the price - was worth it (US Israel Iran)

 .. the end - justified the means ...

   .. too bad - for the many 'collaterals' ...

     .. omelette = broken eggs [or 'just' beaten]


1. "the price - was worth it" - the ½mio children, being ½ of the total of about 1mio Iraqis, thought to have died as a direct result of the US-sponsored UN-sanctions against Iraq, '91+. This estimate is sure to be short of the real total, and does not attempt to measure misery.

2. "the end - justified the means" - the downfall & execution of Saddam, at a cost to-date of (estimate; the US doesn't even attempt to count): 1.3+mio dead Iraqis, with 2+2mio displaced or fled - and 6+ years later (longer than all of WW2), Iraq is still occupied by 150,000 invading US soldiers; infrastructure damaged, in many places totally destroyed, and the whole economy in tatters.

3. "too bad - for the many 'collaterals'" - Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan (this only but not all since 2001); the US invading, pink-misting 'grunts' do not care a wit who they witlessly kill. Bullet, bomb or robot-missile, rained down on the 98% innocent indigenes out of clear blue skies. Their skies, not the invader's. Ummm; what's about the 2%? - actually, more indigenes, variously called "Al-Qaeda" or "Taliban" - but probably more accurately: "genuine, patriotic freedom fighters."

4. "omelette = broken eggs [or 'just' beaten]" - Iran today; the 'legitimate' authorities either brutally suppressing legitimate democratic dissent - or desperately defending their age-old culture from US-inspired, US-funded & US-assisted subversion, psyops and snivelling greed.

5. "boots - or settlements; 'on the ground'" - the near 1000 US bases around the world, threatening & coercing democracies such as Germany, Japan - and Australia (remember the (CIA) coup against Whitlam); and the illegal settlements the Zs build, as they press their (non!)borders ever further into Palestine, beyond the (undeserved!) 'gift' the UN (immorally!) 'gave' them in '47/8.

6. Omitted (amongst others); the whole grisly, South America saga, the brutal attacks on the former Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, the (war crime!) A-bombings. Too many US-depredations, not enough (my) time. But note one thing: almost without exception, the US(Israeli) attacks are made against pitiful if any resistance.


These are not actions from some dreadful medieval past, they are current, starting roughly post-WW2 and occurring almost continuously right down to the present moment. Apart from the actions by Iran, which - IMHO - may very well be only self-defensive in nature, even if (slightly?) misguided (but see Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away) - these aggressive (see Nuremberg Crimes against Peace) actions are actions carried out by, led by, the so-called world leader - and its vicious side-kick.

The US (plus Israel) are not doing any of this to spread democracy; they have no use for truth and less for justice. (See corrupt and venal MSM, including big bits of the AusBC.) The US (plus Israel) are doing what they do to enable US-style capitalism to rip-off the world's resources, and further enrich themselves ever more obscenely beyond avarice in the process.

They, the US (plus Israel), represent themselves as "the pinnacle of human civilisation."


«Without justice, there can be no peace. He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.»
 -- MLK.

About time to get something useful - honourable & legal to do, eh?

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