remember, the most important thing ... (response, see text)

[response to BobW Jun 22, 2009 4:23:00 AM; 4095 char limit!!?]

 .. is not at all what they do...

   .. but what they say ...

     .. haw, haw, haw!


G'day Bob,

 .. as you might recall, I'm not irreligious so much as anti-religious, but I was (against my will, even back then) inoculated with some religious 'pollution.' One such bit is this:

  .. Forgive them father, for...

     .. they know not what they do.

Complete and utter bullshit of course, and a 'matching' piece is this little bewdy:

  .. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Even worse BS; me: "Justice delayed is justice denied!"


At this point, we need a perspective-pause. We are not 'on the ground' in Iran; most of the so-called 'Western' journalists who were there have been ejected (or run away;) some who have stayed - perhaps all (especially think here: Fisk) - seem to have their own agendas. What we absolutely *know* - is that the MSM lies, also publicly financed broadcasters. It's not new (but my realisation is relatively new); an old adage comes to mind (or I made it up): "IF a liar, THEN no credibility."

One reason for dragging religion into it is because Iran either 'fell to' or 'was rescued by' religion in 1979 (option chosen by individual observer opinion), due to a revolution against the (US)UK-installed *repressive, rip-off* Shah regime, itself the result of an external, subversive coup. For 30 years now, the 'mad mullahs' have ruled, 'dictatorially' is the charge (more individual observer opinion to decide on the veracity of the preceding, MSM-pushed propaganda). More than half of contemporary Iranians were born since then, and have a) little to no knowledge of their own history/predicament, and b) wish to 'play' with the 'rest of the West' - to which they have convinced themselves - or have been corrupted - to desire.

Personal note: Having been through a 'religion-rejection' event myself (and not only survived but am definitely, tending to infinitely better off); I can understand young, intelligent people similarly rejecting their religion. BUT: What I can't understand is why this particular group (under 30 Iranian 'intellectuals' - i.e. students, or just 'slightly better educated' even) wish to jump from the (Iranian religious) frying pan into the (US rip-off) fire. To me, this indicates amazing naïveté bordering on criminal. The Iranians stand at the abyss: they stand to lose their patrimony, not 'just' like Iraq (illegal invasion, brutal occupation) - but these 'green revolutionaries' look like *giving it away on purpose, 'for free'*.

Me not understanding modern students is neither new nor unique, here I recall "students for Reagan." In my own student days I was (virulently!) anti-war (and still am); and so now to some responses to Obama lecturing to the current, as far as I know legal authorities in Iran, who may well be (certainly my conclusion) facing a violent insurrection, instigated by foreign subversion, carried out by a rabid rent-a-mob rabble of erring-ideologue young brats (who may have validly made their own personal choice between "Heaven later ..." and "iPod now!") - but have seen their particular option fail to 'get up' in the election - and are apparently committed to destruction.


So, Mr Obama:

'68 Chicago democrats' convention.

Kent State shootings.

Patriot Act.

NSA spying on your own people and politicians (with a view to blackmail?)

MAC Act.

Illegal invasion of Iraq, now morphed into a brutal occupation, and the oil-rip-offs now seriously getting underway, by the (mainly US) oil majors.

All the above perhaps not 'yours' - but your country's *regimes'*.

Accelerating the invasion of Afghanistan, spreading the brutal carnage into Pakistan.

*Not* prosecuting torturers.

*Not* unclenching your "All options!" fists.


But before we go, Mr Obama, what about the $US400mio (that we know about; how much more we don't know about) targeted on subverting Iran?

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