the mightiest IF-THEN of all time

.. what IF ...

  .. all the guns ...

    .. simply stopped working?


THEN: All Z-Israelis would instantly have to take a looong walk - to whence they came (IF they'd be let back in...)

The Germans and the Japs would rule all technologies supreme, and together with the Chinks, they'd all produce - and sell - like mad. The Russkies could do what ever they like, drink as much vodka as they please - no-one would care, but they'd pay for it (in full; no credit needed) - by flogging off their gas (not much change - except for the removal of the vile US nucular oppression.) Iran wouldn't *NEED* a bomb (they're not building one anyway - the IAEA is working very hard, 'helping' them not to.)

The ME could free themselves from tyrants (predominantly US, Zs.)

Europe would bloom - except the UK (not in the EU/EURO anyway.)

The Muslims would be left to fight it out - or unite, definitely their better option.

South America could get on with development, instead of having to concentrate on defending themselves.

The US would crash to below 3rd world status so fast, that they wouldn't even see any passing stage on their way down...

Everyone - except possibly the US & Zs - could live happily ever after.

The (criminal!) US & Zs finally could - as they say - "Get a life!"

So let's start - the UN to silence all guns (and bombs, etc..)

THAT would be freedom (and democracy) in full flower.

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