if US democracy has any
 meaning at all, then it's this:
  ABO; means Anyone But Obama

.. IF reps play up ...

  .. THEN no option but ...

    .. de-elect (Note: *after* the damage is done!)

Thesis/Subtitle: One must *never* reward such malfeasance.


Trigger article:

Obama’s Pepper Spraying Cops
November 22, 2011
Dave Lindorff
  «The Obama presidency has been one of the greatest disasters for progressives in modern history, as a man who ran for office promising change and a new respect for the Constitution, almost immediately picked up where his predecessor had left off, escalating the country’s illegal wars, enlarging the share of the nation’s wealth going to the Pentagon and to the secret intelligence services, shoveling money to the biggest banks, endorsing the torture abuses at Guantanamo and at the many CIA black-sites around the world, authorizing the summary execution of American citizens abroad, and ignoring the looming catastrophe of global climate change.» 

Comment: Agreed without the 'almost;' Obama's villainy began even before his 'reign' started by his refusal to condemn the then-current Z-atrocity, being the slaughter of ~1400 Palestinians, mostly civilian, in the 08/9 illegal, full-on military attack on the (open-air prison) Gaza.

For the entire world, Obama's been a one-way, *bad* trip.

He should not be allowed to stay, full stop.

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