you know it's wrong
 by the unjust results;
  all known in advance

.. coincidences ...

  .. could happen; ...

    .. this is conspiracy

Key quote: "Bad news, boys."

'Conspiracy[1]' theories:

Elvis is still alive ... and living somewhere in exile.

UFOs, ETs, area 51, alien abductions & flying saucers.

The CIA was intimately involved in the JFK assassination.

The invasions of Iraq & Libya were murders for spoil.

The world is 'run' by mostly Jewish bankers.

9/11 was an 'inside' (CIA/Mossad) job.

Some deity promised it to us[3]!

Disclosure: My aim is best described as IDWT = I Don't Want Trouble, not for myself personally, not for my family & friends, nor for truth, peace & justice seekers any/everywhere. But I *do* want trouble (including with 'extreme prejudice') for dickheads everywhere who rip-off their neighbours and otherwise indulge in unjust and/or cruel, often criminal behaviours.

Preamble: The absolute worst of the worst dickheads are those who are *failing* to prevent the excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe.

The 2nd worst of the worst dickheads are those who murder for spoil, primarily the US & Z rogue-regimes, plus those who are *failing* to prevent the thieving carnage.

The 3rd worst of the worst dickheads are those who are *reversing* previous progress towards 'the Enlightenment.'

Thesis: That all these dickheads are in the one 'boat' named so-called 'leaders,' and that they are involved in a conscious conspiracy against us, we the people.


Discussion: I don't care a fig for Elvis or ETs, except to note that a) such conspiracy theories are obviously nutty, and b) the nuttiness is pushed onto *all* conspiracy theories, as a way of dismissing both any substance and the theorists themselves - not quite fair and in fact viciously fallacious, especially when a 'conspiracy theory' offers a better explanation than the 'official line' does. I.e. the *three* 9/11 towers did *not* fall due to jet-fuel fires alone (if to fires at all); the three towers had 'help' of some explosive kind, planted by agents unknown (but see five dancing Israelis jumping for joy in Liberty State Park) - either totally missed (= inconceivably criminal incompetence) or actively assisted by the CIA or such, say. See my "9/11 as test of 'belief'." That *someone* knew is supported by the far too many odd coincidences (recall "We don't do coincidences"); like none of the four allegedly hijacked planes 'squawked' the appropriate hijack codes, NORAD was effectively 'stood down,' the incredible accuracy of the flying, etc. - and WTC7. IF anyone knew THEN the CIA, in addition (to Cheney, say) or (less likely) alone.

I don't care to discuss the JFK assassination, except for two observations, 1) the CIA operates covertly; secrecy is an enemy of democracy (not IF but WHEN misused), a covert agency is the *obvious* place for a 'secret government' = crooked conspiracy and 2) the sometimes alarming inaccuracy & incompleteness of the 'official explanation' leaving room for massive suspicion = conspiracy theories (now looping, but applies to 9/11 'in spades.')

That the invasions of Iraq & Libya were murders for spoil should not be seriously in doubt; even if oil is not the whole story, we know that the US legislature is 'owned' by the Zionists (who hated Saddam [About 1,230,000 results] & Gaddafi [About 6,870,000 results]), and then there's US hegemony. Back to oil, sure they (US+) could just buy it, but they always want the lot = control (to deny China, say) and max-$s = economic rent. Then Greenspan told us.

If the world is run by mostly Jewish bankers is a bit moot, both on the Jewish (hoist with their own Zionist petard[3]) and the running; what we can see is the world going ever deeper into debt to the banks, who are now strangling whole countries almost everywhere (currently working on the PIIGS), be the stranglers WB, IMF, EU or Goldman Sachs&Co = Wall St.. Concomitant with strangling is the grabbing of wealth from the 99% = us, we the people for the benefit of the already obscenely rich 1%, ergo OWS.

Call it neoliberalism, globalisation, economic rationalism or whatever, the most notable aspect is the near-simultaneous application almost everywhere, bipartisanly = un- & anti-democratically, and the lack of any definitive argument let alone countervailing theory. All too simply done; promise tax-cuts to the voters then cut taxes mostly off the rich, allow social-service 'benefits' to bankrupt the governments, then rip the people off via privatisations AND slashing benefits. The 'austerity' being demanded will drive the spiral ever lower.

One thing on the political/financial system should be observed above all: It is *not* operating in we the people's interests, again ergo OWS.

Proof: By the nature of conspiracies (= secret criminal plan), proof is a bit hard to come by, especially when lacking sufficient leaks/whistle blowers, say. [Imagine a CIA defector, and how long s/he might 'last.'] So we turn to less direct methods, here circumstantial evidence; Q: Who is visibly doing what to whom, and then ask cui bono?

A: Possibly for some, a surprise answer; look carefully at national broadcasters = publicly-financed, like 'our' AusBC. The lies[2] have to reach us somehow, and it is no surprise at all that Murdoch's theAus has been lying to us for longer than I can recall (with a noteworthy early episode being the 100+ day attack on Whitlam & his govt..) That 'private enterprise' may lie in pursuit of profit is a 'given;' it is one of the holiest of capitalist 'principles.' But 'our' AusBC was (repeat *was*, still *is*) expected to be different; as publicly-financed, I expected the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Wrong, both my naïveté & their modus operandi. In a nutshell, 'our' AusBC lies to us, deliberately (they are so-called 'professionals' = many Uni graduates, after all - and to our cost. Point: They should know lie from fact, it's their *job*). The proof of AusBC's perfidy is their biased = lying, pro-Zionist reporting. Shocker. They should not lie at all, yet they lie to support a foreign, criminal project. But then thinking; Q: Why, how come? A: The AusBC's *specific* task is to propagandise = lie to us, with bipartisan = un- & anti-democratic support. Nothing else fits.

IF one can accept that, THEN all the other pieces start falling into place. It means that Lib/Lab are proven to collude, for if not then at government change-over, the AusBC would be slaughtered for supporting l'ancien régime. (In fact the AusBC seems to prefer Liberal, an utter outrage against 'balance' - and Q: You wonder why Labor tolerates it? A: Because Lib, Lab + AusBC all lie together in the same - conspiracy. This is not a loop, it's an observable fact.) Similarly from country to country, the leaders of the minnows collude/cave in to their 'masters,' the US & Z rogue-regimes. The only question becomes how freely they cave vs. the degree of coercion. That coercion exists is clear; look no further than the Zionist 'possession' of the US legislature. Watching the pro-Israel grovelling is truly sickening.

The charges are serious (= deliberately disadvantaging us, we the 99%), and as the dirty deeds include mass-murdering for spoil (Iraq, Libya, Iran next?) - so should the penalties be; warm up the tumbrels.


PS Q: How wide is the conspiracy? A: Recall Eisenhower's warning about the Military-Industrial complex. Now that the politicians = so-called 'leaders' are in, now that the publicly-financed broadcasters are in, a further addition is academics (they brew up and/or do not challenge 'voodoo economics' = neoliberalism, others brew up psychological manipulations = pushed-propaganda paradigm), we get military, industrial, Congress (US for parliament), 4th estate = corrupt & venal MSM incl. national broadcasters and finally academics, all together the vile & criminal M/I/C/4a-plex. Oh yeah, add in the militarised cops = pigs.



[1] conspiracy  n. (pl. -ies) 1 secret plan to commit a crime; plot. 2 conspiring. [Latin: related to *conspire] [POD]

[2] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [ibid.]

[3] This one is not so much a conspiracy as a risible, lying gambit. Its interest lies in deploying an imaginary being (as a feeble 'excuse') to a real-world, criminal circumstance, namely the premeditated theft of an entire country by aggressive, armed invading aliens (= Zionists) from the hapless, mostly Palestinian erstwhile legal owner/occupiers = ELO/Os. This Zionist outrage has the potential to bring shame and dishonour to every Jew on the planet, only those who do their utmost (and succeed) in restoring justice to the Palestinians, including proper compensation and the revesting of all improperly alienated land/property or more and acceptable compensation, may hope to escape such shame and dishonour.

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