Telling the History of the Twenty-First Century ...
 [Libya, Nuremberg-class attack by US + quislings]

.. filthy lies ...

  .. one after another ...

    .. an F'n total & utter disgrace

Subtitle: Yet another nightmare; better take a (better?) sleeping pill.

Keywords: Libya, Nuremberg-class attack/invasion, propaganda = filthy lies.

Musing: Anyone believing anything in the (corrupt & venal) MSM, incl. big bits of the AusBC, without detailed cross-checking and/or thorough verification, a) needs their head read, & b) should be disqualified from voting.


Trigger article:

The CIA, the Libyan Rebellion, and the President
Posted: 03/31/11 01:57 PM ET
  «Obama made those assertions five weeks ago. He confirmed them by implication on Monday. The words were either false when spoken or else so misleading as to evade falsehood by a hair's-breadth equivocation. The appeal against armed violence, by the leader of a superpower who either has just approved or is about to approve the shipment of arms to a rebel force in a civil war, fits the common idea of mendacity. The affirmation that the U.S. and other foreign powers had no hand in the rebellion, to judge by the "several weeks" of CIA activity referred to by Mazzetti and Schmitt, was either already plainly false or was about to be falsified. Anyone in America or Europe who did not guess these things earlier is in a position to know them now.» 
[huffpo/David Bromwich]

Comment: Apologies, don't go to huffpo as a rule; was 'tricked' (by an encoded short-URL) - but this time, the journey was worth it - always & as usual IMHO.


Trigger article:

1 April 2011
Who da thunk it?
  «Cut taxes for the rich and wealth will trickle down like a gentle rain from heaven on the poor, remove taxes entirely from the rich and wealth will pour down on the poor like a Queensland rain storm. There is no such thing as too much individual wealth. All food should be GM food. If coal and oil ever runs out, and they won't, then nuclear is the next best wealth (oops, power) generator.
Smoking is good for you, or at least not bad. Our sponsors never do anything wrong. There can never be too many people in Australia - or the world.»
[AusBC/unleashed/David Horton]

Comment: Apologies twice; don't usually recommend anything by AusBC either, but this is an 'independent' contributor - and again the journey was worth it.


The two articles appear to have divergent themes, one the (continued) perfidy of the US *regime(s)*, and two the massive misinformation-tsunamis we are being swamped by - but of course, the one wouldn't/couldn't exist without the other.



The UNSC(10 for, 5 abstained), 'goosed' by the US, preceded by a massively misleading PR-campaign (see Bernays & 'propaganda'), 'sanctioned' a 'no-fly zone' over Libya, which turned out to be ultra-cynical *code* for a US+quisling-allies Nuremberg-class attack on Gaddafi and his forces. (Note that a no-fly zone would usually be interpreted simply as nobody flies, both target and aggressor.) The pretence was that the vicious tyrant Gaddafi was attacking civilians, actually untrue in that those whom Gaddafi was attacking were 'rebels without a (coherent) cause' who had (out of pattern, out of any good sense) started to attack Gaddafi's 'assets.' The rebels themselves were in turn most probably 'goosed' by the CIA (and/or a proxy; possibly UK, F and/or ?)

Note the situation now in another infamous den of inequity, namely in (pre-'48) Palestine. The ELO/Os (erstwhile legal owner/occupiers), are continually, 62+ bloody years long and no just end anywhere in sight, under vicious, genocidal and ethnic-cleansing attack by a marauding band of alien invaders (= people *not from there*), descended from and/or 'defended' by terrorist gangs such as Irgun and Lehi, the Stern Gang and Haganah, the latter now assuming 'military' uniforms as 'legal' (not!) disguise.

Q: Where is the UN 'no-fly zone' over the hapless & *totally innocent* Palestinian ELO/Os; where is the US+quisling-allies Nuremberg-class attack on the criminal murder-for-soil perpetrators, usually self-identified as Zionists?



Some blogger (no names, no pack-drill) fell for the lying PR 'narrative,' for whatever reasons. When I gently tried to point this out ('IMHO'), my comments did not appear = were censored - that blogmeister's assumed privilege. But he was wrong, twice: wrong in fact, and wrong to censor.


Anyone thinking they are clever by choosing to support what they may perceive as the lesser of two evils, forgets at least three things, a) any lesser is still & always was/is/will be evil, b) they may have falsely perceived anyway and worse, c) they may have fallen (or thrown themselves) into a false dichotomy; there may be - indeed *must* be, at least one choice that *is not evil*.


Any 'blogspot' blogger posting comments to another 'blogspot' blog should be aware of an incredible danger; if the target 'blogspot' blogmaster should flag your comment(s) as "spam," you could have your 'blogspot' blogger-id *disabled*. Anyone valuing continued use of their 'blogspot' blog should take this warning *seriously*. The danger is such that I recommend *not* commenting using a 'blogspot' blogger-id; the consequences could be *fatal* for your own blog. 


Anyone claiming History "as it Really Is" could afford to pay better attention to facts. Oh! IMHO.

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