wash your mouth out, Aunty!

 .. with soap; words they should not use ...

   .. the 'job' of the AusBC is to neutrally inform ...

     .. *NOT* to make judgments, or slant info in any way


Explication: In order to document AusBC 'indiscretions,' biased remarks, (invalid!) value judgments or other malfeasance - including outright lies - examples may be listed here. Anyone wishing to include such need only submit a comment, including a checkable quote plus working URL and any qualification(s); the instance will be listed in this headline article, a 'push-down' stack.


Date (YYMMDD); transgression; comment:

090620; 'political dissident, ... people ... disappeared;' dissident —adj. disagreeing, esp. with the established government, system, etc. [POD] - It's correct; most of the nominated persons in stress positions are disagreeing with a result declared by the constituted authorities. By now, we all know the implications of 'stress positions.' Another word they (AusBC etc.) like using is insurgent (—adj. in active revolt. —n. rebel. [ibid.]) The (analogous?) usage of 'disappeared' first came to my attention in the aftermath to the (CIA sponsored?) Chilean coup d'état. (Please see Jun 20, 2009 7:19:00 AM below.) What language you deploy, Aunty!

090620; 'unleash their full fury;' unleash v. 1 release from a leash or restraint. 2 set free to engage in pursuit or attack. [POD] fury n. (pl. -ies) 1 a wild and passionate anger. b fit of rage. [ibid.] Dear Ms Barker and/or Aunty; please justify these invalid and/or immoderate inaccuracies/projections, and generally inflammatory language? (Please see Jun 20, 2009 5:51:00 AM below.)

090617; 'despise, hate;' one of Fisk's phrases is "They absolutely despise him," where 'him' is Ahmadinejad. Q: How can Fisk know this? Iran has about 70mio people; has Fisk talked to 35mio+1, all of whom 'absolutely despise?' Fisk is presumed to take $s from the AusBC. Then, Fisk says "they do not hate or dislike the Islamic republic," which is some good news.

090615; 'crack down;' the article title is "Iran declares opposition rally illegal" - one doesn't 'crack down' on anything illegal, one enforces the law.

090606; 'denier;' the phrase is "Obama has bluntly challenged Iran's president to visit a concentration camp and lashed out at Holocaust deniers." Dear Aunty: please present *hard evidence* of any such denial by Ahmadinejad. (Note that this is the very same Obama who advised Iran to "unclench its fists.") IF there is no such evidence, THEN the AusBC should tell us so, alerting us to a quoted lie.

090604; 'atomic weapons, the West;' this article is a 'real bewdy.' One phrase is "Tehran's nuclear program, which the West suspects is a cover for ambitions to build atomic weapons." Q: Who, exactly is 'the West?' A: The mad dog US and illegitimate tail Israel, and any quisling/coerced 'allies?' Q: Where is there evidence of Iran building a bomb? A: None; neither CIA nor IAEA. Only snivelling politicians, often Israeli, make this (invalid!) assertion - and the AusBC parrots it just about every time. Boo! Hiss!

060903; '... Ahmadinejad, who has said openly he would like to wipe Israel off the map.' Said by Tony Jones - got any proof, Aunty?

That one's pretty old now; here's a more up-to-date one:

090211; 'nuclear capability, wipe Israel off the map;' quoting Obama: "The Iranian regime supports violent extremists and challenges us across the region, it pursues a nuclear capability that could spark a nuclear arms race, its president denies the Holocaust and threatens to wipe Israel off the map. The danger from Iran is grave, it is real." ("unclenching his fists." Haw!) Same as above; IF there is no evidence for Obama's statements, THEN the AusBC should tell us so, alerting us to quoted lies.


A 'different' thing is weird language:

090618; 'took a hit;' - what the hell is that supposed to mean? I mean, we can have a guess, but what's wrong with good old plain English?

09mmdd; 'slam;' as in "libs slam" 18 times this year alone, including 9 "ACT libs slam." Hmmm. There are plenty of other choices[2] for 'slam,' invalid due to being a loaded, judgmental term. How about 'pitifully, or whiningly criticised?'


Fazit: The idea is to collect violations of the 'business model' that we fairly & rightly expect, as the bill-payers, that the AusBC should be honouring.


PS One 'trick' that AusBC deploys is that they do not supply word-for-word transcripts for all news broadcasts, including the 7:00pm 'news' and RN/b-fast. Sooo, since what they say there can be totally undocumented, so they can abuse such broadcasts - and they do. Another 'trick' is to hide 'sensitive' items, often as 'oncers,' in off-peak or otherwise obscure corners. Again boo! Hiss! Anything that is not strictly non-biased fact should be flagged as such; it would help if the AusBC actually provided the facts, when such are contradicted by someone they quote. That'd be pretty easy for so-called 'professional' journalists, eh?

PPS The intention is to keep 'floating' this article to the 'top' of the blog. Naturally enough, as a truth-seeker site, anyone may 'argue the toss.' Also, if anyone has better examples than those already published, please feel free to send 'em in.



[1] neutral
1 not helping or supporting either of two opposing sides, especially states at war; impartial: during the Second World War Portugal was neutral.
belonging to an impartial party, state, or group: on neutral ground.
unbiased; disinterested: neutral, expert scientific advice. [Oxford Pop-up]

[2] slam
3 (informal) he was slammed by the critics for his first-half performance
CRITICIZE, attack, censure, condemn, denigrate, pull to pieces, give a bad press to; pillory, maul, lambaste, flay, savage, revile, vilify; informal knock, pan, bash, take apart, crucify, hammer, do a hatchet job on, throw brickbats at, lay into, roast, skewer; Brit. informal slate, rubbish, slag off; N. Amer. informal trash, bad-mouth, pummel, cut up; Austral./ NZ informal bag, monster; archaic slash; rare excoriate.
-opposite(s): PRAISE. [ibid.]


  1. "unleash their full fury"

     .. the first update ...

       .. and the reason I started this


    Ayatollah threatens 'dire consequences' for protestors
    Anne Barker reported this story on
    Saturday, June 20, 2009 08:03:00
      «ANNE BARKER: The Ayatollah's words are effectively carte blanche for Iran's security forces to unleash their full fury on protesters who disobey.» 

    090620; 'unleash their full fury;' unleash v. 1 release from a leash or restraint. 2 set free to engage in pursuit or attack. [POD] fury n. (pl. -ies) 1 a wild and passionate anger. b fit of rage. [ibid.] Dear Ms Barker and/or Aunty; please justify these invalid and/or immoderate inaccuracies/projections, and generally inflammatory language?

    As usual, one should read the entire citation. Note first of all, the extreme language of the title. Q: Where, Aunty, did any Iranian threaten "dire consequences?" This is nothing other than the AusBC indulging in a form of "hate speech." Then note, say, the rabid language from multiple AusBC presstitutes, contrasted to the actual words from Iran. Any illegal rally is just that, and becomes an enforcement issue. Just like Sir Robert Askin screeched, "Ride over the bastards!" The 'bastards' then were we, the Aussie sheople, demo-ing against Vietnam. Or, "A mob!" - Howard, referring again to we, the Aussie sheople, demo-ing against the subsequent illegal invasion of Iraq, now a brutal occupation; murder for oil.

  2. Believe me; I got it straight from the dragons's mouth!

     .. almost too eff-ing good to be true ...

       .. out of the mouths of BB-babes


    This one needn't go onto the list:

    BBC responds to Ayatollah's warning
    Elizabeth Jackson reported this story on
    Saturday, June 20, 2009 08:06:00
      «SINA MOTALEBI: I don't know how much we can say it was directed just to BBC but I think BBC Persia is also part of the general scene they are talking about; about the propaganda against the regime and about the foreign powers interfering in Iranian internal affairs.
    ELIZABETH JACKSON: That's the editor of BBC Persia Sina Motalebi.»

    Comment: No comment (apart from Haw, haw, haw!)


    PS Reminds me; with Costello gone, we've lost our "Lord Haw-haw!"

    PPS If there's anyone of integrity at the AusBC at all, IMHO it's Elizabeth Jackson - and what do you know? She's pushed off into the almost invisible Sat-AM corner.

  3. once more today from AM ...

     .. but with what sort of prejudice?


    Protests likely to persist despite threats of a crackdown
    Emily Bourke reported this story on
    Saturday, June 20, 2009 08:09:00
      «GEORGE MCLEOD: What I got was a very mild version of what a political dissident would receive here. I was detained on the street, taken outside the Interior Ministry and beaten and then taken into the basement car park of the Interior Ministry where I was questioned.
    EMILY BOURKE: What did you see in the Interior Ministry in the basement?
    GEORGE MCLEOD: Well, I was led down a dark flight of stairs and in the basement there were, I would say between 50 and 100 people squatting on the floor in, I guess what you would call stress positions with their hands folded behind their heads with guards pacing up and down, sort of tapping people with their batons.
    I've heard people say that they've been held in that manner for days. So, you can be taken in and not charged; your family won't be told. So, I don't think we're going to know for a very long time how many people have disappeared.»
    [AusBC/AM/Emily Bourke]

    We've already dealt with 'crackdown;' a demonstration declared illegal is an enforcement issue. And depending on behaviour, 'foreign correspondents' can be honest reporters (haw, haw, haw!) - or agents provocateurs...

    Then, note the language:

    1. A "very mild version" - they hardly mussed his hairstyle (if at all - IF he had evidence at all, THEN there'd be SCREAMS!)

    2. "political dissident" - slanted reporting; one could just as easily - and more accurately - say "illegal demonstrator."

    3. "and beaten" - evidence please; otherwise this is merely 'hearsay.' (n. rumour, gossip. [POD])

    4. "dark flight of stairs" - scene-setting; melodramatic.

    5. "stress positions" - like, Ahhh, Guantánamo / Abu Ghraib?

    6. Finally, the coup de grâce: "... how many people have disappeared." - Like, in the (CIA sponsored?) Chilean coup d'état, say?

    This item was introduced by Jackson, reported by Bourke. What gives? Who carries 'responsibility' for AusBC propaganda, and who allows/encourages it?

  4. "taken a hit" ...

     .. we've heard it before ...

       .. it's listed in the headline article ...

         .. but we heard it deployed curiously today


    Turnbull tight-lipped, MPs hold breath
    By Alexandra Kirk for AM
    Posted June 25, 2009 06:32:00
    Updated June 25, 2009 09:33:00
      «Confidence in their leader has taken a hit and one senior Liberal says Mr Turnbull is wounded, though not fatally. » 

    Curiously, as I say; for a perfectly premeditated attempted self-immolation.

    In plain text: "entirely his own 'work.'"


    PS I mentioned it before (chicken or egg); it is now admitted, by both Turnbull and Hockey, that a) they both knew Grech, b) they've spoke to him, ('used' him?) and c) no-one in the Liberal party faked the email (Q: Who ever said they did? Preposterous!) - But (and it's a *MASSIVE* but); the whole basis of the Liberal "favours for mates" has been shown to be tenuous to non-existent (nothing to see here, move on); but *none* of it can be expected to be independent from Grech (the 'mole') or Gretch (the 'tool'). I also recommended on Jun 19, 2009 17:57:00 Knock it off, Turnbull, get something useful to do. Regrets for not listening, Malcolm?

    Note to AusBC: it's not "taking a hit" when he did it all himself.

    I paraphrase Swan: "You morons."

  5. Slanted reporting:
    $52m for Barrier Reef water quality
    Posted July 2, 2009 16:10:00
      «Environment Minister Peter Garrett says the reef's health is critically important.
    The money is part of a $400 million environment spending spree.»

    Now, you tell us, Aunty: did Garrett say 'spree,' or was that your own little dig?