'the system' doesn't merely stink
 - it's rotten (= corrupt) to the core

.. propaganda ...

  .. is nothing more ...

    .. than lies used to dumb-down


What we know:

1. That the US responded to the 3rd Reich challenge - by effectively becoming its extension = 'the 4th Reich.'

Proof: From the vicious double war crime A-bombings to Afghanistan, Iraq, now Libya with Iran next(?) - via aggressive invasions = murdering-for-spoil (m4s), aka vile corruption which starts and continues with utterly filthy lies. See Memo PPS23, Blum & Chomsky etc..

2. That the UN was corrupted at/near birth, has now become a US-plaything.

Proof: Latest after Plan Dalet & the Deir Yassin massacre, the UN should have 'pulled the plug' on Israel. That the UN has 'allowed' Israel to prosper (cheats should never prosper, especially not amoral, immoral & illegitimate lying, killing-to-steal cheats), & worse, to continue to steal ever more Palestinian land shows that the UN is *not* interested in truth & justice, let alone war-stopping - it's supposed raison d'être.

3. That the US chose 'stability' (= corrupt, puppet dictators) over any possible democracy (however crippled, see #4) in the ME & other-wheres, that they 'divided in order to rule' (i.e. deliberately encouraging/inflaming Islam/Arab splits).

Proof: Their acts, backed up by their own statements (see WikiLeaks, say). Consider also continual 'covert war' = subverting, fomenting, corrupting, coercing, intimidating ... (Hersch; $US400mio "to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran" somewhat recently), that's after/since the 1953 anti-democracy coup = continuous US aggression.

4. That our so-called 'democracies' are total sham anyway.

Proof: A properly working democracy (of, by, for the people etc.) requires at least 3 things; an educated & involved electorate (but it's deliberately lied to = dumbed-down), a sufficiently wide choice of honest candidates (risible = haw!), and when elected, representatives who implement the will of the majority, protecting the rights of any minority (also risible = politicians do what *they themselves* want = un- & anti-democratic, worst case = bipartisanship = offers the voters *no* effective choice at all - see 'our' wars, continuing across our own 'regime changes').

Musing, 1: It wasn't GWBush who escalated the aggressive, murdering-for-spoil (m4s; oil), violence; Vietnam was associated with the assassinated Kennedy, then each US president since has contributed, including Clinton in the Balkans. Then came the Oh-so convenient 9/11 (we just don't 'do' coincidences); peace-prize Obama continued GWB's two wars and now has Libya all as his very own. The US M/I/C-plex aggresses for two main reasons; erring-ideology (primarily against the sheople getting any govt. assistance; communism = socialism = unions, welfare = health-care, unemployment support, pensions etc.), and outright, rip-off profits = theft (i.e. 'economic rents'), and the Zs (the I/J/Z-plex) do aggressive invasive war = murdering-for-spoil (m4s; soil), also = theft.

Musing, 2: It's a truism to say "Things only get worse!" - but it has to be said because some *vital* things "getting worse" must be *reversed* (like Zs stealing Palestinian land, say.) Usually, getting older should mean getting wiser; active observation reveals that youthful optimism is *not* supportable, as the perfidy of our so-called 'leaders' and the news-conduits (corrupt & venal MSM) is thus revealed.

Q: "Why is it so?" - Why is our (Anglo/Judaic++) world dominated by short-sighted, m4s-criminals?

Fazit 1: We simply cannot trust politicians ("All politicians lie!" - thanks, but "No, thanks!" to JW Howard), nor can we trust the MSM (J Miller NYT, T Parkinson theAge, etc.); we can't trust the UN (Israel vs. hapless Palestinians, to 'the West' vs. Libya in 62+ ghastly, bloody years), nor can we trust the ICC (asserting lies & rumour?) - and we certainly can't trust the US/Zs = lying, cheating, ripping-off & thieving murderers for spoil.

In addition, while US/Z-prompted/sponsored wars rage (widespread death & destruction), the excess-CO2 caused climate-change catastrophe gets ever less and less avoidable...

Fazit 2: The problems begin and are made worse by lies; lies can and do progress to murder for spoil (m4s).

An obvious effective action towards countervailing remedy is:

 .. Stop the lies! (Then stop the rip-offs, NO WAR!)


PS Don't forget, that the mainly US-invented & sponsored new world order (NWO, incl. IMF et al. (see "Economic Hit Man")) - *pushed* upon us, often seemingly voluntarily by our so-called 'representatives,' involves globalisation & neoliberal, aka 'voodoo' economics. Globalisation *by definition* means shipping jobs to lower-income off-shore sweat-shops, also *by definition* reducing the average wages paid to us, we the sheople almost everywhere (the sweat-shops being the lowest-paid exception; often 'green-field' but higher polluting new developments.) A lower wage-bill might bring lower prices - but not so low, that corporation profits don't always go up = soar = increased rip-off (not 'fair prices,' but 'what the market can bear.') Then, neoliberalism (privatisation, down-sizing = lean&mean, mass lay-offs = sackings, reduced/loss of conditions, tax-cuts (mainly 'off' the rich) = reduced services & user-pays and pays and... etc.) - all contribute further to us, we the sheople, both qualitatively & quantitatively losing 'life-style' - if not actually life itself; privatised = non-egalitarian medicine = 'health' (actually sickness) insurance, for 40mio+ in the US utterly unaffordable. If any further proof were needed, look at these non-trivial two: Govts almost everywhere going broke & imposing 'austerity' - and the rich are getting demonstrably, *obscenely* ever richer. Recall that we just don't 'do' coincidences?

The proof of all of this is available, indeed obvious - to all with eyes to see.

*BIG* Q: Where are the *real* leaders, those a) clever enough and b) energetic enough, to see that we're headed = being pushed, over a (lying, cheating, murdering-theft = greed-driven) cliff, and could make this stick:

"No more of the same!"

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