only three chances left - to avoid the apocalypse

.. 1. China ...

  .. 2. Germany ...

    .. 3. Russia; and that's all

Subtitle: What, you want more??! THERE IS NO MORE, THERE CAN BE NO MORE!!

Sub-subtitle: "All options!"

Musing: The US? - *The* problem. It is the US who ever more openly dares threaten Iran with "All options!" - what the US means is a nukular attack. The UK? - once the problem, now the poodle - still erring, but almost exhausted. IL? - *The* world's worst criminal/rogue regime; it's IL driving most of the destruction, outwards from their illegitimate/stolen-land base.


Trigger article:

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat
By Gareth Porter
April 26, 2010
  «Although administration officials have carefully refrained from drawing any direct connection between the new nuclear option and the Israeli threat, the NPR broadens the range of contingencies in which nuclear weapons might play a role so as to include an Iranian military response to an Israeli attack.
A war involving Iran that begins with an Israeli attack is the only plausible scenario that would fit the category of contingencies in the document.»

Comment 1: It should *never* be forgotten, that invading or attacking another country is the *ultimate* war crime. Yet the US & Zs casually discuss and threaten to do exactly that. Where is justice?

Comment 2: Utterly disgusting. The US&Zs have no *justifiable, ethical or legal* argument; Iran has the perfect right to be left in peace - and to develop 'atoms for electricity' if it so desires. Only primitive thugs (US&Zs) threaten violence. Violence, for the slow thinkers, is what some people do when they're unable to win the intellectual contest.

Comment 3: What the world needs is sufficient countervailing power; it is *illegal* to threaten any country, and it goes without saying, that it is *illegal* to steal any land belonging to another, let alone that belonging to a whole nation (the ELO/Os; erstwhile legal owner/occupiers, mostly in this case Palestinian.) It is the Zs who wish to expand their illegitimate IL 'project,' and through 'owning' the US Congress - plus the US so-called 'élite,' whose desire to steal (at least control of) the 'best bits' of the world's oil, that brings us to this threshold of disaster.

(Recall that while all of this is happening, *nothing* effective is being done to save us from the excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe.)


1. China has the 'depth & breadth;' of all the world's peoples, they have the greatest numbers, and the longest traditions. They are the most likely to survive. Doing nothing effective, however, will make their survival that much harder.

2. Germany has the brains - if only they would use them! Their industry is par excellence;  depending on preference, MB, VW/Audi or Porsche are overwhelmingly the *best* cars on the road, and that's only one of many, many facets. Look for yourself.

3. Russia still has enough bombs, aka the ability to deter.


If the US/Zs are not stopped, they will drag the entire world down the gurgler with them. It is mainly the US, both (1) with its so-called 'élite' (aka crooks, aka psychopathic kleptocracy; but there's nothing élite about crime), and (2) its 'think-tanks' who've brought us here. Look at neoliberalism / globalisation / IMF / "Washington Consensus;" reduced taxes (mainly off the filthy-rich), reduced services, smaller government (for the people, but socialise the fat-cats' losses = $trio bail-outs, say); down-sizing, out-sourcing, casualisation, contracting, off-shoring, death of, or sell-out by the unions etc. - all ending with the current chaos; governments at all levels deeply indebted and failing, crumbling/unavailable services, plus the hapless sheople at almost every level, depressed incomes if at work; otherwise (10-20%) hopeless unemployment.


(Here, I direct a query to Merkel: How *dare* you betray your own people? There are at least three ways Merkel is going wrong, a) in domestic politics and allying with the FDP & their filthy neoliberal policies, b) in assisting the US illegal invasion/occupation of Afghanistan, and c) assisting the US economic warfare against Greece, the other PIIGS & eventually the EU thence to boomerang back upon Germany. Her behaviour must be compared to the Vichy-French.)


What the above three potential saviours *must* do, is to unite (call it the 3-way-save) and confront the US/Zs, using the *only* language the exceedingly primitive US/Zs understand, namely violence. Offer the US/Zs a deal, along the lines of the same one the US/Zs are trying to force down Iran's neck: reform, or the 3-way-save will A- and H-bomb the US/Zs with everything they have.

Of course there's a danger - as the mad dogs that the US/Zs are, they could actually proceed to act like mad dogs; it should be made *perfectly* clear however, that the *only* chance for the US/Zs is to see reason. IF they go, THEN they're gone and it really won't matter much, if they try to take the rest of the world with them; they'll still themselves be *gone*. Therefore twice, they should act to save themselves. But the 3rd, if they still wish to act like mad dogs, then the 3-way-save will have no option: do what *must* be done in response to mad dogs, i.e. kill them. Wipe them out: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Finally, see above, IF the potential 3-way-save does nothing THEN we're all gunna go down the gurgler - ergo, *someone* has to do the right thing, the only effective thing. Bring it on - soonest.


PS Threatening to nuke someone is not the cleverest - US/Zs take note. What's at stake is civilisation - but not merely, our long-term survival itself is also under extreme threat. There was once a thing called the Enlightenment. *That's* the way to go, time to forget/forego greed - and grow up.



[0] apocalypse n. 1 violent or destructive event. 2 (the Apocalypse) Revelation, the last book of the New Testament. 3 revelation, esp. about the end of the world. apocalyptic adj. [Greek apokalupto reveal] [POD]

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