cognitive dissonance (love vs. lies)

 .. 'gets' me every time ...

   .. love vs. hypocrisy, lies ...

     .. and thieving, murdering crime


  «Because the sky is blue.......aaaaaaaahhhh» 

Blue/half-open sky, alternates between grey/occasional drizzle. (Rain-shadow keeps us mostly dry.)

  «Boy, you gotta carry that weight
   Carry that weight a long time»

Didn't ask to be born; but sooner or later booted from the nest. It's only fair - to have to support yourself; filthy, criminal predators, or more correctly cowardly, armed and bullying bludgers just aren't needed.

  «Here comes the sun king
   Here comes the sun king
   Everybody's laughing
   Everybody's happy
   Here comes the sun king»

Of course, it's Obama. Does he mean what he says? Does he say what he means? Wouldn't it be nice, if he actually spoke the truth to us? (And stopped the truly awful killings, and other filthy US/Israeli-regime's murdering-to-thieve crimes?)

(The song breaks down into foreign-sounding rubbish; jumbled Spanish? Italian? - that doesn't mean anything, at least not to solely English speakers; incomprehensible, possibly purely nonsensical ...)

  «And in the end
   The love you take
   Is equal to the love you make.»

Some people say that love is all you need.


PS Love sure beats lying, cheating, theft and murder.

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  1. fear trumps love ...

     .. g'day orana gelar ...

       .. here's one for you ...

    June 10, 2009
    Who Spent All That Money For What?
    Fear Rules
      «Fear has made every American a suspect, eroded our rights, and compromised our humanity.» 

    Howard was a master at putting the s**ts up the sheople; what absolute villains. Hanging would be too good.