google/blogger vs. free speech
 [blog moderation as censorship
  = totally un- and anti-democratic]

.. "They hate us for our freedoms" ...

  .. one of which *supposedly* is 'free speech' ...

    .. but in our 'real lives' & internet, just how free is free?


Short'n sweet, this: Being *unjustly* censored gives me the total and utter s**ts.

Blog moderation has its uses, namely to not-publish abusive or content-free comments, say - this blog uses moderation (in moderation) - due to bad people dropping 'comment-turds' on our doorstep, as has happened.

But when moderation is abused - to censor 'fair comment,' say, then the s**t truly hits the fan (always and as usual, IMHO.)

The AusBC 'unleashed' moderators are infamous for censoring true and fair comment aimed at a certain illegitimate, land-stealing-by-murder entity in the ME, and this blog has had similar problems on the same theme with google/blogger in the past. On one occasion, the problems apparently originated from some 'comment-turd' text submitted by a totally unscrupulous power-abuser, now largely water under the bridge - almost that is, except that PCs and the net have digital memories (safe except from 'the data black hole' - which we try to avoid falling into). During that incident, google/blogger wielded its censorship in two ways, a) by flagging certain searches (for 'comment-turd' text, say) as objectionable, and b) by classifying certain blog-objects as 'spam.' A follow-on problem was that certain blogs were then *blocked* by blogger, and required a long appeal process to be un-blocked. On the whole, wholly unsatisfactory.

The latest outrage from blogger is this:
  .. the 'key text' being this: "We have enabled automatic spam detection for comments" - something in this 'spam-process' stinks (blogger-auto or some human action?) because, apparently, it can lead to blogger-ids being *disabled*, as happened to this author. Not merely annoying; could be fatal to one's blog(s), since disabled blogger-ids can then lead to blocked blogs:
  .. message is misleading; the blog was blocked, not gone = total shock.

Assertion: Censorship is *not* the function of a 'common carrier' (or a publicly-financed broadcaster); it is un- & anti-democratic and google/blogger and the AusBC should keep their fiddle-fingers off all such censorship - leaving us to exercise one of our *very few actual* freedoms unhindered and in peace. 


  1. Q: How can I avoid the blogger comment spam filter process?

    A: You can't; it is *not* optional = is compulsory = tyranny.

  2. Google disapproved my Adwords (twice) in an attempt to censor my consumer alert landing page at http://Fair-Trading.com/reports/ready-flowers.html for breach of its ‘Anti’ and Violence policy.

    The "Ready Flowers Review" landing page is highly critical of the Ready Flowers online florist.

    Essential to the delinquent conduct of Ready Flowers is its expensive Adwords campaign with Google.

    The Google censorship requirement was clearly grounded on false information and was ridiculous. I thought I had no recourse, but when I threatened to sue for breach of contract Google changed its mind.

    The correspondence is here, http://Fair-Trading.com/reports/google_freedom_of_speech.pdf

  3. As the human experience is simultaneously multiply, yet uniquely, based on the triumvirate 'me, myself and I,' I have puzzled since early childhood as to why certain selfish little pricks and outright, boorish bullies dared to sully my one and only (then young) life. After I grew up (a bit), I put away some childish things (here thoughts), and concentrated on career, as those who have not massively inherited must (or starve, say). Then we got (were 'given,' nothing at all passive about it, only hidden, extremely well and utterly, malevolently hidden = inside-job), the '9/11-event,' and almost coincidentally (in *time*; otherwise we generally don't 'do' coincidences) - we also got the internet, and thereafter nothing much remained the same. A quick BTW; in school I did not like economics much, nor history or Latin (alpha-order); now I find they are part of the key - along with a good internal lie-detector, and some observing/analytic capability.

    'Fair-Trading' raises at least two topics, one of which (that governments and their ever-reducing services (excepting the offensive ones = police ( = pigs) and military ( = aggressors = murderers for spoil)) are failing us), is addressed in my latest "capitalism as theft, etc.," and the other is Google/Blogger being 'bad,' in particular by reacting (negatively!) to what should be sovereign, privileged 'user' data/communications. There is - or should be - the concept of a 'common-carrier' (proven by the term's very existence), whereby the carrier merely 'passes on' the data both uninspected (privacy, free-speech) and certainly un-molested (malevolency). Sadly, with Google/Blogger not so.

    This blog had a previous 'encounter' with Google/Blogger, partly reported here, which refers to the original incident (warning: the URL can take some time to load, perhaps due to size:) here. In case of doubt or any not wishing to 'go there,' here are the exact words from Tonkin that caused us some pain (another warning, the words, if googled, may still cause yet another 'bad-google' reaction): "you folk are a demographic subset of a long-dead generation who resented the Jew who was loaning you money on which to stay alive." Perhaps there's some 'hidden' (from me at least) significance to these words, in any case they are ad-hom, insulting and in themselves racist (Tonkin: both "rascist" and "racsist"), Tonkin's demonstrated malevolence (as ignorance) is breathless.

    Quote from my google-problems: "If one were to google the exact last 12 words (double-quoted) of Tonkin's s**ty little comment, one would get, as well as 'not much,' a rude message via and courtesy of google - obviously at the instigation of the ADL (see bottom of the google-linked message). Well, well; imagine that! Google (like where Tonkins 'works') is into pro-Z censorship!" (To be concluded.)

  4. (Conclusion:) Long story short; I began investigating Google/Blogger and created a few test-blogs - at least one of which was declared by Google/Blogger as 'spam,' and thus was, again by Google/Blogger, blocked. I contacted Google/Blogger via some web-page, to little or no effect (although the 'blocking' of my test-blogs may have been reversed; it was all sooo long ago & 'moved on.')

    Back on one of my chosen - actually not so much chosen as imposed upon me by vile & vicious evil - tracks: These days I code "pro-Z censorship" as "pro-I/J/Z censorship;" the three 'legs' are not usefully separable - as the opprobrium similarly is not. In this 'frame,' there are three types of people, 1) those (damnably) ignorant of the I/J/Z-plex depredations (aka actively, malevolently dumbed-down), 2) those who know and strenuously condemn/deplore, and 3) those who know all about them, or (worst of the worse) actually *do* the vile crimes against humanity in general, and against the hapless Palestinian ELO/Os in particular.

    As to the how dare the 'selfish little pricks and outright, boorish bullies' mystery Q, as well as the wider Q: "Why is the world's as bad as it is," the answer to both is A: Psychopaths. Ern used to ask Q: "How do they get away with it?" - the answer to which is A: Because we (those of us who can see), plus the deliberately dumbed-down sheople, collectively let 'em. So far (post-Whitlam, say), evil triumphs. How much longer, or will we all die (excess-CO2) first?

  5. Update: I tried the "the last 12 words" google; no nasty message. One would expect that the google-fiddling is done primarily by 'robots' = computer coded algorithms, which they then 'tune,' partly in response to real people. With possible exceptions due to 'hate-speech' (a particular I/J/Z-plex speciality), *no* censorship is warranted, necessary nor desirable. All, as usual and as always, IMHO. Censor-fiddle-fingers off, google/blogger!