save the planet -
  = the AIMs4S, rip-off 'West'

.. use it ...

  .. or lose it ...

    .. it's *your* choice

Thesis/Subtitle: Things will not, now or ever, get any better 'on their own,' let alone at the 'tender, merciful' *rip-off* hands of any part (filthy-rich string-pullers, quisling-puppet politicians, sell-out facilitator/implementers) of the current political system.

We live in an ugly dystopia; little to nothing is what it's made out to be, we are being drowned in lies (the PPP = pushed-propaganda paradigm), our so-called 'leaders' are leading us nowhere except astray.

1st proof: F+UK, US+NATO+EU aggressive attack on the next oil-state, namely Libya (after recent Afgh/Pak, Iraq; Iran next?)

The US, plus lots of the corrupt 'West' seem unable to merely *buy* oil, they forcibly seize control of it and rip the 'resource rent' off the 'sovereign' (Arab, Muslim, other) owners = ELO/Os, also possibly preventing 'rival' access (Russia, China). Yet another war = murder for spoil = oil. Ditto the I/J/Z-plex vs. mostly Palestinian ELO/Os' land = murder for spoil = soil, and since all these attackers are alien invaders, it's AIMs4S vs. ELO/Os again & again.

2nd proof: Bob Brown's attack on one of his own, namely over BDS against Israel.

The Greens *would* be Aus' best hope - it's their field after all, namely 'Save the planet!' - but Brown's idiocy comes either a) in the futility of trying to work 'within the current system,' OR worse, worst b) he's been intimidated by the Zs himself - both (a) & (b) being basically only differences in degree, since we have a nefarious and deeply negative Z-influence on the politics of both the Lib & Lab 'mainstream.' Further, intimidation by Zs is itself both anti-Aus (cowardly, quisling, IL ~= Aus, and none of Aus' business), and un- & anti-democratic, since any Js in Aus *must* be Aussies 1st AND comprise a tiny minority everywhere, IL itself excepted.

3rd proof: Democracy *should be* of, by, for the people, it's clearly now not (assuming it ever once might have been).

The majority of our politicians are *not* properly representing us, we the sheople, but quite the converse; they are doing 'the dirty' on us in favour of the puppet-string pullers. Our so-called 'democracy' is *actually* of, by, for - the mostly already filthy-rich (possibly as few as 0.1%), the corporations, and all their scurrilous hangers-on = facilitator/implementers. This is a vile democracy/Egalité crime, against us, we the sheople.

4th proof: A properly functioning democracy *requires* full & free info-flows, utterly impossible when the corrupt & venal MSM conduit *and actively assist* vicious liars.

We see it vis-à-vis Libya/Gaddafi, the war itself was pre-planned - and the untested allegations fall out of the aggressors' mouths, *unfiltered* by any editorial intelligence, and the news-readers, also publicly-financed ones, look us in the eyes (via their cameras) - as they peddle their propaganda-lies.

5th the erring-ideology proof: The mostly already filthy-rich are getting demonstrably richer, as many/most of the rest of us get continuous reductions in living standards = transferring *our*, we the sheople's wealth to already hyper-fat cats.

The so-called 'NWO' aka globalisation + 'neoliberalism' = 'voodoo economics' is producing a world economy of increasing inequality; toll-booths appearing (= often bipartisanly forced upon us) everywhere as the people's utilities are privatised, resources drained of the people's value by the speculators and/or 'investor'-parasites, medical treatment costs sky-rocketing & jobs off-shored = disappearing. A real shocker, and the responsibility is sheeted back to so-called 'professional' economists, products of corrupted academia, plus the rest of the sell-out facilitator/implementers (CEOs, managers etc.; all those pocketing obscene 'remunerations' = extortionate $s for (almost) no effort). Recall (Honoré de Balzac): "The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been discovered, because it was properly executed." Me: Here, as everywhere, however some crime may be done, it is nevertheless still a crime. See the burglar analogy of Zs in Palestine, say.

6th current banking *can't* work, proof: *All* fiat money is borrowed, this produces two problems:

1) Compound interest is not magic but *impossible*, Q: Where does the interest come from? A: Only possibly out of the so-called 'productive surplus' - created by labour - and

2) The interest is a tax; why should society = we the sheople be forced to yield this to 'private' banks?

The solutions are also two, a) the 'central bank' of each country (economic unit) should be owned by *all* the people i.e. should be nationalised (any 'private' banks can work on strictly cost-plus), and *all* interest goes back to the people either directly or by services (utilities, infrastructure, medical & dental) and b) no money need be borrowed outside of any country - that only means having resources/incomes syphoned away.

7th last & most horrendous proof: The excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe, getting ever less avoidable, literally by the second.

This illustrates the pathology of the whole. Our once jewel-like planet's life-supporting ecosphere could be so damaged as to cause a truly massive extinction-event, most humans included.

Consider the three castes of bees: queens, which produce eggs; drones or males, which mate with new queens and have no stinger; and workers, which are all non-reproducing females. [wiki]

The human queen-bee equivalents produce little except suffering for the workers, and the drones are a) traitors to the workers, and b) are themselves getting f**ked by the queens, all of us eventually going over the climate-catastrophe cliff together.

Consider the Enlightenment, typified by "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" - almost totally lost, jettisoned.

Consider (repeat): «"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever." - George Orwell.» 


Fazit: Since things will not get better on their own, someone must do something to save us, soonest. That someone is me, you and our mates, i.e. almost everyone. A new political entity is needed; people-power to save our planet = PP2SoP. We all have to work together, cooperation instead of confrontation - the latter reserved for and aimed at our enemies = the current obscenely-rich queen-psychopaths and their ugly, sell-out drone-perpetrators.

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