OzCar/utegate perspective

"Jobs for the boys" or "favours for mates" is the 'hook' Turnbull went fishing with - but it could be pointed out a certain Howard/Manildra ethanol rort (something like $500,000 if my recall is correct - High-octane spark, Ethanol uproar engulfs Howard), but whatever the sum, that was both *real* money and *real* chicanery; here what's under discussion is a) some broken-down old ute and b) some unspecified, theoretically *possible* assistance. Oh yes, I do know that "It's the thought that counts."

I thought it was pretty crook, watching Turnbull admit that he had *nothing* in his hands, no email; no text, basically SFA. Q: What then, had he based his calls for a Rudd resignation on? Then to go Oh, so disingenuous and say "Fake email? We composed no fake email!!?" - now that's what you call a red herring, as is belatedly trying to switch the attack (back) to Swan.

It might be what you call a conundrum, Turnbull obviously had *something*, whatever it is he won't say (but we know that he's had it for some time, just as obviously did Abetz); when challenged "Put up or shut up" he flat-out failed to produce, then went to bluster. Meanwhile, a 'real' fake email turns up, possibly clearing the 'nightingale' who sang to the Senate, dragging in some so-far anonymous new actor, a '42-year-old Calwell man.'

Fakes are lies; lies are deployed to deceive. 'Sent from Treasury' presumably implicates the Calwell culprit; the nightingale showed apparent genuine discomfort. Perhaps the song-bird is (partly) off the hook, but heading for a nervous breakdown (sorry if so.)

It looks like a psyop designed to damage Rudd; the exit of Costello could work to rule out "smirk and mirrors," but we have to put some faith in what we see - and what we saw last night on 7.30 was Turnbull in full-on attempted and cowardly squirm-out mode - but with his foot fixed firmly to the non-evidence, false-email floor. Turnbull's "no basis" mea culpa looks pretty terminal - a) he claims he hadn't sighted it, meaning b) it couldn't *possibly* have been checked let alone verified and then the ultimate nail c) it was an eff'n forgery anyway. Also what of the 'helpers' Abbott, Abetz, Bishop, Hockey & Minchin? Are they desperately trying to bail out a sinking boat, or are they going down with the ship? Both?


PS Still no transcript. Ooops! 7.30 are totally screwed up; the Turnbull transcript contains the Rudd segment, and the Rudd segment itself is empty - where is the Turnbull segment, why the switch? Bad, Aunty!

Now we can see my objection to O'Brien, Uhlmann et al. at the AusBC: they are grabbing at the side-show (Swan), now that Turnbull has totally stuffed up on the main event. Note that the Uhlmann citation is *NOT* of the AusBC 19:00 news bulletin; I do not know if that 'episode' is documented anywhere and if so how, but lateline is a v.much toned-down version of what Uhlmann tried to 'push' earlier that day, namely that Swan was the target all along (as if to imply 'main' target.) If that amounts to the AusBC trying help Turnbull wriggle away I leave as a question for 'individual contemplation.'


  1. when in an 'ole ...

     .. stop digging; ...

       .. what came 1st ...

         .. the chicken or the egg?


    My headline article was drafted after hearing (some) of AM, and before the availability of &/ my reading of (some) of the transcripts. Turnbull has now admitted that his attack on Rudd is(was) not sustainable, but apart from that, both Turnbull *AND* the AusBC are still 'giving air-time' to the pursuit of Swan.

    That's partly my "when in an 'ole".

    Now, I hear assertions that the attack on Rudd began *after* the attack on Swan (my archive disagrees; Rudd urged to answer car dealer claims and Turnbull 'threatened' PM's staffer), and by rights, since Turnbull went after Rudd on unverified, nebulously thin and eventually false information - demanding Rudd's resignation, so Turnbull in his turn "sauce for the gander/goose" - should go. (But, of course, look at the history of Liberal leaders; from Fraser down to today, little if any respect has been given to, let alone cognizance taken of 'responsibility, accountability' etc..)

    Given that this crooked Liberal campaign had a beginning *somewhere,* we might pose the questions a) when and b) how.

    Obviously, someone, somewhere, *leaked* something.

    Q: How many leaks? More than one?


    Sooo, 'chicken or egg;' if Turnbull&Co continue after Swan - but essentially based on the same (or related) *fake* evidence, they would be digging their hole ever deeper, no?

    In plain text: if the original faked email was the reason why Grech gave anything other than SOP attention to the used-car dealer, doesn't that *completely* pull the rug out from under Turnbull&Co?

    And not just BTW, out from under the AusBC too?


     .. When in an 'ole ...

       .. better stop digging?

  2. I now notice that AusBC have now straightened out their 7.30 stories; Rudd & Turnbull now 'present' (but how 'correct'?) on their own pages.

  3. Possible silly buggers; the (police?) report today speaks of "a 42-year-old Calwell man."

    I just checked the 'phone book: there's a Grech G in --- Calwell.

  4. Sorry - but not too sorry, for being a bit slow. The reason for the 'phone-book excursion was the beginning of this 'snip:'

    Rudd renews demand for Turnbull to quit
    Posted June 23, 2009 16:39:00
      «But federal police yesterday raided Mr Grech's home, uncovered the email and declared it a fake. They suspect Mr Grech was involved in creating it.
    And today it was revealed that Mr Grech once worked for the Opposition's treasury spokesman Joe Hockey.
    "It was around 10 years ago and he was a departmental officer in my office for a matter of weeks and if there is somehow any suggestion at all that there was a relationship between Godwin Grech and I in this matter, it's absolutely wrong because I haven't had a conversation with him for at least a couple of years," Mr Hockey said.
    However, Mr Hockey confirmed he left a message on Mr Grech's phone on Friday after the explosive Senate inquiry.
    "Because I saw this very fragile person before a Senate committee, I mean when you know someone like that, what are you going to do? You're going to ring them up and say 'are you okay' and I did that. I left a message on his phone on Saturday and that was it. I did not hear back from him," he said.
    Mr Turnbull says he too has had contact with Mr Grech, but has not specified when.»

    You are of course free to draw your own conclusions...

  5. The Uhlmann - exclusive climb-down may be read here.

  6. a grand mal seizure ...

     .. what were they thinking about?


    On the one hand, we have Turnbull, Hockey & Grech - all "as thick as thieves."

    On the other, Abetz putting Grech to the torch "driving him to distraction." (Actually, it was to be Grech's destruction.)

    Abetz was clearly "acting on information," treating Grech like a crook(??!) - browbeating him, for an answer *pre-known* to Abetz.

    But (looping), Grech was Turnbull & Hockey's 'inside man?'

    Sheer (grand, Mal!) madness!

  7. So who di the Libs want for theur next leader?

    And see here. particular highlight of the article:

    The Agriculture Minister, Tony Burke, told how Mr Turnbull, as environment minister before the 2007 election, gave a $10 million grant to a friend and donor for rain-making technology.

    "Was the payment against departmental advice? Yes. Was it for a mate? Yes. Was it for a donor? Yes. Did somebody end up receiving that money? Yes," Mr Burke said.

    "Every box is ticked according to the Leader of the Opposition's own definition of corruption."

    Now let us see if that matter is put to MT.

  8. Q: What rhymes with 'Grech?'

    A: Wretch, for one.

    Turnbull silent on email
    June 25, 2009
      «But the Family First Senator Steve Fielding sided with the Coalition to block the referral to the Privileges Committee.» 

    Good one, Bob - thnx.


    Let's see if we have this correct;

    1. Turnbull&Co initiate an attack on Treasurer Swan, alleging 'rorts for mates.'

    2. Totally forgetting Malcom's very own dirty little secret $10mio peccadillo - to a mate.

    3. It simmers along for about a month.

    4. Then it 'revs up' - at a parliamentary ball, where the Turncoat advises a Rudd advisor on 'honesty.' (Haw!)

    5. Friday it 'hots up' with the Abetz abuse of 'their undercover man' Grech.

    6. Saturday, the cops raid Grech and discover 'fake email!'

    7. Not 'just' Turnbull but Hockey admits that they and 'the mole' are 'mates.'

    8. Turncoat still tries to bulldoze on, all guns blazing - blanks!

    9. From 'left(over) Fielding,' "No" to an enquiry.


    Now, how did that go? "Unrepresentative swill?"


  9. Correction (accuracy):

    "Mr Grech - who heads the Government's OzCar trust - is now being investigated over the fake email after it was found in Monday's AFP raids on Treasury and Mr Grech's home."

    Not Saturday, as I wrote above. While I'm at it, the ball was on the preceding Wednesday, the 17th June:

    Turnbull 'threatened' PM's staffer
    By Online parliamentary correspondent Emma Rodgers
    Posted June 19, 2009 11:04:00
    Updated June 19, 2009 14:26:00
      «Mr Charlton's statement says Mr Turnbull said to him: "Integrity is the most important thing in the career of a young man".

    Mr Charlton says the exchange then went on as follows:

    Mr Turnbull: Andrew, integrity is the most important thing in a man's career. That is why I encourage you, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the pressure, not to lie.

    Mr Charlton: Thank you for the advice. I don't feel any pressure to lie?

    Mr Turnbull: This while OzCar issue will be very damaging for you. Let me just give you some friendly advice. You should not lie to protect your boss.

    Mr Charlton: I have not.

    Mr Turnbull: You know and I know there is documentary evidence that you have lied.

    Mr Charlton: There is not.

    Mr Turnbull: Andrew, you know that there is documentary evidence. This could be very damaging for you.»