descent into darkness

.. literally happened ...

  .. near Smolensk (sadly) ...

    .. but worldwide since 6Aug'45 (deliberately)

Subtitle: Tempting fate; does karma exist?



Trigger article:

Plane Crash May Strain Poland’s Ties With Russia
Published: April 10, 2010
  «A top Russian military official said air traffic controllers at the Smolensk airport had several times ordered the crew of the plane not to land, warned that it was descending below the glide path and recommended it reroute to another airport.
“Nevertheless, the crew continued the descent,” said Lt. Gen. Aleksandr Alyoshin, the first deputy chief of the Russian Air Force Staff. “Unfortunately, the result was tragic.”»

Comment: It is not clear to me how the NYT came up with their headline - but at least since the Judith Miller fiasco, we don't trust the NYT anyway. So a Q: How does the aircrews' behaviour strain any ties? A: Wrong question, perhaps - this, however, has enormous (villainous!) potential:

  «He was a major supporter of plans for part of an American antiballistic missile defense system to be based in Poland, infuriating Russia. Although that proposal by President George W. Bush was scaled back by President Obama, Polish officials have said they still plan to host American surface-to-air missiles in northern Poland.
That plan is unlikely to be affected by the crash.»

Comment: The US missiles are a definite threat, not 'merely' aimed at Russia, but at world peace - the latter a concept seemingly unknown to the US regime.


Musing: The crash in which a good part of the ruling group of Poland died was a tragedy of unusual proportions - both because of the number of so-called 'VIPs' involved, but also because it was 'provoked' by a typical modern 'stunt.' This is not to say that the Katyn massacre was not itself a tragedy, or not the result of some horrendously vile act (of Stalin's? - or whoever's), but the problem I have with such 'stunts' is that we are supposed to be learning from history, but (and this time it's a massive BUT) - as we can plainly see, we're getting ever more war (instead of the expected less.) In plain text, such stunts are not producing. Q: Why not? A: Because those with the guns (US, Zs) simply won't stop.

More plain text (part rehash): Building ever more memorials to atrocities makes no sense in a time when ever more atrocities are actively being perpetrated, cf. the aggressive, illegal invasions by the Zs of Palestine ('47+), by the US of Afghanistan ('01+), Iraq ('03+), Pakistan on the way and Iran queued. Ever more brutality, ever more crime. Q: Why? A: Because a) they're evil and b) they can. ("Yes, we can!")

Fazit plain text, 1: The self-termed 'leaders of the free world' (US) and the self-termed 'smartest people in the world' (Zs) are both perpetrating murder for spoil (Zs for soil, US for oil) - and lying and propagandising in the (now vain) attempt at hiding their vicious crimes. IF one has nothing to hide THEN one needs tell no lies.

Sooo, Q: What do we see? A: More lies, more wars, more theft - and more memorials to war atrocities. Q: Coincidence? A: Hardly.

Fazit plain text, 2: A nation based on lies can be neither leaders nor smart - but criminal? Certainly.


[1] Update, 11:59am.

The Katyn massacre:
  «The reason for the massacre, according to historian Gerhard Weinberg, is that Stalin wanted to deprive a potential future Polish military of a large portion of its military talent ...
... in any case, Stalin could be certain that any revived Poland would be unfriendly. Under those circumstances, depriving it of a large proportion of its military and technical elite would make it weaker."»

Comment: Consider what has happened/is happening in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and revving up in Pakistan, namely widespread murdering of so-called 'collaterals,' targeted (illegal) assassinations, etc. by the Zs and US, the effect of which is to deprive each target country "of a large proportion of its military and technical elite," making the hapless victim countries weaker.

No further questions, your honour.

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  1. one cunning stunt too many

    .. this is perhaps why ...

      .. we just don't do ...

        .. coincidences


    No disrespect for the dead meant at all, just facts;


    Trigger article:

    Polish president had history of dangerous landings
    By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici
    Updated April 12, 2010 10:29:00
      «A leading Polish defence analyst says late president Lech Kaczynski was well known for ordering pilots to land in dangerous conditions.
    During the Russia-Georgia conflict, Mr Kaczynski flew to Tblisi to support the Georgian leader.

    Air traffic control instructed the pilot not to land in a combat zone but the president ordered him do so anyway.

    Leading Polish defence analyst Gregorsh Haldanowich says that this time the pilot would have again been under pressure to land against the advice of air traffic control.»

    Comment: No further comment.