triple peaks of democracy (US, Israel, Iran)

 .. 1. the US invasion of Asia ...

   .. 2. the Zionist invasion of Palestine ...

     .. 3. police action against poor-loser Iranian insurgents


1. My title should be enough, but I'll 'toss' up some extras anyway. We know about Lakoffian® framing; it's not just what one says, but also v.definitely how one says it. I have recently pointed out a few of the multitudinous AusBC sins of transmission.

For some reason unknown to me, the AusBC has given itself permission - or been ordered - to tell us lies, the recent/current examples being two, namely the pro-opposition biased reporting on the attempted subversion (green revolution (Iran; 'the fix')) of the Iranian election and the pro-Liberal-opposition biased reporting on the OzCar/utegate psyop mounted against our own Federal government by Turnbull&Co.

On the one hand, the AusBC is joining by encouraging dissent against the legal order in Iran; the only 'real' info we have so far seen on Iranian voting intentions predicted essentially the given result. Massive street demonstrations (by sore losers) may look impressive, but IF they are the result of external subversion, and in any case represent only a small but v.well organised minority, *and* have been declared illegal, THEN reasonable police action would be understandable. Further IF the demos get out of hand (we've seen lots of fires) THEN more extreme actions (water-cannon, batons) could be justified. I do not by this condone any killing in any way, but who is to know who's really 'responsible?' See the $US400mio that we know about, deployed (via CIA, we suppose, perhaps Mossad) specifically towards the destabilisation of Iran. Based on the known 'School of Assassins' m.o. they could have multiple undercover killers active in Iran. Note: fires in the streets have been seen recently in France, water-cannon, batons deployed in Germany, etc.. Sooo, Q: Why is the AusBC describing events in Iran with such draconian language? (A: Silly question; they wish to influence, as opposed to inform.)

On the other hand, until it became ludicrously obvious that Turnbull had well and truly shot himself in the foot, the AusBC bias was full-tilt to the Liberals. Not just on the Federal scene, the AusBC full-tilt bias to the Liberals is 'enduring and endemic' to Canberra local politics. Q: Why that? A: See influence vs. inform. Q: Whose interests are served? A1: *Not* ours, we the sheople, A2: *Not* our de-balled and defective democracy.

Only fully and fairly informed voters could be capable of making sane electoral decisions; any single lie is a crime against democracy, but the AusBC is a serial, multiply continuous offender. Boo! Hiss! Bad Aunty!


2. The US, and its as good as continuous 'resource' wars. There's a logical fallacy, often deployed 'in the bad old days' by Howard: "Everyone knows..." which he would then follow by one of his famous lies. (Coined especially for Howard: "All politicians lie!" - where 'all' is loosely interpreted as the multiple Howard personalities assembled "as a shag on a rock.") Sooo, everyone knows - or should know by now, exceptions being a) those actually 'on the take,' b) those erring ideologues who support criminals 'for free' (i.e. lying trolls), and c) those deliberately deceived, see AusBC above... - Err, everyone capable of sorting truth from the MSM dross knows that the US is run by an outlaw rogue regime, mass-slaughtering across the planet, recent examples being Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan:

US drone strike kills 45 in Pakistan
Posted June 24, 2009 06:00:00
  «US ally Pakistan officially objects to the strikes by pilotless US aircraft, though the attack came as the Pakistani army was preparing an offensive against Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan on the Afghan border.» 

Fat lot of good any 'objecting' will do:

Pentagon Multiple Choice: Dissenting Americans are Terrorists
Kurt Nimmo
June 15, 2009
  «It should come as no surprise a DoD Antiterrorism Awareness training course characterizes dissidents as “low level” terrorists. Such indoctrination and brainwashing will make it easier for soldiers and DHS paramilitaries — including “public-private partnership” (fascist) shock troops such as InfraGard and soon enough Obama’s “public service” Jugendbewegung — to not only round-up and intern dissidents but shoot them down in numbers as they were shot down in their millions by Stalin and Mao in the blood-soaked 20th century.» 

I hear some saying yeah, yeah, pull the other one; so try this:

October 26, 2008 12:40 PM PDT
U.S. Army warns of twittering terrorists
by Steven Musil
  «The U.S. intelligence community is concerned that terrorists might use micro-blogging tool Twitter to coordinate attacks, according to a purported draft Army intelligence report posted on the Web.
The report--present by the 304th Military Intelligence Battalion and posted to the Federation of American Scientists Web site--examines the possible ways terrorists could use mobile and Web technologies such as the Global Positioning System, digital maps, and Twitter mashups to plan and execute terrorist attacks.»

But IF you still think I'm dreaming THEN try this:

Middle East
Jun 20, 2009
Beijing cautions US over Iran
By M K Bhadrakumar
  «Earlier, Moscow welcomed Ahmadinejad's re-election. Both China and Russia abhor "color" revolutions, especially something as intriguing as Twitter, which Moscow came across a few months ago in Moldova and raises hackles about the US's interventionist global strategy.» 


3. In another type of "Everyone knows" bucket, we have the "except for the deliberately disinformed" one, see AusBC above. Here I refer to the Zionist invasion of Palestine, essentially the defining injustice that allowed every subsequent injustice - like the illegal invasion of Iraq, now turned brutal occupation; murder for oil. I note the UN now bleating at Iran; Q: Why didn't the UN declare the B, B & H invasion illegal - until too late? Q: Why did the UN allow Zionists to invade Palestine in the first place? On top of all of those v.good questions, come the overarching one, Q: Why does the AusBC provide cover for invading alien Zionists, who have been mass-murdering the original legal owners of Palestine now for 61+ bloody years? One glaringly obvious (i.e. dog's balls) one is because the politicians not just allow it, they order it. But what of AusBC 'integrity?' What of their so-called 'professionalism?' Bah! Of course, either voluntarily surrendered, or totally corrupted - if not both, even assuming that any of those ever existed.


Facit: The 'peak of perfection' of Anglo/Judaic 'civilisation' arises in the so-called 'leader(s)' of the so-called 'free' world, the (mad dog!) US, with its (illegitimate!) tail, Israel - and their murdering wars for resources, mainly the US for oil, Israel for land and water. That the filthy crimes of this 'dastardly duo' go largely unremarked, is because of continuous (lying!) 'cover' afforded by the (corrupt & venal!) MSM, including big bits of the AusBC.

To criticise Iran in the face of their own vast criminality is the utter heights of hypocrisy; there can never be peace without justice, and the reform must start 'at the top' - else, 'the fish is rotting from the head.' Phew! - But not just awful, catastrophic.

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