an offensive offensive (christians attack atheism, decency - and we, the people)

subtitle: another way they're taking us back - to the dark ages

Consider demystify v. (-ies, -ied) remove the mystery from; clarify. demystification n. [POD]

Preamble: It's easy enough to *rule out* the existence of any (putative) g*d (except as a 'meme' in some (misled) brains):

0. mislead v. (past and past part. -led) cause to infer what is not true; deceive. misleading adj. [Old English] [ibid.]

1. god n. 1 a (in many religions) superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature, human fortunes, etc. [ibid.]

2. supernatural -adj. not attributable to, or explicable by, the laws of nature; magical; mystical. -n. (prec. by the) supernatural forces, effects, etc. supernaturally adv. [ibid.]

3. science n. 1 branch of knowledge involving systematized observation and experiment. 2 a knowledge so gained, or on a specific subject. b pursuit or principles of this. 3 skilful technique. [Latin scio know] [ibid.]

4. Consider cause and effect; the conservation laws - and contradiction.

5. belief n. 1 firm opinion; acceptance (that is my belief). 2 religious conviction (belief in the afterlife; has no belief). 3 (usu. foll. by in) trust or confidence. [related to *believe] [ibid.]

Argument: Believers admit that their 'g*d' is 'outside' the universe; indeed, one of the functions of their so-called 'g*d' is to have *created* the whole 'universe' show. (Q: What then, created the creator? A: Oh, 'superhuman/supernatural;' boot-strapped itself out of nothing... Hello? Looping...) According to our 'best' science, we can track all (well, most and more all the time) observable phenomena 'backwards' to elementary particles plus energy (heat, light, other radiation say), and no need has ever been found to invoke a single 'quantum' of (non-existent!) 'magic.' Put another way, we have so far found no gaps in any observed cause-and-effect chains - and also, the conservation laws are 'rock-solid' in that *no* exceptions have ever been found. But (and it's an unimaginably humongous 'BUT'), for any (putative) g*d to communicate its existence would require some influence (from 'outside') being detected - by some person ('inside'), people being undoubtedly part of our observed, material universe - some 'communication' crossing the universe 'boundary' - thus violating cause&effect and the conservation laws both. That forms an essential contradiction - the whole edifice falls, and therefore QED.

Believing is what (some) people do, when they have insufficient facts, and vis-à-vis some g*d there are *no* facts, and *none* even remotely possible... always and of course, IMHO! (But don't try to contradict me; try that on our whole science.)



So far, I've not discussed the potent 'hook' they use to catch and bind the believers, which is - ta ra! - the so-called, (*postulated* = *no evidence*), reward for belief = 'eternal life,' aka the 'EL-pact' with their (imagined!) g*d. What a foul and cynical swindle - and a 'damnation' of the weak-kneed believers, that they could actually *believe* such utter rot - that, in a stupidly pointless attempt to save their own wretched, (non-saveable!) necks. The hook is most effective on young minds *below* the 'Age of Reason' (i.e. before such young minds acquire their full functionality and importantly here, their properly functioning BS-detectors.) Scare them first with their own unavoidable death, then offer them the diabolical 'EL-pact' - once hooked, they're basically lost to reason on the g*d score. Oh, and not 'just' BTW; the corruption of a minor is a *serious* crime. Thus the people acquire their spiritual (cripple!) crutch. Given, as a +ve aside, there is the 'peace & love' aspect; there's little doubt that some/many believers are decent humans with functioning compassion - *but* and sadly, 'peace & love' is violated (totally, deliberately and *corruptly*) by the organised churches' 'leadership,' as in when they 'sanction' war, say, as they (corruptly!) did for Iraq - that is to say when churches sanctioned the illegal invasion of Iraq now morphed into a brutal occupation: murder in pursuit of spoil. (New! Murder for spoil ... soil ... oil ... IL.) Or when they otherwise exceed their brief, as reported below, they have attacked perfectly innocent non-believers = *non*-contaminated, *non*-crippled, aka mentally normal and healthy atheists.


Trigger article:

Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism
Updated April 2, 2010 16:02:00
  «Religious leaders have used their Good Friday sermons to launch an attack on what they call a recent surge in atheism.» 

Comment 1: They could mind their own business. Oh, yeah; and what ever happened to "Easter = peace" etc.?

Comment 2: This also shows their so-called 'belief' can be a *very* dangerous disease.

 .. worse here, a:

Where do atheists come from?
03 March 2010 by Lois Lee and Stephen Bullivant
Magazine issue 2750
  «If religion comes naturally to us, why are so many people resistant to it?» 

Comment: The boot must surely be on the other foot: How can sooo many fall for sooo much rot? See my Intermezzo above.

 .. more worse here, b:

Time to accept that atheism, not god, is odd
03 March 2010
  «In fact, the more we learn about the "god instinct" and the refusal of religion to fade away under the onslaught of progress, the more the non-religious mindset looks like the odd man out.» 

Comment 1: A shocker. In fact, a *double* shocker; 1st that they'd select and publish their 'featured' article (2ndary front page headline), and then that they'd 'back it up' with their own editorial (gasp!) Although one gets the feeling that this NS-rag has been on the skids as good as forever, it's most likely that the new 'US owner/controller' who is (ir-)responsible for this bottom-of-the-barrel scraping.

Comment 2: Belief in some entity entirely lacking in any substantiation sounds - to me - like a mental deficiency if not outright a disease.

 .. definitely worst, here:

April 01, 2010 Issue
Third World War
The real showdown between Christians and Muslims isn’t in the Mideast
By Philip Jenkins
  «When we see interfaith battles in Africa or Asia, we are generally not witnessing activism by al-Qaeda militants directed from some secret terrorist mission control, but we do find movements driven by exactly the same grievances that motivate bin Laden’s associates - above all, we see the same central fear of Christian expansion. For Muslims, whether political dissidents or actual Islamists, the world is evidently engaged in a culture war, a war of faiths, and groups like al-Qaeda are only one small and sensationalized portion of that.» 

Comment(s): Yes, there's more than one sub-theme, also yes, nothing's simple; to approach a full understanding, one should read the lot (plus who knows how much more) - but - there's an underlying theme (mostly Christian religion but include Judaism) AND it doesn't look good. It goes to a perennial Q: Is it 'mere' coincidence (birds of a feather, say) - or a conscious (criminal) conspiracy? A: IMHO, there are few to no coincidences, and *especially* not when criminality is the most likely suspicion (cf. Occam's razor, S. Holmes).

Summary: Not only is religion, as Marx said, "the opiate of the masses," but it is now harnessed to both the US' quest for resources/hegemony, and the Z's quest for ever more mostly Palestinian ELO/Os' land. (ELO/O = erstwhile legal owner/occupant.)

Fazit 1: This whole 'kerfuffle' neglects what surely must be the largest 'Elephant in the room' possible, namely the application of 'modern' (psychological) science to PR, a cynical synonym for propaganda, aka brain-washing, aka dumbing the sheople down. The malicious manipulators pull on every available string, religion (cf. 'EL-pact') being one of the most potent.

Fazit 2: Recall that the Anglo/Judaic group (US, UK, Aus & Israel, all strongly pushing their religions) are involved in aggressive wars against Muslims, actually 'murdering for spoil,' including against the hapless, mainly Palestinian ELO/Os for their land, and against whatever rest (Muslims, Arabs; who cares, *they* (the 'exceptionals') covet many resources; "capitulate or be killed!") - for their oil, pipeline routes and other 'inputs' targeted for ripping-off - or 'merely' hegemony. To think that this is *not* a conspiracy beggars belief - err, Ooops! - 'Belief'... bad word, and here an antonym; better = beggars properly functioning intelligence.

Fazit 3: Thus, the four-way utterly offensive offensives, 1) religion vs. the sheople, 2) the US against the world, 3) the Zs against the hapless ELO/Os and 4) the previous three against all human decency.

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