position vacant - applications called for

The US/Zs attack at leisure. No one is safe.

Iraq and Libya had high HDIs, now both bombed back to the stone-age.

At the same time, the world is going down the tubes (fig. being flushed down the tor-let), by excess and still climbing atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Most 'Western' nations, plus other psychotic sycophants, not only do not resist, they collaborate. (i.e. Rasmussen/DK, Gillard/Aus, say - but why Merkel/D? Is she / are they sooo stupid?)

Democracy is a 'non-starter' (= doesn't work, not allowed to work) - so don't blame us, we the sheople.

What's needed is a countervailing *force* (recall 'pen mightier than sword') - to turn our ecosphere's outlook around = save the planet ...

 .. and not just BTW, restore sanity & justice to the world, starting with honouring the hapless Palestinians 'right of return' = all Zionists, dependants & descendants *out* & back to whence they came.

Bonus available for an elegant, more for a quick, *effective* result.

Envisaged solution to include gaol/tumbrels/gallows for all irresponsible lying / cheating / thieving / murdering perpetrators & accessories, also apologists & pro-war trolls.

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