understanding the present -
 by observing past actions;
  - why history may matter

.. a certain ME 'entity' ...

  .. claims some 'right to exist' ...

    .. and 'right to defend' - why/what/how?

Thesis: A fair exchange is no robbery.


Once upon a time, there lived a group of middle-Eastern = ME olive-grower/shepherds, peacefully tending their land & animals. We can call this group 'erstwhile legal owner/occupiers' = ELO/Os.

Along came a group of immigrants = people not from there = alien invaders = AIs - who chased off most of the ELO/Os, improperly dispossessing the ELO/Os by, among other 'questionable' practices, using deadly force.

In the process, many ELO/Os were killed; the process may be termed ethnic cleansing via genocidal attacks, otherwise termed 'murder for spoil' = M4S; where the spoil here = soil. Altogether, alien invader-murderers for spoil = AIMs4S.


*All* of the land/property 'occupied' by this certain ME 'entity' that was *not* obtained by voluntary sale (recall that a fair exchange is no robbery) - may be considered to have been improperly alienated, aka stolen.

That the dispossession was improper is *proven* by the claim of the ELO/Os (formalised = validated by a certain UNGA resolution), to the said ELO/Os' 'right of return.'

The facts of the improper dispossession cannot be disputed, and the result is 63+ years of injustice inflicted on those hapless ELO/Os.

The entire action of improper dispossession can be considered as a premeditated burglary/home-invasion; no such burglars could hope to 'unilaterally' declare themselves 'independent' of justice.

In ... Criminal law, 'means, motive, and opportunity' is a popular cultural summation of the three aspects of a crime needed to convince a jury of guilt in a criminal proceeding.

The premeditation was published in the public realm = proven, the methodology of soliciting 'protection' (think Mafia) = acquiring the 'cooperation' of certain 'great powers' (aka accessory-support) is in the public realm = proven, and the arms used were 'openly' financed by donations by and large from a certain 'ethnic' group; the crime can only persist in a state of corruption of justice = the 'entity' is illegitimate.

The illegitimate 'entity' has itself acknowledged the above mentioned UNGA resolution, at the same time promised to abide by the rules, yet openly persists not merely in improper possession of ELO/Os' land & property, but the 'entity' continues to extend that improper possession - in direct violation of the rules. No burglar may continue in possession of stolen land/property, and no burglar may legitimately defend such stolen land/property.


Fazit; Q: Why is this injustice = vile criminality allowed to endure?

I grew up 'unconscious' of the circumstances = facts of the improper dispossession which lies at the heart of the ME crime = AIMs4S vs. ELO/Os, as described above. My 'normal' source of news was a certain publicly-funded, national broadcaster. They lied to me, at the very minimum, by omission. They continue to so lie, whenever they propagate propaganda, instead of sticking to proven facts. That's the sole reason for their existence, after all - that is, to fully and fairly inform the electors in a democracy.

There can never be peace without justice; time to make a move on the criminal AIMs4S, to bring them to justice, to revest the stolen land/property - and so enable a fair & just peace.

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