the truth is not brutal ... (Iran, AusBC)

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This is a comment to green revolution (Iran)]

 .. but some AusBC reporting *is* ...


I do *not* support violence, in any way, shape or form - quite the opposite.

In the run-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq (and talking of 'brutal,' that's what the invasion was morphed into, a *brutal* occupation; estimated 1.3+mio dead Iraqis) - in that run-up, we who opposed war were accused of being Saddam *supporters,* with or without a gratuitous *appeaser* tag. That's the sort of tactics deployed by the vicious warmongers and warmongering supporters (i.e. lying trolls, say).

Now, if we (truth, justice & *peace*-seekers) oppose the criminal US destabilisation of Iran, we stand the chance to be maligned; we may once again be incorrectly (unjustly!) accused, this time of supporting the brutal crack-downs - reported almost hourly on by panting AusBC patsies. One can almost hear the blood dripping down between their words. At the time of this writing, Anne Barker's AM transcript is yet to be posted, but I heard some of it, and it could have gone something like this: "Iran's streets are now almost completely, peacefully silent, with people quietly resuming their normal business - however the brutal crack-down has resulted in about a squillion deaths, with the hated and feared berserker-militia, all dressed in black-masked mufti, were yesterday seen by US-sponsored subversive tweeters - attacking innocent bystanders with axes[1]." She didn't say: thankfully, the pitiful but noisy minority of illegal and violent anti-government sore-loser protesters had abandoned their foolish quest to unseat the legitimate authorities. Too bad; but we have to sacrifice something in the name of so-called 'journalistic honesty, accuracy & accountability' - I suppose.


We (the sheople) all just *love* democracy; basically because we've been told we love it, just as we are continually assured that we live in the absolute and only best place in the world - funny that the one best place happens to include simultaneously the US, UK, Aus & Israel. The propagandists don't 'see' any problem with this unique/non-unique impossibility, because they (conceptually) are stuck in their own incredibly narrow perspective - which they force down our throats. In fact, it amuses me to hear the propagandists tell us we live in *the most unique* paradise!

Sooo, when an ignorant and ideologically erring rent-an-insurgent mob go on a rampage in Iran (look to the earliest demo pictures; hoards of *stone throwers*, burning pyres - from stinky rubbish bins to public buses); so much for 'peaceful rallies' - when this rabble is asked to behave but instead increases it's intransigency, Q: What're the authorities to do? A: Get out the axes - according to the AusBC.


Despite the AusBC's 'best' efforts, we still lack loads of meaningful data. Here is an interesting viewpoint:

Stolen Election in Iran? An Inside View of Vote Fraud
By Maarten Doude van Troostwijk
June 22, 2009 "LewRockwell"
  «Nothing in the above proves or disproves fraud in the recent election in Iran, of course. But since there seem to be hardly any reports indicating the type of blatant, precinct-level fraud as described above, the way it must have been done - if at all - is on the level of the Regional or Central Electoral Commission by manipulating the count. If so, one would expect results to have taken longer to be announced for the above-mentioned reasons. Of course, the manipulation of results could have been done crudely too, particularly if it was done in a panic - by a bunch of incompetents who hadn’t prepared their conspiracy to defraud properly (which would render the current Iranian authorities not much of a dictatorship - proper dictatorships don’t mess up their hold on power). In that case we should see real evidence soon.
So far, however, the fact in itself that the results of this election were known within a short time after the closing of the polls cannot be a convincing argument that there must have been fraud. On past experience of observing elections, it tends to indicate the opposite.»
[ICH/lewrockwell/Doude van Troostwijk]

As usual, one should read the lot.


PS At any crime scene, it may be asked what of means, motive & opportunity. The US, with its *publicly announced* $US400mio destabilisation plans, must be 'in with a chance.' That Iran sits on a lake of oil - just like Iraq - gives us a hint at 'Cui Bono?'

PPS What's so good about democracy anyway? We, the sheople are lied to, not just by our so-called leaders, but also by big bits of the AusBC; our so-called representatives more often than not represent anything but our, we the sheople's interests (like flogging off 'the family silver,' say), and no matter who we elect, we still get ripped off, and our boys sent to invade and murder in foreign lands. Sooo again, who would wish our system on any other group? Why would any other group wish to join us, in our fake 'democracy paradise?' All we get, as 'lucky Aussies' (or USs, Uks etc.) is bought off with cheap trinkets like wide-flat-screen TVs, loads of DVDs, take-out pizzas - and an otherwise bored-to-death, waiting for Godot poverty of an existence. What utter madness.



[1] 'Blood everywhere' in fresh Iran crackdown
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker for AM
Posted June 25, 2009 06:00:00
Updated June 25, 2009 09:31:00
  «"We saw militia with axe chopping people like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher."» 

Not much good complaining, without suggesting a solution; so here's how we could start:

STOP ALL THE FILTHY LIES! (Listening, Aunty?)


  1. [comment to History of the 21st C]

    G'day Damian,

    interesting that you mention the violence - of the so-called 'peaceful' demonstrators.

    That occurred to me yesterday, as I gazed at an early (i.e. 1st Saturday) picture of vigorous, heavy-stone throwing youths. Hallo, I thought: exactly how is this peaceful?

    Then I recalled seeing AusBC reports exactly as you describe it, i.e. flames leaping from rubbish bins - or public buses on fire [This mentioned also in headline article.]


    Another thing that struck me, after reading the seemingly exaggerated and excessively, repetitively violent reports coming to us via the AusBC. Consider this: the AusBC describes a certain 'private' militia, swarming around on motor-bikes, not a single uniform to be seen - and then this mufti-militia performing exceedingly gruesome physical attacks on people - now even including people being hacked at using axes.

    Hallo again, I thought: what utterly *perfect* cover and camouflage, for *US-sponsored* subversion, via CIA/Mossad-type covert death-squads. Then, all such *insurgent* attacks, even on innocent bystanders, are then glibly attributed to a brutal Iranian-regime crack-down - by that very same MSM agency, *our* AusBC.

    This time, Aunty, we need some proof of your vicious allegations. Please.


  2. Anne Barker's report is now 'up' ...

     .. it differs a bit from my 'wish' version ...

       .. too bad, Aunty, not enough blood for you?


    Iran's opposition backed into corner
    Anne Barker reported this story on
    Friday, June 26, 2009 08:10:00
      «ANNE BARKER: Since the bloodshed and mayhem on Wednesday at Tehran's Baharestan Square, Iran's hardline regime appears to have regained the upper hand.
    Opposition protesters are off the streets, many of them beaten or harassed into submission. And Iran's state owned Press TV broadcast in English is presenting a picture of calm.»

    Well, there is my wished for 'calm.' But, it's not all over yet:

      «Until then Mir-Hossein Mousavi is recommending more subtle ways of protest. Today's most provocative act may be the release of thousands of green helium balloons as a tribute to those people killed in the recent violence.» 
    [AusBC/AM, ibid.]

    Love those words: «... most provocative act.»

    In fact, Mousavi's actions from the get-go (detested Ameri-speak - spit!) - have been nothing other than one vicious, provocative act after another.

    Some 'democratic' patriot.

    Here's a version of his 'manifesto', thanks, but "No, thanks!" to Escobar (one never knows - perhaps until too late, who one's 'real' friends are - and in this case perhaps, who not):

    Jun 19, 2009
    Divine assessment vs people power
    «1. Remove Khamenei from supreme leader because he doesn't qualify as a fair supreme leader.
     2. Remove [President Mahmud] Ahmadinejad from president because he took it forcefully and unlawfully.
     3. Put [Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali] Montazeri as supreme leader until a review group for the ghanooneh asasi [constitution] is set up.
     4. Recognize [losing presidential candidate Mir Hossein] Mousavi as the official president.
     5. A government by Mousavi and start a reform of the constitution.
     6. Free all political prisoners without any ifs and buts, right away.
     7. Call off any secret organization such as gasht ershad [morality police].»
    [atimes/Middle East]

    (I especially liked 5-7. Sadly, nowhere does it say "Free iPods!")

    Dear reader, you can ask yourself: just how realistic is that manifesto? That is to say, in the current system 'over there,' how much (if any) of the suggested change could reasonably be accepted by 'the system,' and how much is nothing more than a cynical trap for 'young players,' what the ultra-violent, stone-throwing, bin- and bus-burning - i.e. anything other than peaceful but *rampant* street demos have so far shown us? (Again, recall AusBC film: why such mindless, wanton destruction?)


    More? OK, then:

    I'm fed up with, sick almost to death of, being lied to. On the one hand, it's a 'quality of life' issue. Exactly *why* must we be lied to? Lies are deployed only to deceive; what's to hide? (Oh. Only the rip-offs. Sorry.) On the other hand, it's a 'quality of life' issue. It's a stupid waste of our time (sitting there listening to one filthy lie after another); it's a stupid waste of our *lives*, we could be getting something useful to do... Ah! Now *there's* an idea!


    PS IF US-driven subversion THEN Khamenei&Co have not only every *right* to defend Iran, but they *must*; it's their absolute and primary *duty*. IMHO, far too many commentators - like Escobar here, other-where Cole & Fisk et al. have been - again IMHO - seduced, *reduced*, by the (pseudo!) democracy siren-song. I expected something slightly better - just that bit more *nuanced*, say?

  3. ... but, you don't have to believe me; Oh, no!

    Try this, from ICH. You may care to follow further links, like to 'an after-action report,' & someone going 'public about the scam.' Bon reading.

  4. ..."what utterly *perfect* cover and camouflage, for *US-sponsored* subversion, via CIA/Mossad-type covert death-squads."

    Violence perpetrated by elements of PMOI/MEK disguised as Basij? It's possible.

    Actual Basij militia controlled by Pásdárán? Possible.

    Rogue Basij operating outside Pásdárán control? Also possible.

    We can only speculate on probabilities in this case.