you don't know what you've got
 ‘Til it's gone -
  google's lying cache

.. one thing I condemn ...

  .. *more* than censorship ...

    .. is deliberately damaged data

Thesis/Subtitle: Lying is a crime; it's the entry crime enabling progress to cheating, theft & murder.


Q: Why do crims rob banks?

A: It's where the money is.

Similarly, crims cannot have (successful) lives of crime without lying about it - for to admit to a crime is (normally) a one-way ticket straight to gaol (*un*-normal = if the cops are corrupt pigs and/or the laws are rigged. Hmmm, think about corrupt cops & rigged laws for a few secs. Our so-called 'leadership' has a lot to answer for - only just laws may earn respect; only cops on our, we the people's side can properly support just laws.)

Point: IF google sabotages its own cache THEN it means that the cache/index is not correct; that means a google search is *not* guaranteed to return correct results - which is a crime against truth.

I have proof of such errors, i.e. that the cache -> index is not correct.

Note: *One* data/cache/index fault = error puts *all* into question;

 - one cannot know what is *missing* from any search.

  .. you don't know what you've got ‘Til it's gone...

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