I can't complain
 nobody listens

.. but not only ...

  .. does nobody listen ...

    .. nobody ever improves anything

Thesis/Subtitle: The so-called 'world leadership' are not 'merely' corrupt & incompetent - they are viciously criminal, why is this *allowed*?

Musing: Each day goes by, little different from the preceding. No problem seems to change unless it gets worse; consider the themes of the day ... year ... century: Most important, excess-CO2 climate-change catastrophe, then war, economy, politics and so on down to family-life, health & education, jobs etc.. (another 'merely;' like basic survival issues.)


1. Climate/survival. Google: climate conference durban 2011

About 6,460,000 results

Hit #1:

Divergent views signal tough climate talks ahead
  «US chief delegate Jonathan Pershing said the United States, which shunned Kyoto as unfair, would accept legally binding emissions limits in the future as long as all major emitters took on equal legal obligations.
Opposition in Congress, which includes outspoken climate skeptics and a Republican majority generally considered climate-unfriendly, has prompted a widespread belief that US negotiators are foot-dragging on emissions issues. ...»

Comment: Instead of pursuing the only possible effective strategy - sharply *reduce* digging coal, sharply *reduce* pumping oil, then keep reducing the fossil-carbon burn until CO2 drops *below* a safe level, they haggle over details, all shouting "You first!" - But hardly anyone acts, so far nobody effectively, as is *proven* by the following:

Trigger article 1:

Scientists sound alarm over Southern Ocean warming
By Bronwyn Herbert
Updated November 29, 2011 14:20:38
  «He says satellite measurements show the Southern Ocean has been warming by about 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade.
"One of the impacts of a warming ocean may be that the ice that flows off Antarctica into the ocean may melt more rapidly," he said. ...»

Comment: Idiotic 'climate sceptics' shout "Prove it!" - Melting Southern ice proof enough? Perhaps not, so:

Trigger article 2:

Arctic sea ice is melting at its fastest pace in almost 40 years
  «Arctic sea ice has melted to a level not recorded since satellite observations started in 1972 – and almost certainly not experienced for at least 8,000 years, say polar scientists.
Last year (2010) tied with 2005 as the warmest year on record.»

Comment: That's both north & south ice; perhaps no amount of proof will ever be enough for some sceptics, but that should not stop properly clever, *real* leaders - from saving our once jewel-like planet's comfortable life-sustaining ecosphere.


2. War/murder for spoil. Google: Syrian forces murder, torture and rape

About 1,300,000 results

Hit #3:

Syrian army murdering, torturing, raping: UN
By North America correspondent Jane Cowan, wires
Updated November 29, 2011 13:53:42
  «The UN commission of inquiry interviewed more than 200 victims, witnesses and defectors.
It concluded Syrian military and security forces had committed crimes including murder, torture and rape. ...»

Comment 1: Further down in the story, this: « ... and grant access to media, aid workers and human rights monitors.»

So, to a Q: IF they are demanding access, THEN they don't have it (or don't have enough), so how can they «... interview more than 200 victims, witnesses ...?» Throughout this whole 'Syrian saga,' reports have repeated that reports cannot be verified - looping, on *no* information. Which itself strongly suggests that the UN is believing something (here, the worst about Syria) - in the absence of evidence. Or simply lying outright.

Comment 2: Not just the AusBC which is corrupt & venal, but most of the (mainly 'Western') MSM as well; they retail lies but not only, they embellish = assist the lying, criminal perpetrators, here the aggressors preparing to strike Syria.

Comment 3: Other stories mention snipers - as did the stories about Libya, and children being killed. Snipers are by definition hidden; how to the reporters presume to prove their allegations? In clear text, how would anyone know that snipers were active? If children are in the demos - unlikely, even less likely to be targeted by government forces, why are children there at all? (Possible A: To flash V-for-victory signs for the Hollywood camera teams.) What of parental responsibility?

Comment 4: Stories of snipers, rape etc. are *most likely* to be nothing but lying propaganda, because of the revulsion the stories are designed to invoke. Good one, AusBC.

Comment 5: Here, of course, I'm not blaming Syria, but the gathering murder-for-spoil vultures about to add to this (post 9/11) list: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and after Syria is destroyed, Iran next. All ME, all Muslim/Arab, all oil-owners and/or in some way 'enemies' of Israel, that illegitimate and murdering land/property thief foist upon the world by the I/J/Z-plex, with 'great' power support = UK + US, 'allowed' via the corrupted UN - and apparently tolerated when not sycophantically supported by the majority - of so-called *leaders* (as distinct from we, the people.)


3. Economy/erring ideology. Google: obama US help EU but no money

About 46,300,000 results

Hit #1:

Obama offers EU support, but no money
(Nov. 28)

  «Wary of Europe's deepening debt crisis, President Barack Obama said Monday the United States stands ready to do its part to help the continent, even as the White House ruled out any financial contributions from U.S. taxpayers. ...» 

Comment 1: How can the US help, without moving some $s? Cheering? - "C'mon!" - Yeah, that would just about do it.

Comment 2: The fact that the EU has a crisis, and even more, the fact that the world got the GFC thrust upon it/us, means that the economic theories they 'adhere' to are nothing other than *bloody rubbish*.

Comment 3: That the economic theories they 'adhere' to are *rubbish* has been long known (to this observer); we can see how neoliberalism, 'economic rationalism,' globalisation; all together = race to the bottom for workers, wages & conditions has worked - see immediately prior comment 2 - yet I hear no so-called 'leader' deny neoliberalism, only ever doing 'more of the (neoliberal) same' = known disaster. Why? Are they all sooo stupid?


4. Life, the universe and everything.

Dear reader, by now you might have seen my point; the penny might have dropped. I could go on, but I'm assuming you don't have all day to read an ever-longer litany of woes. Either your family-life, health & education, jobs etc. are all under control or not, and let us not get 'hung up' on individual stories, but look to a bigger picture. Which is grim, and exactly my point.


Fazit; long story short: Our so-called 'leaders' are not 'stand-alone,' they have advisors, whole government departments, university faculties, private think-tanks etc., all churning out, one might expect, the best possible advice.

Ignoring what they say, in favour of inspecting what they actually do, one may see that what they, our so-called 'leaders' are producing are utter disasters, as good as everywhere we look.

Recalling 'the best possible advice,' and think of the computing GIGO = garbage-in, garbage-out, it can only mean that the orders to the advisors are specifically to create the criminal-chaos we see resulting.

Dear reader, you may now make your own conclusion to this, my sad tale.


  1. As is often the case, no sooner do I finish an article, than I find some 'external' item which compliments mine seemingly exactly.


    Here is such an article, I quote the whole 1st sub-section:

      «Romania 1989.

    In Susanne Brandstätter’s documentary ‘Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution’ aired on Arte television station some years ago, Western intelligence officials revealed how death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu.

    Brandstätter’s film is a must see for anyone interested in how Western intelligence agencies, human rights groups and the corporate press collude in the systematic destruction of countries whose leadership conflicts with the interests of big capital and empire.

    Former secret agent with the French secret service, the DGSE (La Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure) Dominique Fonvielle, spoke candidly about the role of Western intelligence operatives in destabilizing the Romanian population.

    “how do you organize a revolution? I believe the first step is to locate oppositional forces in a given country. It is sufficient to have a highly developed intelligence service in order to determine which people are credible enough to have influence at their hands to destabilize the people to the disadvantage of the ruling regime”[2]

    This open and rare admission of Western sponsorship of terrorism was justified on the grounds of the “greater good” brought to Romania by free-market capitalism. It was necessary, according to the strategists of Romania’s “revolution”, for some people to die.

    Today, Romania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. A report on Euractiv reads:

    “Most Romanians associate the last two decades with a continuous process of impoverishment and deteriorating living standards, according to Romania's Life Quality Research Institute, quoted by the Financiarul daily.” [3]

    The western intelligence officials interviewed in the documentary also revealed how the Western press played a central role in disinformation. For example, the victims of Western-backed snipers were photographed by [xx? and?] presented to the world as evidence of a crazed dictator who was “killing his own people”.

    To this day, there is a Museum in the back streets of Timisoara Romania which promotes the myth of the “Romanian Revolution”. The Arte documentary was one of the rare occasions when the mainstream press revealed some of the dark secrets of Western liberal democracy. The documentary caused a scandal when it was aired in France, with the prestigious Le Monde Diplomatique discussing the moral dilemma of the West’s support of terror in its desire to spread ‘democracy’.

    Since the destruction of Libya and the ongoing cover war on Syria, Le Monde Diplomatique has stood safely on the side of political correction, condemning Bachar Al Assad for the crimes of the DGSE and the CIA. In its current edition, the front page article reads Ou est la gauche? Where is the left? Certainly not in the pages of Le Monde Diplomatique!»

    Comment 1: What a condemnation, what vile criminality!

    Comment 2: Same sniper modus operandi in Libya, now appearing in Syria. Recall that we don't 'do' coincidence...

  2. Note the utterly depraved villainy; agents provocateurs - one assumes foreign = non-natives, most likely CIA but could be 'out-sourced,' then most likely to Xe (ex-Blackwater) if not Mossad, shoot dead from cover, in cold-blood, innocent, probably peaceful citizens = civilians, then blame the target regime. This, in context of course, is not *too* shocking, given the literally *millions* of slaughtered innocent civilians on the US account since, say, 1991 (recall the "highway of death" turkey-shoot, then Albright's 'price was worth it' ½mio children dead, matching ½mio+ adults. On and on, flow the US-caused rivers of blood-for-oil, soil(Zs), spoil = rapine.) My answer: Tumbrels for all murdering order-givers.

  3. Tip: It may pay you to read all of globalresearch/Colmáin; I did. Two bits near the end beg to be quoted:

    «The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented. No rational government attempting to stay in power would resort to unknown snipers to intimidate its opponents. Shooting at innocent protestors would be counterproductive in the face of unmitigated pressure from Western governments determined to install a client regime in Damascus. Shooting of unarmed protestors is only acceptable in dictatorships that enjoy the unconditional support of Western governments such as Bahrain, Honduras or Colombia.
    Snipers are used to create terror, fear and anti-regime propaganda. They are an integral feature of Western sponsored regime change.»


    «There is no conclusive proof that the snipers murdering men, women and children in Syria are the agents of Western imperialism. But there is overwhelming proof that Western imperialism is attempting to destroy the Syrian state. As in Libya, they have never once mentioned the possibility of negotiations between the so-called opposition and the Syrian government. The West wants regime change and is determined to repeat the slaughter in Libya to achieve this geopolitical objective.
    It now looks likely that the cradle of civilization and science will be overrun by semi-literate barbarians as the terminal decline of the West plays itself out in the deserts of the East.»

    Brrr - 4th Reich, for sure.