green revolution (Iran)

 .. a conspiracy theory ...

   .. with wicked AusBC types ...

     .. up to their lying bottom lips in it


Tin-foil hat time? No, not really; and I'm not suggesting that any wicked AusBC types were actually personally involved in attempts at subverting democracy in Iran. But I am betting that subversion *was* attempted - by secret agents and other erring ideologue running dogs and stalking horses of you-know-which wicked rogue regimes.

At just about any crime scene, means, motive & opportunity must be considered; and 'agents' with matching modi operandi will naturally draw attention to themselves.

Also, any coincidences immediately draw suspicion.

And so it was and is, in the run-up to and aftermath of the just concluded Iranian presidential elections. The AusBC seemed unnaturally interested, uncannily well informed, and had all the 'right' sound-bites/video to go with - their very own conspiracy theory, namely a green revolution purported to be 'on the go' to overthrow Ahmadinejad. As evidence, recall the AusBC video segment they broadcast repeatedly, showing happy faces and green items of all types and shades; a rally craftily confected and cagily staged for maximum propaganda effect - one suspects; modus operandi all over again. A real give-away is the expression on V. Haussegger's face whenever Iran or N.Korea gets a mention (i.e. try getting her to say 'denier' or 'provocation' and then observe her facial contortions - and especially, her bottom lip.) Then, what is truly remarkable, is the outrage in the AusBC voices as they decry the result, as if to screech: "How dare they so defile democracy??!" (Haw. As if the Iranians would bother, and as if our own 'Western' democracies actually properly functioned... Think "MSM lies," think "Lib/Lab pug-ugly twins," think "dumbed-down voters," think "Hanging chads;" think "Diebold." Haw again! Aw, stop it! - Ow, it hurts!) What is it with these AusBC types? Looks like they have a personal interest - in the 'dark side;' and here of course I'm referring to the you-know-which wicked rogue regimes.

And again no, I'm definitely *not* talking about Iran or N.Korea; each of those hapless countries, basically just wishing to mind their own business, has just as much 'right' as any others - to fiddle around with nukular whatevers; it is in fact the you-know-which wicked rogue regimes who/which in one case actually deployed A-bombs (100s of 1000s of innocent victims slaughtered), and in the other, spitting in the face of the NPT, threatens the whole ME, in the name of 61+ years of murdering to steal "Lebensraum" for invading, mostly 'Western,' mostly foreign & mostly *illegal* settlers.


  1. be careful of what you wish for ...


    On AusBC 19:00 news last night, they showed a young Iranian - flashes of overwhelmingly green clothing items - the young man lunging at the camera, fingers of both hands outstretched making a "V" sign; and screeching "WE WANT FREEDOM!"

    Well, Q: Who could argue with that?

    A: Both Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, looks like.


    Juan Cole has an interesting piece:

    Saturday, June 13, 2009
    Stealing the Iranian Election
      «The ministry must have informed Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has had a feud with Mousavi for over 30 years, who found this outcome unsupportable. And, apparently, he and other top leaders had been so confident of an Ahmadinejad win that they had made no contingency plans for what to do if he looked as though he would lose.» 

    IF we believe Cole (no reason at the moment not to) THEN looks like Khamenei and Ahmadinejad might have a case to answer.


    Now, I'm not 'into' making excuses for Khamenei and/or Ahmadinejad (lest I be accused of being a Pol Pot supporter too - could happen) - but the 'Iranian context' is that a US-sponsored coup deposed democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh(1953), substituting an oppressive US puppet (Shah Pahlavi) - who was then in turn deposed by the Iranian revolution(1979), around the time of the US Embassy in Iran was 'occupied' by Iranians - incidentally (or perhaps not) leading to the failure of Carter to snare his own re-election. All 'v.bad vibes' for the US - and if there's one thing the US just 'lurves' to do, is dole out frightful and disproportionate retribution. (The US shares such modi operandi with Israel.)

    As my headline article title suggests, I was tipping more & filthier US subversion. I'm wondering how far they're prepared to go; the fear is that a 'blood on the ground' revolution might be on the cards, the 'breakfast-bag' said as much around 06:00am today. Frightening.

    (How much does she know, and how long has she known it?)


    PS What's about careful what you wish for?

    Well, consider the US sheople's freedom. Or ours, for that matter (free to rot their brains with TV.) Not to mention the vicious driving-down of wages and conditions, privatisations (selling off the family jools) - all that free-market neoliberal bullshit. Lastly, Iran has lots of oil - at the moment. Given a new, US puppet regime, it wouldn't have for much longer. Or at least, wouldn't see too much of the proceeds.

  2. Switching back to this thread, to list some comments from Cole's post of June 14:

    (One should read it all; my selections may not be yours:)

    «At 9:45 AM, werkshop said...
    No, let that not be the end to the guilt trip, ObamaBot. It's blatantly clear that the Western Media had this narrative worked out well ahead of time and rolled it out on cue, and that Mousavi played into this process. It's equally blatant that this is another US backed, manipulated Color Coup. Eventually, and probably fairly soon, the involvement of US backing and manipulation will be revealed, as it was in other recent color revolutions.


    «At 1:10 PM, JamesL said...
    A wide disparity in these comments.

    I expect the Cheney (destabilization in the Mid East would be good for America) Group is rubbing its hands together in glee and backpatting each other. I do recall news that Bush had authorized money to fund covert American forces in Iran, and open admissions they have been there for at least two years, attacking here, bribing there. I don't recall Obama saying he intended to stop that effort, or any announcement as such.


    «At 4:09 PM, Anonymous said...
    As a guess, the Israeli and US threats, even of a nuclear attack, must be extremely important to the Iranian electorate. Clearly, Ahmadinejad's persuit of nuclear capability is beyond reproach in Iran, and this may have led to his re-election. Nuclear capability could be the only way for advancement of Iran in the emerging world of China, Russia, India, and the Middle East. Without it, Israel/US will continue to dominate, and bomb at will, in the Middle East.

    Also, if Iran does not have a completely self-sufficient nuclear program, they can be black-mailed and/or cutoff from fuel at the drop of a hat. Again, it looks like Ahmadinejad is doing the right thing for his people.

    Beyond this, most of the Middle East has leadership that is sold out to the West. Obviously Ahmadinejad has not, and I expect the Iranian people would be very careful not to change that.

    [Me: wouldn't it be nice, if the US simply put its hands in its own pockets?]

  3. (almost) random comments ...

     .. what we can see ...

       .. is what we will likely get ...

         .. what we can't see - is probably criminal


    1. Ahmadinejad has 'won,' with the support of Khamenei.

    2. That it was a 'color coup' attempt is supported by the 'green;' either an incredibly naïve ploy on behalf of Mousavi, or an over-the-top (aka typical hubristic) touch by the (foreign; CIA/Mossad, take your pick) subversion/psyop-perpetrators.

    3. The violence; IF we, truth and justice seeking bloggers, from half-way around the world, know that Khamenei has all the power, that Khamenei had publicly congratulated Ahmadinejad, THEN those on the ground over there must also know, most likely far better than we, that when Khamenei says "Jump," they ask "How high, Sir?" - i.e. they don't go on a rampage. Rampaging - in the face of the revolutionary guards, say - would always come to some painful end - one might think. Sooo, who would rampage - except erring ideologues, the exact type who would fall for a CIA/Mossad-type siren-song (i.e. a false and misleading promise of freedom?)

    4. The incredible, indecent even, AusBC slavering, which (IMHO!) goes all the way - in confirming USrael complicity. Money for jam.

    [to be cross posted]

  4. never trust any statistic ...

     .. that you didn't forge yourself ...

       .. "They'd have to say that, wouldn't they?"

         .. yet another c-theory - this time hardly joking at all


    Q: How did the Mousavi rampagers get the idea the election was 'fixed' anyway?

    A: They fixed it themselves, but were outfoxed and counter-fixed.

    Thinking all the time...