old dog
  new tricks

.. lying ...

  .. by omission ...

    .. or commission? - both

Thesis/Subtitle: in order to decide how to vote, the people need to be fully and fairly informed - the (assumed) function of publicly financed broadcasters = PFBCs.

Corollary: IF PFBCs lie (by omission OR commission) THEN democracy is damaged (misinformed people can't make properly informed choices) = democracy mortally wounded.

 [update, 10:59]


Trigger article 1:

Hundreds killed as battle for Damascus continues
 Updated July 19, 2012 20:26:18
  «Opposition activists in Syria say fighting has broken out near the government headquarters in Damascus as the battle for the Syrian capital continues.
Related Story: No going back in battle for Damascus: rebels
Related Story: Army battles rebels for control of Damascus
Map: Syrian Arab Republic»
[AusBC/'news' July 19, 2012 20:26:18]

Comment: So far, so crook - for the hapless inhabitants of Syria.

Trigger article 2:

Hundreds killed as battle for Damascus continues
 Updated July 19, 2012 20:50:58
  «[same header intro.]
Related Story: No going back in battle for Damascus: rebels
[ref. deleted]
Map: Syrian Arab Republic»
[AusBC/'news' July 19, 2012 20:50:58]

Comment 1: Same URL; previous state of article lost to the net.

Comment 2; Q: What changed? A: a reference was deleted, and a section attributed to some external reporter was added. The reference is worth chasing up, since it includes: «... likening Western efforts to get Moscow to change its policy as blackmail ... "To our great regret, we are seeing elements of blackmail," Mr Lavrov told a news conference ...»

Comment 3; note: IF 'the West' is blackmailing Russia (and/or China, as I assume) THEN 'the West' has effectively declared war on Russia and/or China. When we hear 'the West' in AusBC reports, I assume 'US(Zs) + SQSHsO.'

Comment 4: What was added was some 'misinformation' = *speculation* as to how the bombing may have been carried out (speculation = by some Assad 'insider'); I suspect that the misinfo is a psyop to distract from the *real story* = possible black-op = by US-sponsored death-squads - say.

Trigger article 3:

Hundreds killed as battle for Damascus continues
 By Middle East correspondent Matt Brown, wires
 Updated July 20, 2012 00:48:04
  «Fighting breaks out near key government buildings in Damascus as Russia and China veto a Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on the Syrian regime.» 
[AusBC/'news' July 20, 2012 00:48:04]

Comment: Now they've added Matt Brown, plus new info.

Trigger article 4:

Assad appears on TV as battle for Damascus continues
 By Middle East correspondent Matt Brown, wires
 Updated July 20, 2012 07:26:52
  «China and Russia veto sanctions against Syria as Bashar al-Assad appears on state TV one day after a bomb attack killed members of his inner circle.» 
[AusBC/'news' July 20, 2012 07:26:52]

Comment: This time, the headline itself is changed, plus more new info.


Discussion: By re-using the same URL, previous versions of the text are lost to the net; it was only by a stroke of (good) luck that I happened to see what was occurring and could document it (and no guarantee that I saw all the AusBC finagling going on here, and certainly I can't be everywhere, all the time).

Speaking from personal experience, I grew up listening (yes, before TV) to the AusBC as my sole (99%) current-affairs source - and I was *gravely misled* over the outrages perpetrated (and never stopped) on the mostly Palestinian ELO/Os; I was *not* informed of the actual facts = aggressive Zionist 'invasion by stealth' and subsequent land/property theft by terrorism = illegal armed force and genocidal ethnic-cleansing by those Zionist invader/terrorists. This stands as my personal proof of AusBC perfidy (here, lying by omission) - since had they told us the real story, I'd hardly have missed it.

Returning to Syria and the UNSC; other reports speak of 'diplomatic failure' (haw; what the US+ wants is a Ch7 = *war-enabling* resolution) but try this:

  «The U.S., she said, will continue to "ratchet up even further" the political and economic pressure on the Assad regime. The U.S. will also, she said, continue to support the peaceful opposition in Syria and to give the armed opposition "non-lethal support."» 

Rice (talking with a 'forked-tongue,' as many such diplomats do), provides us with yet more idiotic oxymorons: "peaceful opposition" and "non-lethal support" - Oh, yeah; assistance being provided to the *murdering* 'rebels,' some/most/all of whom are active due to US(Z) fomenting.


Fazit: 'The West' = US(Zs) + SQSHsO have been aggressively attacking Syria for quite some time; 1st by 'cultural subversion' by catapulting 'soft' propaganda by TV broadcasts (so-called 'news' *and* 'movies' (with not so hidden messages)) into Syria (look to NED et al.), then by recruitment and training of subversives, recruitment and import of mercenaries, providing 'non-lethal military aid' (satellite phones, photies & 'intel/strategy-advice') and actual weapons via proxies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, 'reliably' reported - but who really knows - except the direct perpetrators, the NYT itself reported on CIA involvement. What we *can* see is the (not so) slow-motion smashing of Syria. Imagine the suffering - brought to them, as to far too many others on the US coveted-resource/killing list, by the good ol' US of A.

Repeat; consider this: The violence in Syria could be stopped in an instant - IF the US were to call off its dogs of war - but that would only be honest & fair - *not* a US speciality (massive understatement).


Update, 10:59; PS Clarification:

In case you are wondering Q: "What exactly is the Big Lie here?"

Then A: 'That it's all Assad's fault.'

IMO oh, no, it's not; not even by anywhere approaching a few miserable %s.

In order to demonise someone, it always helps if some facts can be found to hang the vicious disinformation on. As with Saddam & Gaddafi, Assad has some 'unsavoury' circumstances, possibly of his own making. Yes, at least according to MSM+PFBCs reports, demonstrators were mishandled, some even killed - but mostly, Assad and Syria were set-up to be smashed. All three US-targets were fêted by 'the west' in their time, but each offended - by *not* abjectly grovelling before the US' demands. (Generalised as "Gimme!" - usually referring to resources; soil, oil or pipeline-routes and access to most of the heroin crop.)

Here is a great article:

Middle East
Jul 12, 2012
Covering Syria: The information war
By Aisling Byrne
  «The narrative that has been constructed by the Western mainstream media on Syria may seem to be self-evident from the scenes presented on television, but it is a narrative duplicitously promoted and coordinated so as to conceal and facilitate the regime-change project that is part of the war on Iran.
What we are seeing is a new stage of information war intentionally constructed and cast as a simplistic narrative of a struggle for human rights and democracy so as deliberately to exclude other interpretations and any geo-strategic motivation.
The narrative, as CNN puts it, is in essence this: "The vast majority of reports from the ground indicate that government forces are killing citizens in an attempt to wipe out civilians seeking [President Bashar] al-Assad's ouster" - the aim being precisely to elicit a heart-wrenching emotional response in Western audiences that trumps all other considerations and makes the call for Western/Gulf intervention to effect regime change.
But it is a narrative based on distortion, manipulation, lies and videotape.
For their part, the mainstream media bear some responsibility for the slide toward sectarian war in Syria, the victims of which, as always, are civilians. The media's conceptualization of victims and oppressors has in effect eliminated the space for negotiation. Lavrov has warned: "Either we gather everyone with influence at the negotiating table or once again we depart into ideology, where it is declared shamelessly that everything is the fault of the regime, while everyone else are angels and therefore the regime should be changed.
"The way the Syrian crisis is resolved", he advised, "will play an important role in the world tomorrow; whether the world will be based on the UN Charter, or a place where might makes right."»
[atimes/Aisling Byrne]

Comment 1: As usual, one should read it all.

Comment 2: To pick at the last: might, of course, does not make right. Murdering to steal is fully on-par with Nuremberg and as we've seen from only the most recent examples; US (rape of Iraq), F+UK/NATO (rape of Libya) going all the way back to the Z (rape of Palestine), is indistinguishable from Nuremberg.

Comment 3: The greatest problem I have with this *latest* attack by the US+ is that there is not just *no* effective resistance, there is little visible resistance at all; only a few truth & justice seekers such as myself are actively documenting the US+ crimes. Why is there no effective countervailing effort, where are the mostly decent people and their consciences? They can't *all* be so stupid as to believe the hackneyed pro-war propaganda, surely?





PRopaganda = PR + propaganda

MSM = mainstream media (print and broadcast)

ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers

PFBCs = publicly-financed broadcasters like AusBC

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down

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