the leaky bucket vs.
 the magic pudding
- somebody is lying

.. we, the people are immersed in a lie-cloud ...

  .. namely, the pushed-propaganda paradigm ...

    .. forcibly dumbed-down - but what about the liars?

Thesis: OWS blames the 1% (= ultra-rich) for the troubles inflicted on the 99% (= we, the people).

Me: I blame a wider group, namely the M/I/C/4a-plex[1]; of course, these are mainly 'front' organisations for the actual beneficiaries, the aforesaid (possibly fewer than) 1% = the obscenely rich - who, oddly enough, just can't get enough (here $s), so they drive the M/I/C/4a-plex to make the mostly already rich *ever richer*, partly by ripping us (we, the people) off but not only; they rip much of rest of the world off as well (like any/all resource-owner/producers, especially oil, or in the criminally tragic case of stolen = invader-Z improperly-alienated Palestine, soil). And if the resource-owner/producers don't immediately capitulate/surrender their patrimony, then in goes the US (or Z) military (see Perkins' "Economic Hit Man").


I don't need to prove my above assertions; all any fair person needs to do is a) open their eyes and b) *look* - all obvious (once the 'normal,' usually TV-propagated 'ppp/dd conditioning' is bypassed/abandoned).

Also obvious, is that US-style capitalism (no other style currently permitted) - seems to *need* rip-offs and criminal violence up to and including mass-murder for spoil (prototyped in pre-'48 Palestine (Plan Dalet, Deir Yassin massacre, etc.), all the 63+ years to today passing illegal invasions of Iraq, latest Libya and Iran next?) - in order just to struggle along. Surely, if they didn't need it, they wouldn't do it? (Risking Nuremberg-class punishment, say.) Looks like they do it, not 'merely' because they can, but because they *want* to. To save our world, the 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex cannot be allowed to so continue.


So, what's about 'the leaky bucket vs. the magic pudding?'

Well, that's another thing the 'new economics' seems to need - permanent growth, i.e. a 'magic pudding.'

Seems to need - but doesn't exist, because of the 'leaky bucket' twice; once since we have a finite planet ("Limits to Growth," 1972), and 2nd because of 'leakage' = 2nd law of thermodynamics = everything wears out, full-stop. Part of the leakage & 2nd law combined is pollution; IF we poison the planet THEN we all stand to die sooner, if carried too far then the human race itself may be endangered. CO2 is a pollutant, it is going / has gone into excess, the Arctic ice is melting; no coincidences, please.


One glaring, outright & deliberate lie[2] is all one needs to derail the 1%-wagon, and 'needs - but doesn't exist' is such a grievous lie exposed, twice. Of course, there are many other lies, outrageous on their face, like “increasing productivity by reducing workers' wages & conditions is good for you!” Shame, also twice, a) that they push such lies, then b) that such lies are apparently 'accepted' (then recall 'ppp dd' = pushed-propaganda paradigm dumbed-down.)

Another glaring, outright & deliberate lie is that 'the market knows best,' and so it goes. *All* these pernicious neoliberal lies are culminating in economic collapse almost everywhere, to which the currently preferred 'fix' is austerity - which will only drive the collapses further, faster.

Previously mentioned, and cannot be ignored, is the excess-CO2 climate-catastrophe cliff, which the 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex are driving the world over - aka down the tor-let.


Only a few of the lies we are immersed in have been mentioned, but the lying, on important topics, is practically seamless (indeed, the lies form a coordinated, 'narrative' guided - but nevertheless false - tapestry). Since we are lied to, we cannot make rational electoral decisions (possible exception: Choose your preferred liar.) Since the so-called 'representatives' once elected proceed to abuse our interests, any so-called 'democracy' we may be offered is a total sham. So we, the people have no effective input, are allowed none.

Long story short: The rulers are stuffing the world up.

Q: Where is the countervailing force, the truly smart people who could stop the vicious, lying & criminal 1% + M/I/C/4a-plex killing our once jewel-like planet, dragging *all* of us down with it?



[1] M/I/C/4a-plex = Military-Industrial (as per Eisenhower), then Congress (US for parliaments), the 4th Estate = corrupt & venal (including lying) MSM and 'a' = whatever parts of academia wanted by the 1% and prepared to sell-out - which seems to be lots, starting with economics (neoliberalism, 'economic rationalism,' globalisation; all together = race to the bottom for workers, wages & conditions) and psychology (more lying = scientifically designed propaganda).

[2] lie2  - n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives.  - v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [POD]

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