nothing to fear (US, Zs, nukes, lies)

.. for those ...

  .. who have ...

    .. nothing to hide?



This is almost *too* funny;

  .. trigger article:

Haaretz Threatened for Exposing Israeli Assassination Cover-Up
MP Calls for Paper's Closure Over Leak
by Jason Ditz, April 08, 2010
  «Anat KamKam is facing charges of “treason” for leaking copies of classified military documents to Uri Blau, a reporter for Haaretz who has often been critical of the Israeli military. Blau has written several stories over the past few years, mostly based around the Israeli military flouting orders about rules of engagement by the High Court, based on the documents. One of the articles involved an “arrest” mission that ended in the deaths of three Islamic Jihad members. Soldiers admitted in the classified data that they were ordered to kill, not arrest the three.» 
[antiwar/Jason Ditz]

(As usual, one should read the lot.)

Comment 1: The only reason to lie is to deceive;

Comment 2: Criminals try to hide their crimes with lies; secrecy is anti-democratic;

Comment 3: Recall that a properly functioning democracy requires at the very least a) an informed, engaged electorate, b) a comprehensive choice of *honest, competent* representative-candidates, and c) complete, free & fair info-flows.

(So much, then, for "The only democracy in the ME" - Haw! (Still waiting; Iraq - nope, Afgh - nope, ...))

We can see that not only the Js living there, but significant numbers of the J-diaspora support disgustingly criminal genocide and ethnic cleansing - the everyday fate forced on the hapless ELO/Os of Palestine by murdering force of (mainly) US arms, i.e. vile killing machines, international outlaws.

In addition, we can see that no government 'elected' there ever shied away from the criminal-Z purpose of expanding their illegal occupation into land never to be theirs.

Now this story, probably only the tip of an (extremely filthy!) iceberg; press censorship - to hide whatever truth. We already know about this, like the imprisoning and attempted silencing of the 'whistleblower' who exposed the Z's nucular bomb arsenal - capable of being targeted, so I read recently, onto all EU cities. Ooops! - Q: Why-the-hell would the Zs do that? A: Silly Q; to threaten, to intimidate, to blackmail, to coerce - what else!


This brings up another topic, our 'hero' Ramb-O's latest nucular posturing. Leaving aside START, which *might* reduce mutual costs, but will *never* reduce the threat to the world; a) who would *ever* believe the US for the *smallest* part of a pico-sec? - and b) the very idea of leaving Iran open to attack as an alleged 'non-player by the rules,' a 'rogue-state,' an 'NPT-violator' and/or 'proliferator' - would immediately put the Zs *front and centre* in the US' bomb-sights!

Sooo, Ramb-O-Bama: How about (A)bombing the Zs to the conference table, eh? I double-dare you! Nuke 'em! - Yair!


No further questions, your honour.


But nevertheless, a PS

It has been said, that Zs only understand violence - yet another reason (as if any more were needed) for Ramb-O to well and truly nuke 'em. The Zs have propagandised the world, *with* the corrupt and venal MSM's *active* assistance, for well over 61+ years now - but their lying 'cover' has been well and truly blown, since we escaped from the vile MSM 'news' monopoly. As part of the newly revealed truths, we can see Z-illegitimacy being annunciated far and wide - like here, for instance.

Note that the article includes: "Total boycott against a total occupation. Nothing less will do." That's part of BDS; boycott, divest & sanction. No sane, rational and *fair* person/entity should have anything to do with 'em.

One can, *must* go further: "Total condemnation - nothing less!" And not 'merely' nuke 'em, but Nuremberg all the so-called 'leaders' aka order-givers 1st. Oh, yeah; and return all the ELO/O's property that the Zs have stolen to those erstwhile, legal and original, mostly Palestinian owners, soonest.

[1] Update, 19:51.

This is *beyond* funny;

  .. derogatory article:

Netanyahu pulls out of nuclear summit
Posted April 9, 2010 08:27:00
  «He made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal at the conference, a senior government official said.» 

Comment: Just can't face the truth, eh?

(Can't face the truth = liar?)


  1. law- and other oxy- morons
    .. IDF- morons ...

      .. cannot defend ...

        .. indefensible (stolen!) land


    It's not just the IDF (their risible 'defence' really means offensively 'offence') - the judges are incredibly biased, the cops are crooked, the secret police persecute and the electorate is totally and utterly corrupt.

    Read about some of it here:

    The Dark Underbelly of Israel’s Security State
    Anat Kamm: Spy or whistleblower?
    April 10, 2010
      «During her conscription, Kamm copied possibly hundreds of army documents that revealed systematic law-breaking by the Israeli high command operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, including orders to ignore court rulings. She was working at the time in the office of Brig. Gen. Yair Naveh, who is in charge of operations in the West Bank.
    Blau’s crime is that he published a series of scoops based on her leaked information that have highly embarrassed senior Israeli officers by showing their contempt for the rule of law.
    His reports included revelations that the senior command had approved targeting Palestinian bystanders during the military’s extra-judicial assassinations in the occupied territories; that, in violation of a commitment to the high court, the army had issued orders to execute wanted Palestinians even if they could be safely apprehended; and that the defense ministry had a compiled a secret report showing that the great majority of settlements in the West Bank were illegal even under Israeli law (all are illegal in international law).
    In a properly democratic country, Kamm would have an honorable defense against the charges, of being a whistle-blower rather than a spy, and Blau would be winning journalism prizes, not huddling away in exile.»
    [antiwar/Jonathan Cook]

    Comment 1: Note: "targeting Palestinian bystanders."

    Comment 2: IF they say one thing THEN do another, that SHOWS that they lie. IF what they do is against the law (both international and their own) THEN they *publicly demonstrate* that they are criminals. When some apologists come along and deny that Zs lie, THEN such apologists show that they are filthy liars too.

    Comment 3: No further questions, your honour.


    But, can't resist a PS

    When one takes a good, close look - *NOT* via the corrupt & venal MSM - and one sees exactly how bad the Zs are - then one realises just how traitorous those in that corrupt & venal MSM really are. When they aid criminals - which they have been *actively* doing for all of the last 61+ bloody years and more, then they make themselves equally guilty by the accessory mechanism. Off to gaol (better, to their deserved Nuremberg fate) for the whole criminal, stinking lot!