled outright and another 2mio internally displaced); those left may then live 'happily ever after,' except that the hapless remaining inhabitants will suffer a life of eternal terror under the vicious rule of US-paid puppet-outlaw-tyrants, and the US will be free to build its Afghanistan pipelines, as they are now free to rip Iraq's oil off.

Perhaps that's what they mean by "Land of the free..."

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